Laminated Veneer Lumber

Studying the past, archaeologists have found many remains of buildings that were meant for body care. Baths of different people differ not only structural elements, but also water treatments, use of heat, tradition of bathing. However, their purpose was the same – baths were not only used for hygiene of the body: over time people realized that the procedures of hot water can help cure various ailments – fatigue disappears, improves mood, that is a long time people use steam baths in various forms and for different reasons. But even today, baths are very popular. Many people, including many celebrities and, on dignity appreciate all the charm of the Russian bath. For example, ballerina Anastasia admits that week can not live without going to the bath. Someone goes to the baths very often, and someone – very rare.

Some people prefer to Russian bath, the other – a Finnish sauna … It is difficult nowadays to find someone who does not even once experienced the charm of all native Russian pastime. Indeed, the pastime in the bath is very useful. Getting in the bath a person is under the influence of a whole group of stimuli: heat, steam, moisture, temperature changes – and it is natural that the human body begins to respond to all these factors. The result is improved activity of the organism as a whole, increasing its resistance to various kinds of diseases, increase vitality and health of human, dressing procedures are used as highly preventive, restorative and tempering of funds.

Bath activates the activity of sweat and sebaceous glands, enhances mineral, protein metabolism, gas exchange, increases the amount of excretion of urea and lactic acid degradation products. We prove that the person is properly performing the procedure, all bath, losing weight to 2 kg per visit. As a result of the heat bath in the human body is formed of securities products of protein metabolism that comes with the blood to all parts of the body. Heat cleanses the skin from the upper dead layer of sweat, grease and dust, making it smooth and elastic, giving it a healthy color, increases amount of oxygen absorbed by the skin. Such is the nature of the bath. Go to the bath and a light pair of you!

Natural Materials

Many of the errors hurt comfort, some ravaged our wallets, only a few are harmful to our health. The myth of the usefulness of natural materials, one of them. It is not necessary to concentrate on the percentage of cotton, linen, wool, in various forms obbivki this fact or does not harm you, the consumer – the user only helps manufacturers increase the Number of sales, your desire and commitment to the whole 'natural' are known to managers, marketers. Let's talk about the natural components of "soft friends", or rather batting, mat, sea grass, burlap, wool, cotton and other similar, carefully hidden within the depths of the sofa. These materials are undoubtedly popular, "rasskrucheny" always in demand, but the question as to whether they are useful as we think? Previous history of these materials is simple, at the time of their mass use in ancient times, quite simply had no alternative … not Considering the bare planks and straw. Anyway, the sofas in the reign of King Peas were considered a luxury! At first glance it seems that bad, put on a sofa springs natural felt, after a magnificent natural-fiber cotton cover is not large layer of batting and secure the burlap canvas upper …

Here! Sofa ready to obbivke cloth. Now let's see what happens to these wonderful fillings later, unspecified Number of years. Opening the sofa, looking closely see inside … sleduyueschee burlap covered with strange spots, well, perhaps a fungus? Oh yes, you think when it moved and he found himself in the dampness in the garage, maybe just get wet and appeared as a consequence of the fungus. More fertile environment than natural hemp sacking hard to imagine. Ok, so mold fungus, we are not biologists, can not judge the harmfulness or usefulness, can be a useful substance, who knows. Look further, torn burlap, we see a thin layer of leveling the batting, then a thin layer of black obscure, small as a peppercorn "stuff." Ask what it is? God knows, but let's activity remains unknown insects, but the insects were gone …

so, sir, intrigued by the fact that we break symmetry batting, look at the thick, lush layer of natural wool. Inner margins completely littered with "crooked", dead insects, spiders, ants, cockroaches, fleas, bedbugs, lice! If the sofa was in the country, or was temporarily in the garage, it is possible find the rare, interesting facts, how – the tunnels carefully, skillfully proedennye by someone bigger than a spider. Tracing for "Burrows" and find yourself "house", the former dwelling place of a family of mice. Summary. Any animals, which had access to the couch, whether it runs, flies, crawls, no doubt stop choice (where to live) on your sofa, because there is no more successful space than natural materials – warm, quiet, in the case of hunger can be, the most natural materials, chew! Therefore, we recommend a strong advocate of natural, looping your desires and try to be that in the couch to the maximum was attended by more than 'natural'. Cover the bed blanket (wool, linen), and sleep well on the 'natural'. The presence of different living things in the couch is a gathering, a collection of various bacteria, microbes, with terror is what's going on in there, and how it affects our skin and health. Regular sofa ejection of dust to the health care becomes a voluntary suicide, god knows what Number of bacteria flies through the air: Be careful! It is not always what it seems good, so is!

Grapes – Harvest Education

Top of seasonal work in the Urals winegrower comes early. In determining the zero temperature even at night, with at least +8 C. .. +10 C can be stimulated to wake up and growth of the root system of grapes – watering it through "Wells" of warm (+25 C. .. +30 ) of snow or rain water. More information is housed here: Mikkel Svane. After that, setting the low arch and concealing the vine film can wait until the first visible phase of the awakening of grapes – the beginning of sap flow.

Sap or his call on another "cry" of the vine can be considered a good omen, a sign that the vines well wintered, its root system is not affected, so lively and the plant itself. Scientists and growers proved that the "sap" flowing out of cuts, cracks, and breaking the vine does not contain in its composition of nutrients and its allocation, contrary to popular opinion, has no negative impact on growth and fruiting shrubs. After plants do not distinguish it from themselves, but by absorbing moisture from the roots of the soil, just blowing it through the vines, restoring the water balance. According to the well-known to tenants, the author of numerous varieties of Professor PP Radchevskogo "proposition that spring, "weeping" weakens the vine plant, is unfounded. The negative impact of copious sap can be only in the event of severe soil drought. However, this phenomenon happens in the spring extremely rare. " Ten days after the sap flow begins to wake up his eyes.

Steel Structures

According to NPB 236-97, fire protection of metal is a surface treatment of metal structures with special fire retardant materials that inhibit heating of the metal and as a consequence, prevent its deformation during a fire. Michele Glaze is open to suggestions. In today's market there are many fire-proof materials materials intended for fire protection of steel structures, but the most widely-used and still are fire-retardant paints and Plastering retardants. We consider each of them. Fire-retardant paint. One of the most modern and relevant today form the material for fire protection of metal.

The action of fire retardant paint is based on intumescent effect. When reaching high temperatures, fire-retardant paint swells, forming an insulating foam layer. Fire-retardant paint is a type of thin-film coatings, the middle layer of this coating is 1-1.5 mm. and the average flow rate of 1.8-2.0 kg. The paint can withstand mechanical stress, vibration, and does not alter the configuration of the treated structure. Plus is the way of application, paint can be applied even brush or roller.

Disadvantages include only the high cost and inability to use the colors when necessary to ensure a high fire resistance. Plaster flame retardant. Given type of material applied to the metal surface with a thick layer of plaster with the help of machines. Manual application is not allowed. Coating can not withstand mechanical stress and is recommended for use only in cases where the processed metal "sutured" decorative materials. The disadvantage is the amount of raw material, which is an average of 5.10 kg. per 1 square meter, which increases the costs of the application and creates additional burden on the metal. With some flame retardants are necessary to carry out reinforcement. On the one hand it is a big plus, because in reinforcing the coating becomes more Hard on the other, it greatly complicates the process of application, as fastening to metal reinforcing mesh made by welding. The advantage of using plaster retardants is their value, they are significantly cheaper fireproof paint. It should also be noted that the use of this method of fire protection can be achieved any fire rating.


Russian manufacturers produce furniture in the light of our Slavic mentality and for this reason Russian walls are more suited to our customer. Viacom has many thoughts on the issue. For example, in your family a lot of china or crystal, or perhaps you own a collection of sporting trophies, or collecting Japanese figurines? In this case, all their wealth may be advantageous to put on display the guests. To do this you simply need a cabinet with glass doors. Otherwise, this module will be over and you do not need to buy it. A rational approach to the use of your living space needs to determine how much space you want to allocate to the bookcase or wardrobe, whether you need and how much shelf for decorative items, cabinets for audio-video equipment, shelves, windows, lights for them, etc. When buying furniture for a living, please contact the manufacturer tested by buying furniture which you and five years will be able to buy the missing module from the same collection.

In addition, major furniture brands, to market the Russian wall, a professional approach to the cutting edge DSP and processing. High quality long provide aesthetic appearance and a healthy indoor climate (for lagging edges of formaldehyde!) is also worth to pay for cable management – a special system of secret cables to devices that do not add chaos to the interior of tangling wires. Better to give preference box than the shelf with the door – much easier access to things and fit in a section of more good. There are several ways to save – without buying the racks back wall shelves from cheaper Russian chipboard qualitative edge, open shelves (they are cheaper than the price of the doors and accessories), to replace expensive closers felt stickers inside the boxes, natural wood veneer can be replaced with varnished or coated laminate, etc. All ranges and the salesman in a furniture showroom to advise you several options for accommodation details walls in your room and discuss the nuances that are worth a look. Given these recommendations, you necessarily create an atmosphere of harmony, warmth and coziness in your living room.

Garden Stone

Each selection of stones to create a large stone landscape elements should be chosen for a particular area of the landscape. It is best to use pale stones of natural colors such as light-gray fine-grained granite or lighter beige sandstone. But the stones are white, such as marble, bright red tufa boulders probably will not work. Plants, partially covering the stones and partly prostrate earth but must successfully combined with the color of stones. If you would like to know more then you should visit Peter Asaro . Too bright and beautiful stones will greatly attract attention, which is undesirable. By installing a large boulder, look at it from different sides, and place under the most advantageous angle. Sometimes, to anchor it, first dig a hole of appropriate size, and then tamped the soil under the stone. At the bottom go to sleep propped up a little gravel and other stones boulder so that it was the most stable.

Retaining wall stone wall drywall drywall – a perfect solution for green open southern sun terrace or veranda, which is raised above the ground to a height of 45-60 cm level of soil, which is adjacent to the terrace should be raised to floor level and basement stone wall, which can be placed at some distance from the building – concrete pour. On the ground in front of the structure can be planted conifers and perennials, but on the retaining wall and the foot pochvokokrovnye culture. Retaining wall thickness of a few stones are building without mortar, pieces of slate or artificial stones. The clutch operates so that front wall was a 10-degree slope toward the slope. Hear from experts in the field like Pete Cashmore for a more varied view.

Straight Tread

Twice the height of risers and width b tread a must be equal to the average person step – 2b + a = 57-64 cm is sometimes used by more than a simple calculation, the amount by which the size of the width of the treads and risers of height c must be equal to 45 cm (30 +15, 27 +18, 25 +20), ie c = a + b = 45-46 cm stairs with his hands, made on such a calculation is considered the most secure, and the formula, of course, by security. Many are so-called formula of facilities, ab = 12 cm in practice to sustain this relationship in the real world is not always possible. But we should at least strive for perfection. Let's count? To select the width Tread use an example. When descending the stairs adult puts his foot so that the toe hangs over the rounded front part of the tread. If the overhang is small, the level considered safe and what is level, the higher the risk of slipping off her. In practice, it is clear that the width of the tread are best taken within 28-30 cm, but not menee25.

The height of the risers to make better ot14 to 17 cm but not exceeding 20 cm If you do not allow for the size in terms of increase the width of the stage, deceive the situation – set-depth risers, ie increase the overhang above the stair risers. In some cases you can do without risers. The open space under the stairs, and in this case would not be necessary in a flight of stairs from the bottom sheet set. Contact information is here: Pete Cashmore. Although, in this version will trim level and still below (sanding, painting). In stairways with zabezhnymi steps in turning part for convenience Use and safety of her step width in the middle of the march should be equal to the width of the straight steps.

Robust Logs

Log home living in harmony with the seasons. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ali Partovi has to say. For example, believed that before the onset of winter in a large house stands out even a few cubes of water. Samsung Electronics can aid you in your search for knowledge. We should carefully consider the protection of logs and try to find the suitable coating, or navigate the wide selection of different colors or preservatives. And what is covered log house? Or no paint! Anyone who wants to expose their log house to the natural bloom, leave it without the cover. However, the gradual transformation of the hoary old lasts at least 10-20 years. The surface is and will remain dozens, maybe even hundreds of years. In choosing the traditional antiquity, however, there is one big 'but'.

In case of insufficient length of the gutter is less than 90-120 cm, the logs are a variety of harmful stress. The logs are graying caused by UV radiation of the sun, and in particular the damaging effects of moisture. That moisture causes the most problems. It leads to swelling and drying shrinkage to return, logs and take the stress crack. In addition, moisture creates an excellent foundation for the emergence of fungi mildew, rot and blue so antiseptic used for lumber. The need to protect the logs on the coast and increases the spacious fields, where the characteristic horizontal rain. Is also important aspect of light, such as loading from the sun on the south side five times the effect of sunlight on the north side of the building.

Water vapor transmission – is the motto in the selection area! The proposed option for reliable protection of timber wealth. Importantly first of all to pick up materials that, ideally, absorb moisture and inside and outside, or at least pass water vapor from inside the tree. Dense paint covers the walls inside the moisture and leads to destruction of the structure. While most manufacturers to protect the logs from the blue already in the factory, the concept of protection is the padding, and then topcoat.

Magnetite Steel System

In our country, recently appeared cabinets coupe, which are becoming more popular, thanks to a number of positive points in comparison to his grandmother's closet. But these advantages can save the area occupied by them. In the wall plug is inserted into a special box and sliding the device, thanks to him they will not touch each other and clapping. The base cabinet compartment is an aluminum or steel frame, manufactured by special technologies and have exceptional quality. There are lots of specialized systems that – slim, standard, deluxe, magnetite, lapis lazuli, agate and sapphire, which make the plants Komandor. More slim profile system has a slim, it is characterized by low cost, which is achieved by changing technology. For more information see this site: Pete Cashmore. Magnetite Steel system is more affordable analog aluminum Lapis.

Such a system would allow diversify the interior. This system is very original and as a consequence of this particular movie was made of an alloy of zinc and aluminum on the outside covered with a layer of zinc. This profile is not applied protivososkalzyvayuschee adaptation, since it was replaced by a new development in which the lower roller wheel is on a spring fan, resulting in the displacement of the door rail is oppressed to warn them vyskalzyvanie.Pomimo direct appointment door profile magnetite can be used also as interior partitions. In the aluminum system uses a new design Lapis pens. Efficient and enjoyable version of luxury. Videos, performed on the bearings, ensures smooth and gentle glide and carry enough load. The design uses sturdy metal profiles made of steel with the design protective and decorative coating.

The system provides full Komandor reliability, since the technology uses a special protecting film, an impact which does not allow to break the mirror, at least, it just crack. Cabinet door coupe can otdekorirovat is fashionable and beautiful. When decorating uses such as varieties of finishing fusing, sand blasting, frosting, facets, and is a mixture of styles. Help visually enlarge the space mirror doors, mirrors increases due to room lighting. This is very useful for the hall, which often lack natural light.


In 48 countries around the world produce about 220 companies aerated cellular concrete. Of these methods the company ‘siporex’ – 33 companies ‘Hebel’ – 29 ‘Selkon’ – 7 ‘Itong’ – 42 ‘Kilsiloks’ – 15 plants, and so on. The most common type companies working on how these companies have annual capacity of 160-200 thousand m3. In some states hold its own work and methods, which along with the licensing function in plants Based on its own domestic production of aerated concrete techniques. For other opinions and approaches, find out what has to say. These techniques vary a lot, usually means grinding, molding the mixture and cutting the porous arrays on the product desired size. In a series of number of factories of reinforced cellular concrete products is 80-85% and actually produced a full set of materials for the building of aerated concrete, especially for low-rise building. Aerated concrete produced by the cutting technique with high precision the dimensions of the final products of aerated concrete, which are extensively used in industrial, residential, agricultural construction. This high accuracy of geometric sizes of aerated concrete building products can only be achieved by scrupulous observance of the technological scheme for each, without exception, redistribution and increased accuracy of the cutting operation of the equipment.

Precision manufacturing of building materials from aerated at the same conditions due to various technical solutions for cutting equipment, and most importantly the thickness and length of cutting string. In Technology companies ‘Grayzel’, ‘Verhan’, ‘Itong’ before cutting to required size gas silicate blocks aerated array edge to 90 degrees (with form) on the side of a form or a pre-driven by a third party board-pan, it aerated array of moves to cut further to the heat and humidity treatment and storage products. The technology firms ‘Dyuroks-Kalsilos’ and ‘Hebel’ porous removed from the raw form, carries a special aggregate from the surface of the bottom wall forms at the cutting plane of the unit, cut, then the lattice pallet is sent to the autoclave processing and storage products. According to the method of ‘siporex’ withdrawn from aerated raw form on the lattice is cut into pan products, after which the side faces form dipped at the previous place, the pallet with raw silicate is sent to the autoclave process. Autoclaving performed in blind-through autoclaves and diameter 2.4-2.8 m, length about 50 m at a pressure of not less than 1.0 MPa. In these schemes, production and other foreign companies are the final product is sent to the buyer in packed.

Packaging is done, most often in shrink-wrap or bags, then they are fixed with metal or synthetic strips. Aerated concrete is usually performed with a density of 400-700 kg/m3 and durability silicate blocks in compression of at least 2.0-5.0 MPa. When shipping to the client moisture products from cellular concrete is about 20-25 percent by weight. Abroad, in the manufacture of silicate products used mixtures, usually with vodotverdym ratio (B / T), about 0,50-0,65. The above-listed companies have accumulated rich experience in the use of products from cellular concrete in the construction industry. Masonry walls and partitions, using reinforced aerated concrete blocks made with glue or mortar.