International Electrotechnical Commission

This includes if they occur in work environments, whether for verification of noise community, if for General measurements, Yes to diagnose the condition of machines, whether to verify the effects of isolation, etc. In any of the variants the selected computer must comply with standards which establishes the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for measuring instruments. In the case being analyzed must be accordance with IEC 651 (1979) and the IEC 804 (1985). Other both international and national standards (e.g. ANSI S1.43-1983) is possible, but it cannot ignore is that the effective implementation of regulations established by the IEC the instrument’s performance assurance results.

Each rule to adjust the sound level meter comes associate, invariablenente, with the type or class of sound level meter (see below the instrument class). TEN aspects to consider the following proposed ten indicators technicians who should facilitate the task of choosing a sound meter: the instrument class: can be of class 0, 1, 2, 3. depends on the precision sought in measurements and use requiring the instrument. Class 0: used in laboratories. It serves as a reference. Class 1: employment in precision field measurements.

Class 2: use in general field measurements. Class 3: used to perform recognition. Approximate measurements. Supplied microphone: this aspect is very important since it determines the range of frequencies that can analyze the instrument. Here microphone type, its sensitivity, frequency band, capacitance (pF) and the inherent noise level must be taken into account. The latter is not more than the combination of electrical and thermal noise which suffers the MIC at 20oC (expressed in dB). It varies from one type to another frequency weighting. It is necessary to know, moreover, by which microphones is possible to exchange the one supplied. And, also, the response of the instrument before the infra and ultrasound, in the event that may be of interest. Measurement parameters: this aspect determines the types of measurements that can be made with the instrument.

Professional Techniques

In the following article will guide you through some simple techniques to boost its labor placement process. The high unemployment rate, along with the strong competition from the market, makes the search for employment in Latin america difficult and daunting, leading to that people take is more time than expected to get work so that professionals, graduates or even people looking for a better job, usually found with the problem of dealing with long periods of time without receiving the expected response. Resulting in lost time, demotivation and possible common mistakes in the job search. What to do when months have passed and we have sought work in all possible ways and the result was not expected, what to do when there are no ambitions to continue with the process of labor placement? Here are some tips for motivation to continue your job search process: 1. steady avoid falling into a routine of holiday.

Being out of work should motivate it to you to search for I work, more is not a time to be taken as a break. It is recommended that once you begin your process of labor placement, try getting up early, make a schedule of work and avoid falling into idle routines. Do not fall into the trap of sending resumes occasionally and then leave to work, since this will only lead to you to do the task half, not take advantage of the time and feel that your search is taking more than necessary, which leads to plateaus and depressions. This process should be daily, there are people that are not constant and who think that send one or two sheets of life is find, but not, it is not enough, to search every day, as if outside a job, says Daisy Avila, psychologists of the Talentum recruitment company. 2. Plan your job search in order to take full advantage of the time and process, is recommended to draw up an action plan with a list of the most important activities in the day, as for example search for different pages to find work and read several newspapers among other activities.

Affiliate Marketing

Make money with Affiliate Marketing: the affiliate system, one of the most used by the networkers online systems, is both to promote their own products, the rights of third parties or a combination of both, allowing them to obtain generous income, if appropriate techniques are used to achieve a good conversion of visits to their pages. 1 Uses a specific page for a specific product, promote too many products on one page can lead to your potential customer to be confused and reject the purchase. 2.* You recalls highlight the benefits of the product, your customers are not interested your product, they are interested in what can help them or specific need can fill or fix. 3.* If you don’t have its own product, you can send direct visitors to page of the seller, but with this they lose many customers that could buy again, a technique that can solve this point is to do a landing (landing page) page in which you can give a report or an outline of the product free of charge by the mail delivery electronic of your visitor. For this it is essential that you acquire an autoresponder. 4 Choose products you have sales letters appealing and convincing, if it is your product recalls, in addition, include testimonials from customers who have tried your product and that you autorizen to use them, and several calls to action.

5 The first 8 seconds to come to your page are decisive to know if a customer gets to know that there are more or simply abandoned it. A captivating and attractive holder will allow catch the attention of the customer to continue reading. 6.* As transcending, a customer data decision around the seventh to the tenth mail that is sent to your mailbox, a good campaign with direct, short messages and calls to action will allow you to create a relationship of trust with your subscriber, but remember not to sell, people don’t like to sell them. Family.* in your emails do not include or at least limited to the maximum free words or business especially in the subject, controls spam the send mail do not desired, avoiding reaching destination, very few people review your spam Inbox. 8.* Recalls attract qualified traffic to your pages, that is to say, people interested in your products, send traffic that does not meet this requirement is lost work. 9.* The video marketing and writing articles are free techniques that attract most visits to your pages, sacales party raising at least 2 weekly videos or write 2 articles per week.

Them, with the time you satisfyed until 100 visits a day to your site. 10.* If these latest techniques will make you very difficult, you have the option of delegating the work to others, paying for their services, today, the freelance services are a cost-effective way of creating a marketing campaign. These techniques are used for any affiliate program, but it is your responsibility to put them into practice.


According to its etymology the loop, comes from the latin word laqueus.Loop is defined as lacing or knot of ribbons or such a thing which serves as embellishment, forming some as leaves, leaving cabos loose and pending. Ancient architecture used interlacing as ornamentation; in Arab architecture is also used for the same purpose with geometric shapes; This art consisted of several tapes that were cut and whose changes and repeated intersections were large number of polygons. In this way distinguished six, eight, ten, twelve sides ties; According to which outside the polygon a Hexagon, an Octagon, a decagon, a dodecagon, etc. This kind of drawings can be applied to very diverse industries such as ceramic glassmaking of colors, fabrics, wallpapers, etc. The gift is defined as a gift which is made voluntarily or by custom; taste or complacency that occurs at any time. It is a token of affection, of love, of entertainment.

The custom of offering gifts or present existed in many ancient peoples; featuring the most advanced civilizations. This practice is from its beginnings in Roman and Greek peoples. One of the main present was the hospitality given to the stranger. Another practice among the Greeks was the anniversary of the birth or birthday; in which were gifts to the children which consisted of: amulets, rings and bouquets of flowers. Another occasion very suitable for making gifts was the celebration of the marriage; whose main gift was the dowry. In Rome prevailed the custom made gifts between relative and friends throughout the year.Today using the art of performing loops and monkeys artistic and professionally, leads us to create our own company without moving home. This can find you it here at as well as other items of quality checked for your personal and spiritual development: health, sports, Computing, entertainment, languages, painting and more.