Occidental Culture

Traditionally, the occidental culture and the civilization, have valued the religious fenmeno under the orientation of the Christian doctrine. Certainly that the responsible citizen, as is demanded, has the freedom to opt to one given religion, however, has the duty of if to clarify on the meaning and extension of the maioritria religion of the community where if it integrates, in the absolute and tolerant respect for minority religions e, in that circumstance, the Christian religious dimension could be decisive for the success or failure of the intervention of the citizen if it comunga or not of the reinante religion. ‘ ‘ Gift in history, the mystery of Christ illuminates the ends of its contexture; it illuminates the depths of the proper mystery of the man, its acts and its end. In this absolutely only adequacy of the fact and the norm it is that the Christian vision makes to rest its understanding of homem.’ ‘ (VAZ, 1986:102) .

Laying Sandstone

In order for your work with natural materials to please you with their appearance for a long time and accurately, you need to properly comply with the technology for laying natural stone, in this case sandstone. In the first stage necessary to prepare the very foundation. It may consist of concrete, granite, slag, compacted gravel, asphalt or other material having a solid crystal lattice. The main thing is that the ground was firm and stable, not was prone to deformation. The choice of the base and its size is directly dependent on future loads on the stone itself and from the intersection of the soil. In preparing the base, it is cleared of debris and obstructions, then are submitted marks the level of cladding on the surface, which should correspond to your project. Then proceed to the preparation of cement-sand mortar, which should match the brand the M150.

Immediately after application adhesive solution onto the surface, you need to start laying the stone. Since the installation must be completed prior to the time when the adhesive grasp. Now the big moment – it is laying sandstone for the adhesive solution thickness should be within 2-3 inches. For those areas where increased traffic, that is, areas with high traffic of people used the stone thickness of 2 centimeters. If this is the area where it is assumed use of different techniques, which can include heavy and, in this case the thickness of the stone should be somewhere around 4 inches.

The thinnest stone used for facing facades of buildings and houses, as well as in residential premises. Typically, the thickness is okolo1-2 inches. For more securely attached to the vertical surface of sandstone, using reinforced mesh with cells of 15 to 15 centimeters and a thickness of 4-6 mm rod or drilled holes and insert the valve on the distance between the rod about 50 centimeters over the entire area treated surface. When facing facades of houses and buildings to improve the quality of the glue, it is recommended to add a special construction adhesive, such as Cerezit in our cement-sand mortar. To comply with the technology necessary to dent the stone in a layer of adhesion to the base. The final stage of stone cladding sandstone is the grout joints. When installing pavements, sidewalks and other road surfaces should be to take this very seriously, because this stage is very important. Grout produces a spatula. The distance between blanks should not exceed 1 centimeter. If part of an adhesive solution penetrated the sandstone, it is not recommended to remove it with a damp cloth, because the solution is not completely removed and remains a blur. To avoid this need give him time to dry out somewhere in the 50 per cent. Then delete the drops of solution with a spatula, and wipe the place clean, dry cloth. When the lined surface is completely dry, it should be swept away adhesive residue with a broom and wash running water. Products sandstone is very diverse. There are products made of sandstone, which are high-precision processing. They are more expensive, but this technology allows the liner without seams. Correct choice of material that you need, professional installation, as well as the implementation of all recommendations for operation and maintenance – to keep all these conditions, your veneer of sandstone is always attractive, long-lasting and showy.

Leisure/Computer Games

Than inspire a child? How to organize his leisure time? To benefit from direct its energies? What parents do not ask themselves these questions … and it's no wonder! After all, you want to leisure of children was not only fun and interesting by itself, but, more importantly, useful, or at least not harmful to their health. But as a leisure time to organize? What to do in the younger child of school after school, at home or in the country? It would seem that the answer is simple: walk, play with friends, play sports. But there is one problem – the children of six – ten years will not leave alone. And today's parents often do not have time to do something to take the child in the sports section, then take it from there, still go for a walk, go to the movies or a museum.

Needless to say, often do not have enough time even to be with child at home in the evening after work. And today it's not our fault, but the misfortune of today's parents – unwitting hostages furious theme of life. It turns out that, left to themselves, interesting and moving, the children all day sits in front of TV or computer. Why not just say, and never wrote about the dangers of computer games! AND Indeed, long sitting in front of computer vision and spoils the posture, and certainly not strengthen health. But is there an alternative to computer games? Is there something that entice a child just as much? Perhaps, in order to answer this question, parents need to start to remember that children – are little adults, and thus the interests of the first and second in something very similar, and then think about how they love leisure time they, the adults? After all, few who have the strength to go after a hard day at the gym or, say, go for a walk.

Peruvian State

In the procedural system, all proceedings are written as Urquizo Jorge Perez said. For the author the characteristics of written procedural system are: safety and accuracy especially given the demand, defense, counterclaim, studs, objections, exceptions and others, and allows for greater security and consistency to the decisions of judges. For the author adopts the system our legislation oral and written system, ie the mixed system. Other systems on the procedural law is the body unit and the plurality of analysis, in the procedural system unit instance there is only one instance, unlike the procedural systems of multiple instance in which there are several instances where rule on the process. The procedural system in Peru is a procedural system of multiple instances, according to the 1993 Peruvian Constitution in Article 139 paragraph 6 provides that rights are principles and the role instance jurisdiccinal plurality. In the Roman law of procedure established five instances are: 1) before the Judge (Judex).

2) Second instance before the judge. 3) Third pending before the magistrate. 4) Fourth delegate instance before the empire. 5) Fifth pending before the Emperor. The plurality system instance has the advantage that the process is solved by different people which are more difficult to go wrong, ie the procedural systems analysis unit is easier to make mistakes the judge to resolve the cases before it. Other procedural systems are unique system of courts, the plurality system of courts and the mixed system. The first system is characterized by the process that decides who is a single person, in the second trial system are several people who meet the process, and mixed procedural system are several instances in which there is both procedural systems, in that sense the Peruvian State is enshrined mixed procedural system in the courts that resolves a person and the Chambers resolve several people.

Steel Round Bar

Round bar steel round bar is a solid element manufactured by continuous casting process he circular section, possibly tuned by rolling or by cold-extruded, although the latter method is unusual in diameters larger than an inch since it requires an important mechanical power to be produced. The application of the rod and is evident mainly in the formation of axles, gears, pulleys, cams eventually, worm, and every element that has a circular section or that comes close to this geometry Continuous casting and consists mainly of a device distributed in different manufacturing lines Steel casting, this line has matrices with forms that want to make profiles that can be channels L, T-straps, Section I standard profiles, etc, a very important element of this type of construction is Wire which is not nothing but a metal product which is obtained by a hot rolling process by a special train designed for this effect, known as rolling mills, other major product is the same plate or plate metal plates that are 6 m lengths of steel or other material its usefulness is very wide, are usually constructed from the final form steel as a product. The continuous casting molds are cooled by water and allow the formation of long stretches of steel angles and other shapes, whose main application is verified in structural matters as due to the manufacturing process are considered practically isotrope and isothermal , and configuration of the material constant throughout its structure, therefore design techniques may be applied if inconvenient (correction factors) to the structural design. Besides the need described above is formed to control the cooling conditions for these products is ductile because it can cause rapid cooling in an irregular tightening resulting in fragility of the product. The composition of this product may vary depending on the application and the process used but is very common to find it with carbon contents of about 0.8%, proportions of other elements such as phosphorus of 0.48%, 0.30% manganese and others. There are some mechanical characteristics that must be controlled in the manufacturing process since the passage through the rollers, a process of decarburization and of itself, the temperature of the furnace exit after rolling should mediate in the 1100 degrees Celsius, cooling by air-laying is also important, it is well known that the cooling scheme in the formation of martensite, or austenite Useful resources on Steel and Iron for construction. Ali Partovi may find it difficult to be quoted properly.