Happy Subject

An example of this is the game Happy Harvest, that is present in the site of Orkut relationships, in which the objective is to keep a farm, cultivating plantations and animals. What he differentiates are the ways of if playing, where the user can help one known to cultivate its plantation or can steal the fruits produced, everything in a controlled environment where valley the diversion. Another example is the Social Ball Soccer of the site of Facebock relationships, where the user of the net can create a teams, choose sponsorship of real companies and dispute all broken of soccer, defying its known or participant of the net in one. These are examples of games that are making success in these nets and what it calls attention is the fact of great companies, not only of the branch of the games, to be investing in the idea. (To see figure 5). Figure 5: Happy harvest and Social Ball Soccer the investment of these nets of relationship in promoting games that attract attention of new participants it is the main point currently, therefore beyond the development of the relationship of the participants, it promotes ways of amusement to the same ones while they use the nets. 5. FINAL CONSIDERAES Although the subject to cause controversies concerning as the games influence in the way to think and to act of the people, saw that the electronic games can be considered healthful, as much in pedagogical terms as psychological. In this article we search to clarify some subjects concerning the subject, Leaving of the influence of the games in the culture, of the sprouting until modernity, where diverse ramifications and its marcantes points had appeared. We treat the subject who is the villain, explanando the factors that take the games to be considered as maleficent to the players and the possible solutions so that if it changes the vision of that the games alone make badly.

Privacy In The Global Network – You Need To Know About It .

Interested in your opinion, what the most recognized invention of the century? Naturally, many of us think that this international network and digital technology and will be right. Today it is fashionable person is very problematic present themselves without possessing these developments, which help us in all areas: through them we have fun, socialize with friends, acquaintances with foreigners, etc. That's really very convenient thing. Substantiates current and statistical data, which is measured by most research centers in a number of wealthy countries. Day by day there are thousands of different websites all directions: bookmaker, forums, etc. Also increase the number of users simply unimaginable – thousands of users worldwide on a daily basis will know for yourself is an innovation as an international network. Often there is a new user just is not easy at all grasp.

That think that today you purchased a computer with Internet access, and now what? here will help you all sorts of search engines: directories of resources (for example:), search robots, etc. At first, no need to register and provide their personal information at all sites in a row, just look at the resources, read the posted information, etc. It is worth emphasizing that Internet fraud in our time well developed and need to keep secret the personal sensitive data and information. Before going out to a global network set themselves, or ask a friend to install anti-virus program to protect against malicious programs. In addition, experts recommend the use of complex combinations The password for connecting to your mail or other services, do not use as a password, the name of a pet or a personal phone number. Must Note that in our time, the international web provides an opportunity not only to communicate, learn sites, but also to many other more serious operations. For example, no longer exist difficulties to purchase goods not from the comfort of their homes, without getting up from your couch, you will easily have the ability to arrange delivery anywhere in the world, to pay for selected goods by card or by electronic means, to obtain complete data about a product, etc. With incredible speed of the Internet develops and scope of various entertainment technologies. At present, there is a large set of all free resources, such as: weather forecasts, horoscopes, etc. Many Professionals say even the new people's dependence on computer and call it a disease. Cost you to explore the global web and see you in the digital world!

Informatics And Computers

Engrossed in reading computer magazines, I came to the conclusion that this is a strange time. Linux is beginning to emerge from a long slumber, but from experience, there is still a major obstacle to save the the text processors are still designed for people of Anglo-Saxon language, thus giving the Spanish dictionary to correct any errors that use the language of Cervantes, we are faced with the unpleasant situation is not easy to peel away from the monopoly of the package Mr. Bill Gates computer. The word processor is a useful tool, but it seems that the only moderately well is corrected Mr. Gates, I’ve tried several, to get out of the dictatorship of the monopoly of the Lord of the perpetrator of the famous granny glasses of the windows operating system but I have not managed to break the chains of Gates’ office suite, because the correction of competition are more problematic than that of Gates also has its Naur. Gradually coming alternatives but are still in diapers as to what is established, it is sad that the computer no serious alternatives and solvents have laid down, one can spend all afternoon trying things entertaining, but ultimately you will always stop to what is already know.

Little by little we are out of power established by the dictatorship of Bill Gates computer to see if for the next century and break the monopoly and those who want to try Linux can do without having to pray that the incompatibilities of their own do not . It is difficult to pass but the question is to go saved incompatibility barriers, lack of information etc. Alternatives exist but are poorly promoted and it’s hard to find some things to make change, to dedicate free time I gripe about the penguin with the conviction that we shall understand perfectly, just a matter of getting the parts needed to send a walk to the famous and hoarder of the windows operating system that increasingly requires us to buy more powerful equipment to perform our tasks with your computer. Those who have a passion for computers and do not like to make big outlays to cope in the stormy world of computers, will have to start thinking about Linux because maybe when you least expected Mr. Gates to punish us but he can not use single operating system Xp decent so far, which apparently has its days numbered radio announcer for 16 years who also cultivates writing.


Jehovah's Witnesses are convinced of what the Bible says that the name of God – Jehovah … AR: – This is an absolute fabrication .. In the Old Testament only once mentions the name of Jehovah, but in first name, not as God, but as an epithet .. Moreover, it is clear that the translator was a Jew in dr.evreysky tribal God who was Jehovah (Yahweh, Jehovah), and no surprise that the translator just put name here their tribal God. R: – Evidence suggests that in place of the pagan temples were built Christian church.

Do you think that Christianity is an aggressive religion? And why Armenia was the first to adopt Christianity, while in Rome it was allowed only in 312th year? AR: – So it created a man if he took it into his head to build something new, the first with which he begins with is the destruction of the old .. Often, in the end he is left without a roof over your head. The Christians destroyed the pagan temples, and the Communists were destroying Christian churches, and they both did all this not out of malice, but purely for the sake of building a bright future and we observe a bright future in the world scale .. There are no aggressive religions have people who understand all privratno, fast on his hand and mentally retarded. Today, there are some hardened the view that any mention of the events of the early Christian cast a shadow over our church. Entire shelves uninvited and free of defenders of the church frowning face in anticipation. Meanwhile, the church does not need anyone's protection, for 1,700 years, there have been many strange, unusual, unfair, wrong, terrible, but eventually became a stronghold of the Christian church of our statehood, and now she has absolutely no reason to hide his past and make as they used to think that before the adoption of Christianity, Armenia was "Brutish and empty country." Pagan period of our history is an integral part of us and we should be free to study it without being obliged to think, how-to evade the sharp corners as not to offend the church .. In the opposite case we will not know what we want to know, and know there is that if this was not the world rushed to Christianity is not so thoroughly erased from the memory of the Armenians of their pagan past.

Just do exactly that in Armenia there was something unusual, and lies the answer to your question about why Armenia was the first to adopt Christianity. R: – One last question: What is history? AR: – For me, history is an exact science, and sorry that someone is perceived as a historical science ideological tool. Interviewed by the magazine director Arthur Zakarian PRESTIGE PS interview with a scientist turned into a long conversation, joined by all members of our editorial staff. And, despite the fact that the opinions and hypotheses of our companion did not always coincide with ours, we all got great pleasure from the meeting.