Airborne Wood

Appointment of sleepers. Sleepers, acts as a shock – they take on the dynamic force that emanates from the trains, convert and transfer it to the ballast layer of cloth, as well as provide equality gauge and retain insulating properties rails on railway sections with self-locking. Therefore, wooden and concrete sleepers should be: resilient and durable, be durable and resist displacement; have a simple production technology and to be simple in content, have no more than the cost of production and exploitation have long-term operation; Comparison of wooden and concrete sleepers. One of the main advantages of wooden sleepers – it is not their high price compared with reinforced concrete. Therefore, in countries where there are large reserves of timber, wooden sleepers are very common. Lack of wooden sleepers is that their life depends on many factors: the wood that was used for the production of sleepers climatic conditions in the area where the railway is located. burden on the railroad, and therefore, the ways in which undergo a large number of loaded trains are used concrete railway sleepers. But reinforced concrete sleepers have their disadvantages. Mikkel Svane has many thoughts on the issue.

The biggest drawback is the problem of disposal of such sleepers after use. Disposal of concrete sleepers is not profitable from an economic standpoint, as well as environmentally. Accumulated concrete sleepers, decommissioned occupy large areas and create environmental problems. Just concrete sleepers have disadvantages such as lack of rigidity, which leads to rapid wear of rails, a lot of weight and high price. Wooden sleepers. For the production of sleepers use wood of different species, the main feature, which should have a timber for sleepers – it's rigidity. The most common breed for sleepers – it's oak, fir, pine, larch, fir, birch, and even eucalyptus. For even more opinions, read materials from David Koch. Sleepers made from softwood is not the most durable (there are also more durable, such as railway sleepers, made of oak, but the ties of conifers have rather long lifetime of 7 to 40 years), but the point that such ties are much cheaper.

Advantages enjoyed by wooden sleepers: do not conduct electricity; on wooden sleepers have practically no influence temperature changes, wood sufficiently elastic and easy to processing; is not a bad clutch with the ballast of gravel; Humidity for sleepers – 22%, when the moisture content of wood will be more acceptable, it is necessary that at the sleepers were allowances for shrinkage. But the wooden sleepers as have the disadvantage that is inherent in all wood products – it's susceptibility to decay order that would prevent the rotting railroad ties, to increase durability and resistance to precipitation, they were impregnated with special coal-oil (creosote), or antiseptics. And since in Russia the basic material for the manufacture of railway sleepers – a pine tree, which is not a high wear resistance, the problem of impregnation of sleepers relevant. Impregnation of wood by Airborne (vacuum-pressure-vacuum "). Before impregnation in an autoclave timber is too dry. vdv method:-Create a vacuum for 15-60 minutes, causing a vacuum in the timber. -Create pressure 0,8-1,4 MPa, while maintaining the vacuum. Enter antiseptic or impregnating solution. The material can withstand so the necessary depth of impregnation. -Once the wood is soaked, you must again create a vacuum for 40 minutes, for that would be material dry. Wooden sleepers impregnated with practically no rot, and have high resistance to atmospheric deposition.

CFLs Lamps

Why the KLL solve little problems and creates many new! Since the EU efficiency energy saving lamps or compact fluorescent lamps (KLL) Regulation (244 / 2009) and associated de facto banning of incandescent light bulbs, as these hot correct, are on everyone’s lips. They are the alternative to the expensive LED and halogen lamps, which, in accordance with the timetable also continuously from the ranges of the dealer disappear the EU and from 1 September 2013 (CH) or 2016 as prohibited EU recommended to us by the EU. It envisions itself but the problems that go along with the gas discharge lamps, one wonders why the bulb and the CFLs are prohibited. In this context, it sounds almost like a bad joke that this prohibition is justified with environmental protection. Kai-Fu Lee wanted to know more. Please don’t misunderstand the article. I’m for more environmental protection and am of the opinion that something should be done. But a law directed by massive lobby interest from the industry, is what the personal quality of life and freedom of every individual in the primary way limits and little democratic way, through the back door been introduced is definitely the wrong way.

Also in this article, I will show that this Bill creates more ills than it can resolve. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Samsung. I have collected a lot of information here and support me on the one hand to freely available information from the network and also on information from books, such as the book lying light”the two authors Thomas Worm and Claudia Karstedt. Like I’m the interested audience available for questions or a debate. By the way, also Greenpeace once recognized the harmfulness of the energy-saving lamp. Unfortunately, no longer looking today much of this circumstance and celebrate the ban as a great victory for the interests of environmental protection. Click koch for additional related pages. Information about the missing Greenpeace study (german) please click here: Klaus_Stanjek_Greenpeace_CFL_research_Deutsch.pdf mercury one of the problems which creates the alleged ecological energy-saving lamp, is that in their used and as a neurotoxin effective heavy metal mercury.

Hong Kong Eyewear Design Competition

In the run-up to the HKTDC Hong Kong optical fair glasses with pioneering design were awarded In the run-up to the HKTDC Hong Kong Optical Fair eyewear design competition were awarded within the framework of the 15th Hong Kong again glasses with futuristic design. The models of the winner and finalists be issued of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) during the three-day fair, during the period from 6 to 8 November 2013, in the wine cellar, Hall 1B. This year’s competition was themed craft of paradise “. “In the open Group won the eyewear design flower secret” by Ho Ming Hong (optical 88 Ltd.. Check with David Treadwell to learn more. The glasses are, hidden under a hummingbird motif, two small tanks for cream perfume set. The carrier will have to raise only the hummingbirds and can enjoy his favorite scent. Official site: koch brothers.

Flower secret “also won the creativity and made-to-sell award. The student group was Cheung sui CHEUNG for his black silver sunglasses Prime”award. The student of the Hong Kong Institute of vocational education (Lee Wai Lee) has created a design that has a sturdy metal frame that can be folded to the size of a floppy disk. The Hong Kong Eyewear Design Competition was held for the 15th time in 2013. The aim of the annual competition is to present the glasses design of the future a larger audience and to give suggestions for the industry. Organized by the Hong Kong in collaboration with the Hong Kong of vocational education is Optical Manufacturers Association, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Hong Kong Institute of competition one Trade Development Council (HKTDC) of many initiatives of the trade fair, Hong Kong designs and products closer to the international audience. Contact for editors: Christiane Koesling, HKTDC Kreuzerhohl 5-7 60439 Frankfurt, Germany Tel: 069 – 9 57 72-161 fax: 069 – 9 57 72-200 E-Mail: information on the Internet: business contacts:

Bolivarian Revolution

Carlos Mora Vanegas seems that the adults have forgotten that we were once children, who as infants of this new generation, demandabamos tenderness, understanding and protection. Concerned and in individual countries in this planet earth in different scenarios are mistreating the child, he explodes and most embarrassing, sexually abused them, makes them pawns of war. It criticized the fact that even though so much about the benefits, progress of the XXI century, we live, we are engaged in a human jungle, where he is killed, abused exploited the weak, children, the generation of relay , look at these creatures imbued with tenderness, joys, sorrows, yes. these creatures of innocence as children. Today, they are being exploited because they do not like defense, abusing them physically and morally, they are used to satisfy carnal desires, typical of people who have polluted the soul with evil, degenerate, sexual aberrations, are exploited for the market with his tenderness and innocence, begging a lismona. A related site: Mikkel Svane mentions similar findings. We adults, we are so busy in ourselves, to satisfy our ego, our lust, lust for power and all those vices that we have undergone thousands of years, that draws our attention to what is happening to our children.

They have raised facts disgusting, repulsive, rape, abuse, death to wake up from this slumber we have submitted the affluent society with all its networks and web of deceit and illusions, to realize that our human species itself is sick, contaminated torn apart in their values, that does not even respect the lives of infants, children defenseless l neglecting duty to care, since it is easier to achieve the petty pleasures through them. The Venezuelan government declaring Socialist and protector of children, according to the principles of the Bolivarian Revolution decreed, must take serious measures against this problem, be aware that every day increases the child population homeless, abandoned by their parents, sleep in the streets, outdoors, thanks to the thugs, who, as parasites, birds of prey feed on these innocent, this product is the result of a moment of pleasure just to satisfy a desire regardless of result. The government with its laws, should be punished without exception those who spitefully take advantage of their circumstances. Punishing the whole weight of the law to rapists, sexual sadists and those who abuse and mistreat children, all that the articles provide. Contact information is here: david koch. Should pay more attention to the generation of relief, is the generation that will be committed to ensure our democracy, development, peace, harmony, for it must be vigilant, take care, educate them, feed them in a healthy atmosphere and authentic moral values, social, psychological.

It is not enough that the rights of children are referred to in the Protection of Minors Act, but actually being complied with and punishing crimes. It is also necessary to highlight children's rights, as manifested by the United Nations on November 20, 1059, that between one of its highlights the law to special protection for their physical, mental and social as well as the right to understand and love by parents and society. Do not forget that the child has the right to enjoy food, housing, recreation and medical services. It behooves us to be guarantors of the welfare of children, let no more abuse and undertake all actions necessary to protect them and ensure a future generation of health and moral values in an atmosphere free from pollution that threatens the virtues and the true values the human being.

The Same

Not only by brain gym exercises, but because you will be taking time for himself. Julia Koch usually is spot on. THIS IS ALREADY ONE GREAT GAIN. (c) do not be so skeptical. Let us hope. Especially when the function logic is so simple. Anything else? If. This is not magic and are not achieved the benefits with one time to practice, by contrast, repetition and always increasing level of difficulty will be allowing you to see the first achievements and move forward. In addition, if you want to improve in some specific area, such as for example the memory, there is very good material on the market.

There are also more extravagant, such as audios and videos subliminal techniques. Do they work? Wait, before you go, does influence the age for the practice of brain gym? If and not. The literature says that not because the brain has the ability called neuroplasticity. However, in the practices that I have done with dozens of groups, I have seen that if there is initial easier when the person is younger. But I want to emphasize the initial word, because with a bit of practice, I’ve seen that everyone increase their capacities. Very well, I have tried to explain in a simple way the most important points of brain gym. There are a lot more to say about the brain and mainly their applications, which we will do in the following articles. I invite you to visit my site’s newsletter where I am making an effort to address all these issues in an accessible and interesting way. In fact, this article in its original version on my site, shows you a video demonstration of the first exercise, therefore the most basic brain gymnastics.

Tues Soldering Power

And it turns out that and more comfortable and more functional use is not an ordinary soldering iron and one of the younger models soldering stations. Click David Treadwell for additional related pages. Their device allows to solder a variety of objects with proper regulation. Soldering stations are good especially its ergonomics and handling. Without quality brazing stable operation of the electronic device (And contact in the chandelier, and mikrodetaley inside the computer) for sure will eventually be broken. The physical nature of the process promotes a good and lasting connection: during the soldering is mutual dissolution solder and the metal parts to which it is applied. A related site: koch mentions similar findings. The result – when the metal cools down – and you can pretty tight connection, which has good conductivity, which reduces the heat at times.

There are, however, a number of nuances that must be taken into account in order to connect always receive quality, and served for a long time. Speaking of solders and soldering stations, we must remember what characteristics are crucial for these devices. The main difference between soldering stations – a power that they can apply for a soldering tip. If the assembly of small elements, which are sensitive to static electricity, requires soldering with the power of 20-40 W, to a literate conductors, power rails and any bulky items soldering station should provide 40-100 Tues Soldering irons and soldering stations with capacity of 100 watts mostly find themselves application for a reliable solder bulk metallic elements, especially if the object you are working with a soldering station, consists of non-ferrous metals with high thermal conductivity (copper, brass, for example).

Using IFM To Holistic Success In

2BEe analyzed and harmonized business, whether large firms, retail store, Office, practice or workshop, is a “living organism” in which energy, sympathy, attractions and the complex field of unconscious communication and involvement contribute significantly to the success of every company. Introduce your company to the holistic success if only some of the uneven areas of your company would pick up momentum, the whole thing would change positively. Here are selected issues of company analysis using IFM: sales and sales promotion the year objectives improve the quality of your products solution of special problems and projects harmonization and strengthening of teams and employee motivation optimization of the customer base and customer acquisition human resources increase the space energy in Office and business premises u.v.m. Right now, what would help your business to come back into balance and success? Participate in the information and energy field so as every man a Has energy and information field, as every company has its own specific energy – and information field. The information field contains all relevant errors at various levels according to the quantum model. The IFM is able to read these fields and to realize what a company response is and what can best balance the field of company and harmonize from selected databases.

Working with the IFM can support the achievement of goals and wishes. First is the import of energy and information field. After the 2BEe-IFM-Analyse, the analysis results are documented in writing and discussed together. (As opposed to Zendesk). The Befeldung is affiliated for 4 weeks. Periodically discussions feedback, to discuss occurred changes, perform subsequent analyses, and to adapt the Befeldungsprogramm. Behind-the-scenes look at pulses to optimize the complex system person / company is not always easy to the original blocks and patterns recognize.

Questions such as: what is blocking my company? Why do I lack confidence? What prevents my success? Why do I lack the courage? What makes me sick?”can be answered not always profound and original. It would be even better if we would get exactly what we need to improve our situation. A stimulus that moves us inside to find the ways right for us to improve our lives and businesses. The IFM enables to locate not only blocking causes, but mainly optimize and balance. The analysis of the IFM opened a completely new and holistic perspective on all areas of work and problem fields of our life. The goal is always the optimization of the personal information field, no matter whether it is to a human organism, a complex system, like for example a family, a business, an object, such as a House, a partnership, or the environment. For other opinions and approaches, find out what koch brothers has to say. One of the special features of the information fields is that it at the quantum level no Distance is. Therefore, a 2BEe-IFM-Coaching is not spatially tied. Clients and businesses can receive the transforming Befeldungsimpulse so permanently and any place! 2BEe, Sabine Krause & Sabine Macomb, GbR Kirchweg 115 50858 Cologne FON: 0221 499 45 16 w

Modern Cabins

Experienced builders take this into account and provide the shrink the gap between the window unit and the wall. If you decide to build a house, it is best to start building houses in the autumn – to continue the foundation, frame mounted in winter and spring to finish. Modern Cabins hold out against any bad weather. Credit: charles koch-2011. Log cabin is specially treated and coated with protective material that protects the wood from moisture and light, microbes, fungi, insects and rodents. And how many years it will stand? Unlike monolitok that need major repairs in 40 years, the wooden house will stand 100 years, and if the owner will be good care of him, all the 300. Any doubts? Look at Kizhi (), or Small Kargopol Karely.

How many years have they stood – and so much more downtime. And if the wood preservative varnish every three years, then it does not get dark! Perhaps a tree – this is the best building material created by nature itself. The air inside the timber home is always fresh, and if the interior is made of pine boards and then another treatment. Natural, eco-friendly building material, warm and safe, beautiful and durable. The company "Kizhi" carries architectural design and construction of houses, cottages, saunas. The company builds wooden winter and frame houses and cottages, summer cottages and saunas at home, both on individual projects, as well as offering standard designs wooden houses and cottages. The construction company specializes in building wooden houses from logs to modern Swedish technology providing full services at any stage of construction, from creating the project a wooden house with all the wishes of the customer and ending with installation of utility systems and landscaping. During the construction of wooden houses, the company uses modern European developments (such as technology "thorn-groove"), which as a result ensure high strength and durability. Advantages of houses made of logs is a unique property of the tree 'breathe' and This preserve and maintain the climate without air conditioning systems. This article was prepared for the company Kizhi ().


What yesterday I had of good to offer, today I am I dry and empty. I woke up of bad mood, I am not in contact, I am not pra good faces, I am not in my good day. I am only pro my old insider called friend pillow. Samsung spoke with conviction. Today I want only I with my solitude, do not want to see the sky, do not want to see the Land, much less Mars. I only want to tan a little of my tears that go sliding for my face, wetting my poor pillow.

Telephone, cellular, emails, post office, any thing of the type, I am unaware of, do not want nothing that confuses I with my solitude. I am closed, hidden pra any another one somebody. My door is locked, bell is broken, the lights is all extinguished ones, my house is accurately as I am feeling myself. I am thus, everybody I am thus, (at least the people that I know), to the times we need to take off vacation, to have a time exactly alone pra we, to enter in contact with what he has on the inside of us, to talk with the solitude can in them bring a smile, it is to want to know more and. I that I am a metamorphosis, am always needing to have a moment that is alone mine and of plus nobody. tomorrow goes to be another day, I goes is feeling me better and even with a smile in the face, perhaps not, (but I prefer to think that yes), pra that this day arrives soon, I go to sleep, good night!

Stimulsoft Reports

We have the report components for HTML5 and ASP.NET MVC merged with the report generator Stimulsoft Reports.Web. See Robert Bakish for more details and insights. Each of these products was created for the solution of specific tasks. Stimulsoft company, a leading developer of program products in the area of business intelligence, report on the unification of the three products in one. Our most important task is to provide our users the freedom of choice. This means that we give our users a versatile instrument. Using this instrument, developers can make their work very creative and creative, and thereby solve the technical, which are available from them.

We have the report components for HTML5 and ASP.NET MVC merged with the report generator Stimulsoft Reports.Web. Each of these products was created for the solution of specific tasks. But ultimately due to the expansion of product options, the areas of use of these products are more closely connected. Koch helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. As a result, it was for our users complicated, the customize component for the development of the report to choose. “Now are all possibilities for working with reports for ASP.NET in a product of Stimulsoft Reports.Web available”.

Also interesting is the technical side of using Stimulsoft Reports.Web. This is the product for development and creation of Web applications. The work is based on client-server technology. On the server side MVC you can use the components both for ASP.NET and ASP.NET. On the client side, there are such options: viewing and editing reports only with HTML5 components; Viewing and editing reports with components that created Flash technology are; Viewing and editing reports on mobile devices with HTML5; Create reports on Windows desktop with standalone report designer. Also, it is possible to use various technologies and components in all combinations. There they noticed that all of the components of the report generator for various technologies and platforms between each other for the file format are very compatible.