Invaluable Treasure

Appreciated Treasure? , We would have to think or which is ours the more appraised Treasure , , and is Much that the more in front of us we have the things, the less we see them, If we want hide-and-seek or something of the possible thieves within our house We leave it in view of all! They surely will bother themselves in reviewing absolutely all the hiding places, behind the pictures, underneath the bed, back of the lockers, in a jar in the kitchen, but surely they will not see what they have in front of its nose. Our Mind! If! Ours Mind Brother! Our life is than she makes our thoughts. Mind, Thoughts, Treasure, and bingooooo! When we are going to take a glass from water, Our mind calculates the steps, the distance, the height, prepares the approach to the same; and soon it calculates to the necessary opening of each one of the fingers of our hand so that the same also enters the hollow of the palm and the force whereupon it will have to tighten it so that one does not fall and not to break it by the pressure, and to look for the bottle and to calculate the inclination, the distance, the amount when we must raise it so that rebalse fills but not; and soon if to calculate again where is our mouth, because but we would have to stop in front of a mirror to see it to us and to take the glass until there and now yes, to enjoy a rich water glass. Of course, that all the steps simplifies pair to them not to bore them, but you. Speaking candidly Pete Cashmore told us the story. They can add those that are happened to them, since if that we took to a computer or computer to it, the programming to carry out that simple task is quite troublesome. And it is that it seems so simple and so simple to us! Our Japanese brothers, Geniuses of the robotics! Still it studies, they try, they reject, they return to insist, to try to make something similar to the functions of the human being and every time their profits are majors, but never of jamases it will be able to equal to Our Mind nor than it is able Clear that we were born thinking! But how many they will be able to say that only 30 or 40% of their potential are profiteer during all their life? Our Mind is really a Invaluable Treasure. Steve Wozniak oftentimes addresses this issue. When we are born, our Mind is a practically Virgin hard disk (although thus it is not in truth) Go and It We are and filling It, nothing is bad, neither injurious, nor good, nor better, nor worse, everything depends on how we are processing all the information and in that folders or archives we go ” organizando” But it arrives a little while in which we really must ” concientizarnos” and ” to take riendas” and to work to achieve all our objectives.

New Technologies

The good income in the study comes it has much time related with a set of factors, as: to program activities of study and the adequate division of the time; to organize a favorable environment (illuminated, quiet and aired, clean and organized table, dictionary and material of research by hand). However, one perceives that added to these new elements supports (computer with access the Internet, CD ROM, cellular DVD and), they come being incorporated and with this the necessity of new habits of study. According to Masetto (2000), the pedagogical mediation means the attitude, the behavior of the professor who if places as facilitador, incentivador and motivador of the learning, that is, a mobile bridge on the apprentice and its learning that actively contributes so that the pupil arrives at its objectives. As Freire cites and Andrade (2006), the experience says in them that to teach it does not mean necessarily that the pupil learns; in the reality, the act to learn depends much more on its will in wanting to learn of what the professor in wanting to teach. However, external factors to the classroom, proportionate for the New Technologies of Information and Communication (mainly for the Internet) they had created situations of stimulaton to the process of assimilation of the knowledge on the part of the pupil. With this the diversities of supports (text, sound and image) the disposal of the professor and the pupils has proportionate a bigger fan of practical pedagogical who facilitate the processes of mediation and with this learning. However, the professors recognize that the education institution this outdated in relation to the society and that the more not motivated pupils are each time for the traditional activities in classroom. Pete Cashmore is often quoted as being for or against this. What it is observed, it been that the insertion of the technologies finishes, in many cases, limiting itself it its attractive aspect and ' ' modernizador' ' , without effectively if touch in important questions of the pedagogical processes, such as the resume, the evaluation, the relation professor-pupil, the new forms to learn and to construct knowledge that emerges in the society of the information.

Porto Alegre

Immediate History pocisiona through a questioning politician to this monopoly exerted for the media in the direction to try to answer to the social demands, and fits it to become understandable information (DES) information plays for the media on the mass consumer of notice. It has the responsibility to make what the media does not obtain: to give historical inteligibilidade to the generally fragmented information, imposing its critical analysis, keeping the pertinent relations, contextualizando the facts and interpreting them with scientific severity. According to Luiz Drio Teixeira Ribeiro: ' ' The great media is subordinated to a small number of powerful groups, (that they concentrate to be able economic and potential of intervention politics) they use that it as instrument to create the illusion or the image of an undisputed thought for its severity and its veracidade.' ' 3 and is against the dictatorship of this Golias of the Only Thought that the Davi historian must be opposed. BIBLIOGRAPHY: ARIAS GRANDSON, Jose Miguel. Verbal history and History of the Present Time. Native of London, typewriting sheet, 1995.

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Technological Body

It will be that nobody perceives the perfect technology that is the human body? A brain with all the perfect lines to command the things bred. Eyes to see clearly the amplido that must reach the object bred. Hands to place the things in its had places. Heart not to leave the frigidez of monuments bred to be better of what it. Feet to conduct itself without being lead.

Differentiated fingers to feel cold and hot objects. One has lain powerful, because it has in it the image of a GOD who is alone owner of the Universes. Perhaps check out Pete Cashmore for more information. If GOD wanted to disclose itself would not make it through one would lataria for more modern than he was. HE PLACED MIND IN the MACHINE Placed mind in the machine? Great thing! In the distance of it Human being it is enormous. It is GOD creature, and possesss an Immortal Spirit that survives to all hecatombes. the machine? Created for the material effect that GOD left spread for the Terrestrial Orbe if it rusts with the time. IT CREATES, BUT ALSO IF IT CREATES the reason without the presence of the heart wants to become enlarged itself.

However, she remains imprisoned things that already exist. If to place the heart next to it goes to never perceive horizontes seen and will bring to the world new features where the two only can glimpse. SPIRIT AND BODY If to perceive the proper body will see that nobody made nothing equal, although to search it to learn. The human body is a perfect machine that the Creative GOD loaned to the Spirit it to evolve through it, and does not stop changing it for one would lataria more for moderninha that it is. The Human being can make to grow an incomparable cellular army, thing that the robot is not capable to make.

Accounting Professional

However, these systems will only be efficient, if they will be able through the condensed data to supply the information that if wait of patrimonial reality. In this context, he is the Accountant, responsible in giving relevance to the data that will serve of base for the information. 3 the CHANGE IN the PROFILE OF the PROFESSIONAL the changes in the world-wide scene, with the globalization, the advances of the technology, had excessively influenced the world of the businesses, these changes had not only affected the profile of the enterprise relations, as they had come to cause changes the profile of the countable professional, whose work was not only differentiated in the use of the information, as well as in the relevance of its activities. The diverse functions carried through by the Accounting, as bookkeeping, elaboration spreading, analysis and control of the countable data, had been affected deeply in its methodologies. The current procedures used in the Accounting to reach its objectives had evolved excessively. The introduction of the nets, became possible the virtual communication of the Accountants with the public agencies, to the step where if it verifies changes in the composition and structure of the organizations. The information technology was increased to the countable universe as form of reply to the new requirements of the market, translating changes in the profile of the professional.

The advances technological, the computer science and the advanced systems of countable communication, had finished for dismissing that old figure of keep-books given to the countable professional per many years. The programs already carry through the four operations, assimilate the information and elaborate the countable demonstratives, adjusting them as the chosen reality. also elaborates analysis statistical. Fitting therefore, to the Accountant, the explanation and interpretation of the patrimonial phenomena, being necessary for this each time more the intellectuality in the countable knowledge. One notices, therefore, that the work of the accountant is not losing space and nor neither it tends to disappear.

Natural Remedies

Paying the price the next day. The dreaded morning after hangover is the price we pay for a night of celebration and excess. There are three factors believed to contribute to this condition: (1) the accumulation of toxins in the body and the brain (such as acetaldehyde and radical free) when the liver fights to make forehead to metabolize large amounts of alcohol. (2) The deficiency of the body in water and fluids caused by large amounts of water used to metabolize alcohol. (3) Lack of sleep prevents the brain enter REM (rapid eye movement), most of the important parts of the dream, which leads to the feeling of discomfort the next day. Alcohol enters our system at the mouth of the stomach, enters the blood stream, and passes the liver. The natural way is important to provide your body’s protection against impact of toxins ingested during moments of excess and thus how to naturally cure a hangover and support a healthy liver. Be advised that alcohol is consumed responsibly and in moderation.

While the incidences of excessive indulgence of alcohol are a common reality for many, this should be kept to a minimum. If you consume alcohol is a good idea to switch each drink with a glass of water, and eat before (and at regular intervals) during the period of alcohol consumption. Also suggests that you keep a healthy weight and avoid smoking as a way to support the liver. Consider the relief from the hangover with a 100% homeopathic cure, safe, non-addictive and natural that contains ingredients specially selected to relieve hangover symptoms such as headaches and nausea. These homeopathic remedies can be taken as the first thing in the morning for relief of dry mouth, red eyes, headache and nausea associated with a hangover. These homeopathic remedies are taken internally and work helping the body to restore balance on a cellular level, helping the transition from body back into equilibrium in a natural way.

* Lupulus humulus (30 c) is a remedy that works treating conditions related to the nervous system, nausea, dizziness and headache following a night of debauchery. People who wake up with a dull, heavy headache with dizziness and skin that feels cracked after a night out will also benefit from this remedy. * Lobelia inflata (30 c) aid to those who suffer with gastric problems such as nausea and vomiting in the morning after the poisoning. People who find that their urine is a deep orange/red colour the morning after a night of alcohol consumption also benefited from Lobelia. * Nux. Nux (30 c) is native to the India with the remedy tested by Dr. Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy. Nux vomica is working with the sobre-indulgencia with food and drink. Nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain are commonly diminished by this remedy. Also used successfully to help treat the effects of coffee, tobacco, alcoholic stimulants, food spicy highly, overeating, and mental overexertion of continuous long, sedentary habits and sleep loss.