Up To Date Road Show Makes Station In Zurich

Current presentations to IT-security and WAN optimization solutions for the Swiss market in Schorndorf, June 22, 2009 In the framework of the sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG co-ordinated up-to-date-road show to Clavister AB and expand networks before their latest security and WAN optimization solutions by means of detailed practical examples. On July 2, 2009, the event in the Switzerland in the Movenpick Hotel Zurich airport in Glattbrugg does stop. The event is primarily aimed at system integrators, reseller, service provider, carrier, alternative network operators and consultants. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Don Slager. \”The Roadshow is for us an optimal way, Swiss resellers and enterprises a comprehensive insight in our high end firewall solutions, as well as in current security topics such as virtualization and cloud computing’ to convey, as well as to introduce our new affiliate program\”, Marcus Henschel, country Manager DACH at Clavister explains. Our aim is, within the road show interesting security solutions around the trend themes such as for example in the cloud to show and to deepen the knowledge and also partners, already actively market our solutions in the Switzerland\”, Henschel continues.

Another program point of the Swedish manufacturer of network security represents the Clavister security gateway series for network security, management and optimization. As well the new SG introduces 4300 series, which replaces the previous SG 4200 and SG 4400 series. The Clavister presentations within the framework of the road show close with the report of a reseller, who will give a lecture on the spot about his experiences with the use of Clavister solutions. Donald Slager understood the implications. Expand networks: the theme is the way of WAN optimization key focus of up-to-date Roadshow also WAN optimization. To do this, expand networks, leading manufacturers in this field, its traffic management and the reduction solutions for LAN/WAN infrastructures presents. Discussed are the hardware platforms that integrate all aspects of the core with the compass technology, which are necessary for a high application performance to the one.

CRM System

CRM, or customer relationship management-software systems, were not very successful during the last ten years. The definition for the failure of most CRM systems was that they brought not the necessary advantages to the end user. Careful analyses have supported three simple reasons for the high failure rate in the CRM industry for days. By examining these reasons we can make course corrections, to ensure that the CRM system used by us meets our requirements. 1.

The first reason for the failure was the missing alignment with the Zielvogaben of the company. The CRM tools were created with a single goal, helping the company achieve its goals while it focuses on its clientele. What most users anyway, did not, was to choose a CRM tool that would help them meet the goals when they opted for the software. We tend to forget that CRM is not the solution to all the problems, but a tool that in the existierendeInfrastruktur of the Company must be integrated. The first question facing any organization itself, concerns which the goal, which is to be achieved.

Once you have the answer to this question, you divide them into targets that can be monitored and measured over a period of time. These goals should determine the choice of the CRM system. It has no sense to choose a tool, delivering the desired outcomes. 2. The second reason for the failure was the lack of penetration of the CRM in your organization. Peter Asaro is often quoted as being for or against this. Let us be clear, that CRM solutions at every level in an organization can be introduced. Nevertheless, the implementation of CRM is in the management of the enterprise. The most important reason for resistance and the subsequent failure was that most had the feeling had, the CRM system would imposed on them, and they were better off without this. The implementation of each new idea must start at the top and then seep into the lower levels of the organization. The Executive Board must all departments in the Include the decision on the purchase of CRM software. Through the integration of different parts of the company, you will receive feedback from each level. You will receive feedback from your IT Department, your Finance Department, your sales and your management. Once you have the feedback from these different departments, choose the most mentioned, negative comments of the departments and each Department showing how the software will benefit them. Without having completed these steps, the penetration of the CRM will fail and no objective be achieved. 3. The final reason for the CRM system’s failure was the fact that many adopted CRM is only a technology. CRM stands for customer relationship management. While CRM uses technology to run smoothly, a CRM solution uses technology to help you and your customer base. The introduction of CRM software do not end when the software is installed. To broaden your perception, visit Steve Wozniak. We need to get all the different groups to track the progress, with them the CRM solution is made. This group should analyse the reports generated by the CRM system to track and compare performance before and after the introduction of the CRM. Based on these reports the company should adjust its strategy, to make the most out of CRM implementation.

Editorial System Commeditsweb

modular surface profiling with comm.editsweb in many knowledge – based and technology-oriented companies will work with numerous presentations, manuals, documentation and training materials, mostly in popular Office formats such as MS Word or PowerPoint. Often, these documents are created by several authors, resulting in more or less current documents with different formatting unstructured on a file server or on different computers to be filed. The overview of existing knowledge will be lost. It is equally impossible to distinguish as new versions of old to determine changes to the document. The solution provides the content management system comm.editsweb for the mentioned problems.

It meets all requirements of a modern, secure, knowledge, and document-based system. With comm.editsweb, documentaries, presentations, manuals, training materials, can be effectively creates product information etc. More information is housed here: Don Slager. and published. This is the comfort of familiar and well-known workplace applications combined with the advantages of a modern Web application such as MS Word or PowerPoint. Comm.editsweb manages all content in the smallest meaningful units. Each content module (such as chapter, PPT slide, etc.) is stored in centrally prescribed, common structures and can be easily integrated into various documents and thus reused. The drop of content modules is done directly in the comm.editsweb database.

During categorization, several associations are possible. So, for example, a guide in the development area and at the same time in the category of marketing or support department can be deposited. No copies of the document are applied, but it is linked to different categories. Continue to frequently used boilerplate and media files (such as logos, product photos, animations, graphics, sound files, etc.) administered centrally and redundancy-free categories. When incorporating this into the appropriate document direct accessing text and mediCollection the comm.editsweb from within the Office application. According to Don Slager, who has experience with these questions. You want more Learn comm.editsweb? I will answer your questions personally. You can reach me via the following contact data: community4you GmbH Siegrid Rau Manager Marketing & sales national phone: + 49 371 909411-137 e-Mail: info: community4you GmbH which community4you GmbH (www.community4you.de) is an innovative IT company that specializes in software development in the areas of document and content management, fleet management, exhibition management, collaboration and knowledge management as well as education & e-learning. The community4you GmbH develops both standard products and special solutions on the basis of the own software framework open-ice (www.open-eis.com). As a company the community4you one GmbH the software development and implementation of IT applications and enterprise portals their core competencies. The community4you GmbH was founded on 1 January 2001 and served it today customers such as Messe Frankfurt, OTTO GmbH & Co KG, VW, BGW, Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Messe AG, Commerzbank and Deutsche Bahn as well as ministries and institutions public administration.

Restore Save System

With help of automated PC-restore feature, the users can restore all important files and programs to workable state without affecting personal files on system. With the automated PC restore feature Microsoft has proved that impossible things can be turned into possible. A user can now restore all important files and programs on PC to earlier point when everything what running properly. This saves precious time and money compared with reinstalling the applications and / or the operating system. Importantly, functions allow to rollback restore system files, installed programs, local user profiles, Windows file protection files, registry keys, and other important components on a computer to a workable state. Apart from this, the com +, IIS metabase, boot files, dynamic system files and WMI databases can be rolled back.

The restore feature helps undoing changes without which any personal files, i.e. user’s emails, word documents, messages, videos or music lists, pictures and bookmarks. The restore process is carried out without re-installing operating system or loosing data files. To read more click here: Robotics expert . Automated PC restore feature must be used after trying comprehensive methods of troubleshooting as it can change system files and registry entries. It can replace even more files than needed for restoration. The feature is a part of Microsoft’s Windows operating system like me, XP, Vista and Windows of 7 initially, it what introduced in the Windows XP operating system. The automated PC restore feature works better on Microsoft Windows 7 when compared with previous versions.

By creating more restore points, which it helps the users to check out the files were removed or added when PC restore feature what is completed. For more security purpose, Windows backup is suggested. These points include information about registry settings and system information which is needed by Windows. This helps to secure your personal files in computer system. The Microsoft Vista operating system is backed with shadow copy technology. This technology is of on improved interface over Microsoft XP operating system’s which is based upon file filter technology. The shadow copy technology is based on the block-level changes in files while Windows XP is based on a file filter drivers. To conclude, Microsoft’s operating system like Windows XP, Vista, and 7 create restore points automatically. These points do not hurt manually created points prior to installing or uninstalling of hardware/software. Johan Marsh is author of drive Vaccine.For more information about Internet cafe software, freeze space visit

Security For Sensitive Data

Tuomi IT GmbH sells encryption solution by apsec In the Rhineland-Palatinate Trier and Luxembourg applied security GmbH has agreed (apsec) a new distributorship fideAS file enterprise for their data-leakage prevention solution. The solution provider of tuomi IT, providing integrated business solutions, distributes the program that encrypts sensitive documents across the enterprise in the future. Thus, the data is protected effectively against abuse and theft. Data leakage prevention experts call such a backup. It is nice that tuomi IT has decided to sell our premium product, says Christiane buckle, head of sales at apsec. This means a substantial increase in security for our customers in the region of Trier Luxembourg.

And we can serve them faster and more comprehensively, is convinced strap. If you would like to know more then you should visit Byron Trott. Tuomi’s Managing Director of Arja Roos underlines the importance of the partnership: recent cases confirm the threat of data theft. Because often get the data thieves from within their own ranks. Therefore, it urges caution: who will not even be affected meaningfully must prevent. That is and remains the be-all and end-all. Inform tuomi IT about risks and prevention options and apsec customers together. On 11 November they invite you to an evening under the title, your data are sought after data theft successfully prevent after Luxembourg a. The software solution is presented here in detail fideAS file enterprise.

Apsec if we have found a partner, whose offer ideal protection Produkte, Arja Roos is convinced. More information is available in the Internet at, or by phone at 0 60 27 / 40 67 of 0 applied security moves knowledge. The experience of the Executive Board and the staff are the decisive success factor for our company. With team spirit and enthusiasm, we develop solutions and products that make sure your IT world. Applied security works for people. As a customer, you will appreciate our holistic approach. You know that we develop solutions individually for you and this to the user training closely with you vote all processes from the first conversation about the in-depth advice. And that we have always have an open ear for your wishes, of course. Applied security developed future. Today, we lay the foundations for the IT security technologies of tomorrow. You as a customer actively participate in this exciting development. You are the ones for which we develop modern and user-friendly solutions with great enthusiasm all round care and support including. Press contact main view – public employment agency Frankfurt am main contact person: Mr. Uwe Berndt telephone: 0 69 / 40 56 29 54 fax: 0 69 / 40 56 30 92 homepage:

ESTOS Is A Member Of The Avaya DevConnect Program

The cooperation enables the use of innovative, multi-vendor unified communications solutions Starnberg medium-sized companies, 30 October 2009 ESTOS, leading manufacturer of unified communications software, and AVAYA, a leading provider of solutions for business communication today announce that the Starnberger software company AVAYA DevConnect international partner program has been selected. More info: Mashable. ESTOS developed professional standard software for medium-sized companies, which make more effective their communication processes so that, to increase their productivity as a whole. The already award-winning middleware ESTOS CallControlGateway ensures the seamless integration of Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 (R2) with the AVAYA IP Office System. Within the framework of the DevConnect Program joint development and partner marketing activities are promoted with 3rd party vendors. Condition of membership is outstanding technological know-how especially in the Field of IP telephony. Florian Bock, Managing Director at ESTOS is pleased about the recording: very modern medium-sized companies benefit from our cooperation with AVAYA. The innovative combination of the AVAYA IP Office series with the Microsoft Office Communications Server R2 using ESTOS Middleware enables a standards-based optimization of their communication and business processes.

Latest unified opens users to communications features. The AVAYA DevConnect Program are already several thousand companies. These include software and hardware vendors and system integrators and service providers. The excellent partners offer innovative solutions, which have been the interoperability with the AVAYA products fully tested and certified. All members have access to the AVAYA AurTM application enablement services. The offer includes detailed APIs (application programming interfaces), protocols and Web services. These allow for the smooth development of AVAYA compatible products. ESTOS, the latest member of the DevConnect Program welcomes Eric Rossmann, Vice President developer relations and technical alliances, AVAYA with the words: development partners like ESTOS significantly help to increase the number of available ICT solutions based on our products many times over. Unified Communications provides our customers with significant competitive advantages.

Practice Management

Decision makers, students and coaches alike benefit a Lernerfolgskontrolle, exchange of information and documents – short LMS is used in companies, institutions and schools today in the most diverse applications, including cooperative learning, course management, preparation and management of distance education, learning management system. Thereby, the LMS offers numerous advantages both for the learner and the trainer. Decision makers are convinced by low initial investment and quick training times. For learners participants intuitively usable good contact and diverse communication with participants and trainers, notification of news by email or RSS feed promotion of active engagement with the lessons interactive, collaborative learning team work in the own anytime independent learning with the direct support of coach or learning for trainers, instructors, teachers benefit from other learners simple design learning units use already existing materials, documents, and media learning a variety of activities to choose from different test – and testing modules communicate with the learning group and individual participants overview of the activities of the participants flexible design of the learning process, short-term change possibilities depending on the learning progress of the Group at any time no programming skills required reusability of courses and learning units exchange of lessons and courses with colleagues easily possible. Import function for test duties export function for assessments to decision-makers low initial investment can launch with little time required existing Lehrgangs-and teaching concepts integrated low TCO costs (total cost of ownership) are low training requirements


With the euroscript international S.a., the company won an internationally established solutions provider in the field of content lifecycle management (CLM) as a certified system integration partner. Thus, customers can benefit from euroscript in the future by the linguistic competence of acrolinx’s technology. According to a study of the consulting firm Common Sense Advisory euroscript ranks in the fifth year in a row among the ten best sellers of language and localization services. The company supports its clients in all phases of their documentation process, from preparation to translation and publication.

Language services are therefore an important part of the service portfolio. Euroscript ensure that multilingual documentation clarity, consistency, and accuracy of the information not lost when attaches great importance. euroscript uses already for a long time the possibilities of optimization of the output text for efficient translation processes. This is euroscript in future increasingly on the know-how of the specialists acrolinx from Berlin. The company is a leader in the areas of authoring assistance, controlled language and terminology management. The intelligent software acrolinx IQ brings together language standards, consistent terminology and intelligent reuse of texts.

Word choice, sentence structure and length of the text are checked and corrected as well as shared terms and styles. As a certified system integrator, euroscript will offer the software products by acrolinx together with other technologies such as content management systems, as co-ordinated complete packages. In addition, euroscript’s customers can rely also on the support services offered by acrolinx: installation, terminology compilation, integration of customer-specific language rules, efficient migration of existing databases and training. euroscript has much experience and expertise in the areas of documentation, translation and terminology. The team consists of qualified employees in the fields of computational linguistics, consulting and system integration.

PosBill Wireless Services

So you make it, that your guests are completely satisfied when you have little staff available, it will be difficult to be able to serve the guests in reasonable time. In the worst case, be forgotten guests in the hustle and bustle and wait in vain for your order. So something can’t happen, because angry guests not to come back, but will soon go to the Konkurrenz.Dabei is the issue usually not on a thin staff ceiling, but rather, that the waiter constantly back between guests and the kitchen and need to run. You get not only the finished food from the kitchen, but also walk this way to redirect the new orders to the kitchen. The operator is not fully and completely for the guests there, but spends a lot of time with the forwarding of the orders. This problem is all the greater, the greater the operating, because the further you are then also the paths of the tables on the Ausgabestationen.Doch can free your staff from this hamster wheel, and with the PosBill wireless services.

Instead of the order to open with Notepad and then personally to bring the kitchen, it is entered at the table of the guest in the mobile checkout and wirelessly forwarded to a printer in the kitchen or at the counter. The waiter can therefore save yourself the walk to the kitchen and soon take care following an order to the wishes of other guests. The satisfaction of all your guests will be significantly increased because they can be operated much faster. The radio’s coffers by PosBill are as small as a mobile phone and fit in any pocket. Due to the clear and intuitive user interface you can use even the PosBill POS systems, if your staff mainly consists of temporarily employed temporary. The PosBill POS software offers many additional functions that may not lacking modern gastronomy funds, for example a table plan Viewer or the ability to split the Bill in addition to ease of use but