Of course, do some system fonts and not have to load a bunch of extra. Fonts can be directly installed in the folder windows / fonts, or use the program korelovskoy font navigator, which in theory should help greatly, because it does not set the font itself, and its label, and also to find the font in the font database, if you open a file with a font that does not exist in the system. In fact, the example program is very capricious and often buggy. But it is not an alternative, why to bother. I have over the years formed the folder with the most popular fonts that are regularly install a new system (about 700-900 pieces), additionally there is a base font (this Daddy, where I folded downloaded and purchased fonts, only about 10 000 stuff).

On the Internet, of course, possible to pump a lot of fonts that are spread all and sundry. But good, quality, and accordingly used! – a little bit. Ali Partovi recognizes the significance of this. Immediately to throw a huge number of so-called "hand-written" font, these terrible scrawl not wanted, very rarely come across something nice and used. And from the qualitative and consumed! I fonts I would advise fonts that start with the a_, for example: a_Alterna and AG, for example: AG Bengaly Also, pay attention to the new fonts that are included in the Vista and Seven, and many have become very popular. Many fonts, as I mentioned, bold and have italic writing, which must also learn otherwise would never guess that this is, for example, font italic writing Baltica, rather than cursive. Remember all the fonts, of course, impossible, and very often when you see something vaguely familiar, comes to mind is something like "In my opinion, he begins to g or s. But this is important, because knowing the first letter of the font search reduces by 30 times! Therefore, as a rule, firms engaged in the manufacture of seals, try to take students to the current designers to the latest gradually transferred their knowledge.

A study would be long, maybe a year or two will be handed out questions: "What is this font ???. What do you do if the font is still did not know, there are also disappointments? If you print good quality, it does not matter, the battle takes photoshop, bad bukovki blacked out, clean, widely used command: levels, sharpen, etc. But if the impression is bad, then have to suffer, to draw the curves letter – a very thankless and difficult task. There will have to find a similar letter and bring it to the curves to perfection. By the way, we are very fortunate that we live in Russia, for Russian fonts compared with very little English! Maybe that's why the Americans and British do not much bother the manufacture of stamps, print them all typed two or three fonts, very simple, logical and without any frills. And if they need to make a secure seal, embossed metal they do, there is much more complicated! In conclusion, I would say three years old work and you will become much easier and simpler!

The Meeting

Now, the concept of identity implies the encounter with other identities. We can look to the identity as a collective creation that already can not be based on the cult of their own roots and traditions, but also in the meeting with other localities, regions, continents and groups. Already the so-called terms of domination not may arise at the North-South poles, but in what is called inclusion networks. There is not an undifferentiated global culture, although we must of course take into account the emergence of so-called cosmopolitan values transmitted by these networks of inclusion, which will later lead us to the problem of communication. At the cultural level, we can speak of identities as a brake to a communicational uncontrolled globalization. In any case, the problem from this angle, would be, is, in the impossibility, which many still exists, communicate an identity. And beyond, in solitary confinement between identities.

Identity in this new world is understood on the basis of the obvious effects, as the rift between time and space, the deterritorialization of cultural production, the strengthening of local identities and hybridization. Already in a previous book pointed out that the day and the night weren’t more equivalent to the outlet and the sunset. We are in a new concept of time and it is precisely this concept which allows us to be at the same time local and global. We live in the world of instantaneity. In case outside little, we have to consider the growth of migration, that is, multiple cultures are played away from their points of origin. On the other hand, what we might call transnational identities linked to groups in a more intense than any other relationship, say young people here and there or to women in their struggles against the discrimination that persist. Migration and culture human migration there have always been, but in this global world is taken with special interest.