Principal Concerns

I have had opportunity to ask the same question to thousands of people. I’ve heard thousands of responses. I have asked them to tell me what their main problems and concerns. Over time, the answers were seems to me similar among themselves. They seemed to obey some regularity. And thanks to this I could classify them into two groups.

These types of reply differ in the nature of the issues raised. Some examples: I am concerned about what little I earn at work. The time I have I not reached to be with my family. I don’t know if I will be able to pass the exams. I would like that my parents understand me better. My wife is too recalcitrant. I don’t know how to seduce the person of my dreams.

They were some of the concerns of the individuals in the first group. I cannot overcome my shyness. Insomnia is killing me. Whenever I have to speak in public I stay locked. Again have gotten me those unbearable ideas in your head. I am seized by the sadness have not been able to achieve control my anxiety. I have a terrible fear of social situations. I would change my personality. I have always lived traumatized. They are examples of the second type of answers. It is curious to see what happened to these people after several years. Because I have seen his luck responds to what groups they belong. Let’s look at what happened to individuals of the first type. They have evolved, had resolved most of their concerns. And others don’t they had solved them but they had abandoned them. That is, in a way or another no longer had the same concerns. Now they had others. In contrast, the second group was presented as immutable.

Preamble Government Suarez

Temporarily published chapters of the book of this web are dedicated to all those who helped make a totalitarian regime Spain as Franco’s totalitarianism, one Spain’s rule of law as a constitutional political democratic social system in its day. But if someone would like to thank and dedicate especially what today is the current social democratic political constitutional system would be since the origins of the Franco’s totalitarian regime, he knew how to apply, leading his Government, a practical democratic political media and a compatible equity of powers as parts of forms of statements of Government to the needs and interests of the diversity of constituents but independent identities as sovereign unit of an entire people as a nation to the service of every citizen as an individual free to its social realization, thus allowing integration and a new State Constitution compatible to the reciprocal values of the constituent autonomous diversity of the quota framework of all coexistence as an institution. The man of Government who knew how to go according to the needs and feelings within an equitable compatible system of autonomy to its constituent unit was who should be recognized as the father of the spirit of the transition: Adolfo Suarez Gonzalez. He would like to especially dedicate this book test, of which delivery of a democratic political conceptual philosophy subjective to be able to get to a conception objective of the current social democratic political constitutional system. My personal interest is not discover what you already know, but study and contribute new knowledge to the current social democratic political constitutional system does not degenerate into its own compatible equity powers as forms of Government States parties. All political conceptual confusion is not more than pure demagogy in order to manipulate and make better use of the average citizen. And I, as one average older citizen, I feel the duty and obligation to clarify those concepts so that each individual can be free, responsible and mature their own freedom, common destinations and the freedoms of others.