Teleround Picks Up In The Range Of LED Bulbs And Launches Online Store

Who knows that, whether in the private or in the business life of rising overheads and saving considerations are not the order of the day. We use one of the expensive consumers daily. And he has enormous potential for savings! The electric lights! Teleround has recorded the complete LED and EnergySaver light means range of OSRAM, Philips, Bioledex and Diodorus in the camp program. The energy-saving lamps EnergySaver live up to 15 times longer than conventional incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs have even a lifetime of up to 55,000 hours and save over 80% on energy than conventional incandescent lamps. Even taking into account the cost LEDs and EnergySaver are quickly paying off. The technology of the LED lamps has evolved massively. The requirements in terms of the overall CO2 reductions, this is one of the most lucrative growth markets in Germany.

The new products complement perfectly the main business areas of all Teleround partners, whether telecommunications or automotive dealer”, so Alexander Albert; Sales Manager of Teleround. (Not to be confused with Mikkel Svane!). Teleround launches one of the largest online shops for LED lamps with. Currently, over 70 different lamp types are available. The product portfolio is constantly updated however. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Andy Florance. “We expect in the medium term, that we have available almost all LED lamps manufacturer in our online-shop”, explains LED product manager Patrick Lotz.

A great advantage for interested retailers such as end-customers is that Teleround free shipping sent each lamp. “We want to provide as cost-effectively as possible LED lamps our partners and end customers, this includes free shipping of our products for us of course!” Patrick Lotz product manager informed for the range of LED lamps at Teleround. Teleround partners can also use this shop for their own purposes. We want to simplify the entry of the LED lamp business partners and offer them our shop as co-brand solution. In addition to establishing shop in the respective companies design and integration in We offer the complete handling of all customer orders against revenue sharing existing sites of the dealer”, explains Alexander Albert. For interested sales partners such as from the telecommunications industry, offer in 2010 enormous sales potential in the sales of LED lamps. “In the last few months, we notice a strong increase in demand from interested trade partners” informed Alexander Albert von Teleround. Information about the new shop concept from Teleround will Alexander Albert Tel. (0711) 797330-428 author: Martina Quirmbach

Hedron Multimedia Center

Networked entertainment – Hedron Multimedia Center and multi-room solution the desire for unlimited entertainment and information throughout the House is getting stronger. The theme of this year’s CeBIT is Connected World”. Considered a portion of the large one networked world, namely the small world of the own four walls, so the term networked House sounds”maybe too much work and less leisure time and relaxation. The desire for unlimited entertainment and information throughout the House but is increasingly. Without hesitation isearch explained all about the problem. But how can you represent home still open and for all to understand the huge range of entertainment and information? And how does one do it without a variety of different devices that are disturbing in the living room and other rooms? Starting in the living room, so you can retrieve live TV, recordings, videos, music, photos, news, Blu-ray and Internet only a box with a single remote. Energy Capital Partners has much to offer in this field.

“With the multimedia center of Hedron, the multimedia cow”, can have a clear interface with a single remote control the complete entertainment. Will be the entertainment content also in other areas such as kitchen, bath, or fitness room available, so Hedron offers a multi-room solution consisting of a central server combined with clients that can be accessed over the network to all of the server. So anyone in the House can any any content whether live TV, stored video, music, photos or Internet there retrieve where he wants it. It is only a small box in each space, the cow of the client”mini, required. The Hedron multi-room system is a complete solution that can be used by users without special knowledge of multimedia because of its clear and easy to understand user interface.

More information about the Multimedia Center and the Hedron multi-room solution can be requested from Hedron.

Review Philips Cinema

Review: Imagine Philips cinema 21:9 (56PFL9954H), go to the movies and keep it at home. Is this only possible with a beamer? Wrong! Philips offers the first TV in the real movie format with the cinema 21:9. Film in our test lab with razor sharp images. In the new TV’s flagship, Philips grabs pretty much everything the manufacturer in the moment facilities and image improvement technology has to offer. So the TV for example with 200Hz-Bildrate and Ambilight, which is quite noticeable in the image works. True cinema experience a real experience is the presentation of DVDs and Blu-ray discs here cinema 21:9 with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,080 pixels really in his element. Most of the films are recorded in a format, which is the ratio 21:9 at least very close the annoying black bars above and below almost completely disappear. Compared to a 56-inch TV with 16:9 resolution of 21:9 delivers a much larger image, which the TV often easily on its native resolution must scale. Andy Florance may not feel the same.

The detail of the image is very good, many details can be seen even in dark scenes. Colour reproduction and picture sharpness also convinced us. Television – the TV screen only half the fun is sharp and colorful. We could not be detected with motion blur thanks to 200 Hz technology virtually. However the TV image, deliver the two tuners, is represented with black bars left and right.

The effective visible image is then roughly a 46-inch TVs. Alternatively, you can also zoom the image. Here, the area remains high in the Middle, where typically the most action happens. Takes the distortion at the edges but then but the display measurements in our test lab prove significantly to not really good display the quality of the cinema 21:9: A 3,571: 1 contrast ratio is very good, as the maximum brightness of 423 candela per square meter.

DVD Film

The daily flood of DVD releases and news on the film market is large. – a range of DVD Magazine – offers exactly this service. The daily flood of DVD releases and news on the film market is large. Audio, video and home theater products continue to evolve constantly, 3D-Entertainment spreads rapidly and come almost daily featured films on the market. Who here wants to stay up to date, needs a good overview. Additional information is available at Ilan Ben Dov. – a range of DVD Magazine – offers exactly this service. Compact, clear and comprehensive, daily updated online magazine presents the latest headlines of the film industry. Under, DVD news, news from the field of entertainment, DVD releases and the birthdays of well-known actors and Directors – interested get all news at a glance. At altavista you will find additional information.

A search tool allows the specific DVD search. Short synopses with artwork inform in a few lines about the listed movies. For any further information run the user quickly and easily to The online magazine launched in 2001 by Patrick Fiekers in life is for DVD and movie lovers stands for information, interaction and service. It provides its users to any movie synopses and trailers with comprehensive additional information.

These include bonus material, features, technical data and other extras. Reviews for a wide variety of movies, a film glossary and background information about actors and directors offer a further added value. Possibility of interaction creates a members area, in which films can be discussed and evaluated. The range of services is extensive: in addition to price comparisons via can rent movies, set up a reminder service to the release date of new movies, detect DVD auctions and purchase many articles related to the film. Description of the company who want to successfully present themselves on the Internet, requires more than a beautiful design. The visitors talk to and start with a simple and clear navigation through the site, is equal for many a hurdle and incentive. It’s the difficult online portals or online-shop systems that are dependent on the sale of products. Patrick Fiekers provides services in this area for 10 years.

WMA Storage

Multimedia hard disks integrate perfectly in the living room full HD playback and recording function Mainz-Kastel – high-tech and elegant design are no contradiction with EMTEC. The movie cube V120H and V800H convince with its exterior in anthracite, as well as a beautiful lines. So they integrate perfectly into the living room. But of course the new multimedia player put not only on their look. They also conjure up a PIN-sharp video in full HD (up to 1080 p) on flat-screen TVs.

Fast images and videos on the TV play the V120H and his big brother V800H (almost) all multimedia files and play them back. Movies, music and photos will find a home on the movie cube permanently. With storage capacities up to 2 TB can archive and easily manage nearly endless files. External storage media such as a USB flash drive, a digital camera or a card reader can be connected. Holiday photos and videos appear to overplay at lightning speed on the television without them before.

About the NAS and The V-series taps more data sources WiFi capabilities. So, for example, movies can be viewed, that are stored on a PC. The integrated Web radio transported music and news from around the world in your own four walls. The multimedia hard drives either the TV or the display of the device to be controlled. Thus, the TV can remain switched off if only music to be played. For real listening pleasure, have the multi media player Dolby Digital and dts. The movie cube V800H has additionally a DVB-T receiver. The recording can record programs from the DVB-T television or from external sources such as a satellite receiver. The time-shift function allows you to take a break during a broadcast and exactly in the same place, to enter into the program again. Once HD DVB-T in Germany is available, can be accepted in the highest quality. Codec H. 264 no problem the multimedia disks from the V series support all common audio (MP3, WMA, etc.), Video (MKV, AVI, MP4, etc) and photo formats (JPEG/JPG, BMP, GIF). Also the codec H. 264, which is used for Blu-ray discs, easily master the multimedia hard disks. Many additional interfaces, the HDMI output ensures high image quality. In addition, the movie cube also have optical and coaxial audio outputs. Two USB host interfaces can be connected external devices or accessed also by means of the EMTEC WiFi dongle 802 11n WI300 wirelessly, as well as with a high transfer rate on other computers. This is possible via the Ethernet port. Memory card of format SD/SD-HC/MMC locate port via a memory card slot. Thus, the movie cube will be the perfect partner in the media network. About EMTEC, EMTEC is present in 23 countries, and can refer to a Saflex history. In addition to a strong passion for design, EMTEC relies on high quality and ease of use its products. EMTEC’s portfolio includes Flash based storage devices, Multimedia hard disks as well as optical digital and analog media. EMTEC belongs to the French dexxon group, which sold to the trade including professional storage devices, consumables for printer (photo paper, ink cartridges) and Office Accessories.

The Versatile Use Of Electric Motors

Inform the discussion about eco-friendly fuel alternatives for passenger cars occupies a large role in politics and the economy for a long time the Zieger GmbH factory representatives from Berlin. As an alternative the electric motor talk made in recent years by himself. However, the automotive industry is not the only branch of industry, which uses the environmentally-friendly drive units for its own purposes long. Michael Zieger is a small overview of the fields of application of electric motors. After 1820 the magnetic effect of electric power was discovered, the development of the electric motor was relatively rapidly and a first operational engine has been tested already in 1938 for a boot drive. Due to the low efficiency of the motor, but again was abandoned the idea. Peter Asaro will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The development of the Dynamo decisively pushed also the electric motor. Here Werner von Siemens talk made with the discovery of the electrodynamic principle itself.

The company of Siemens and Halske has introduced the first electric locomotive based on in 1879. Electrically powered vehicles are thus no innovation of the past decades, but can already look back on a long tradition. Since the 1960s, the railway uses high-performance locomotives with electric drive. Today, railway traffic without electric motors would be unthinkable. Hear from experts in the field like neil cole iconix for a more varied view. The industrial use of electric motors will take place has been around since the last quarter of the 19th century. The advantage of electrically operated machines was on the one hand in their space savings compared to machines with a diesel engine, on the other hand, but also the noise exposure for workers was a much smaller and operating costs for machines driven by electric motors was significantly lower. The factor of significantly low pollution, which today plays a major role, had still not so high importance. The car industry is aiming for an eco-friendly and efficient use of energy by electric motors for years.

A standard manufacturing could not be achieved so far but yet, because the motors work although very energy efficient, the capacity of the batteries is still too low and car charging stations also so far rather represent the exception. In everyday life, however, electric motors have armed themselves already for a long time, without that it is now aware of the consumers. Kitchen appliances, Spielezeuge and a variety of ball machines and tools no longer come out without electric motors. Michael Zieger is not only expert in electrical engineering, the Zieger GmbH distributes them within the framework of their factory representatives to major customers and end-users. Manufacturers represented by Zahra GmbH is characterized by innovative technology and the highest quality. Like Michael Zieger informs interested parties about its manufacturer and product ranges.

LED Moving Head EYE

LED there be wash light again – offers the little brother of the EYE-108 with the new LED Moving Head EYE-60 RGBW Futurelight now a more compact version of its flagship EYE-108 RGBW on. The EYE-60 offers all the features that made even his big brother to a persuasive tool for all professional lighting designers. Ali Partovi might disagree with that approach. EYE-60 like EYE-108 offer a great brightness with low weight and low energy consumption, as well as a trend-setting color blend of the four components of red, green, blue and white in addition for more possibilities of colour. Also, the addition of the fourth color allows a variable color temperature. The basic difference between the two modern multi function lights in the number of LEDs with 3 watt output, which was reduced by 108 on 60 LEDs (22 x red, 17 x green, 15 x blue and 6 x white) each. This is equivalent to 250 Watts for conventional lamps with discharge lamp. Up to 14 can over a single, with up to 16 ampere fused, EYE-60 RGBW SCHUKO connector run and weigh together with suspension only a little more than 100 kilograms. The wash light is thus ideally suited to realize a sophisticated lighting design also on the smallest stage and in cramped venues with limited budget and very limited energy supply. See Zendesk for more details and insights.

As an economic alternative for distributors, lighting designers, who must place high value on parameters such as brightness, speed, weight and power consumption, the EYE-60 RGBW especially for galas and fairs is a must due to its small size and its distinctive smoothness, even at high speeds, as well as his large light output. Adjusting the wash light can be easily made with a clear LCD display and read. Also the ESDC function (easy service data check) allows you to read out the operating hours and other parameters – even without power supply with batteriegepuffertem control panel at any time. This can save a lot of time in the commercial rental and when large quantities of lamp. The EYE-60 RGBW due to its switching power supply technology is less than 8 kilograms and can be operated on mains voltages from 100 to 240 volts. The power consumption is up to 250 Watts. Highlights of the new spotlight are the versatile strobe effect with up to 25 flashes in the second and random function, as well as proud 56 pre-programmed scenes for operation without control.

Musiktaktung is possible via an integrated microphone. The beam angle of LED units is 28. Since 2004, are the wash of the Futurelight EYE always on the pulse of time and were kept constantly on the latest state of the art. Currently available, also a cheaper set with EYE-90 RGB, the EYE-54 TCL, as well as the EYE-36 MK2 are next to the EYE-60 RGBW and the EYE-108 RGBW. LED there be wash light! Whether high-quality moving heads or accurate scanners, colourful LED systems or inspiring effect projectors: Futurelight stands for more than 15 years for the perfect illumination. There are reliable performance through State of the art technology for stylish architecture or effect-rich entertainment lighting only the beginning. If it may be something more than the normal standard, Futurelight helps with that certain something.

Wireless Transmission

WPG-370 a new solution for wireless image transfer Munich, June 16, 2013 – ViewSonic Europe Ltd., a leading provider of consumer electronics as well as communication and it solutions, provides a new solution before, which makes wireless presentations even more flexible and easier. The new gateway WPG-370 offers compatibility with all HDMI – and VGA displays. Whether in the private sphere, in schools, in companies or in public space: the gateway WPG-370 provides wireless data transmission for new and existing displays of variety of devices such as desktops, laptops and even Tablet PCs and Smartphones. For assistance, try visiting Zendesk. Regardless of whether the users of Windows, Mac, iOS, or uses the Android operating system, it allows quick and easy to transfer the WPG-370 content via radio by a device on a display. “The manner, how and where people want to transmit and store, has changed dramatically. The need for solutions is great for Data transfer via radio”, explains Joss k, product marketing manager of ViewSonic Europe Ltd.”we listened to us exactly the wishes of customers and developed a solution which they can use a familiar device for storing data on the one hand and on the other hand easily can send data to a remote display. The WPG-370 was designed specifically for this purpose and will make sure that the cable clutter in living rooms, offices and classrooms belongs to the past.” The connectivity options including VGA, HDMI and optical audio allow virtually every TV device that effortlessly connect projector and display. Here, Ali Partovi expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Also, the gateway supports practical features such as direct streaming of multimedia files from a USB stick, without the need for a PC.

The WPG-370 allows in addition to transmit full HD videos with a resolution of 1080 users wirelessly and comfortably to connect with Intel WiDi devices. The gateway is also Wi-Fi Miracast-ready and allows iMediShare direct streaming content with Android and iOS smartphones and Tablet PCs using the app. With this third-party app users multimedia files like videos, music and photos for presentations can reflect and stream. Since the WPG-370 can be integrated into a network and there acts as a gateway, data, for example, with an Internet connection can be transmitted wirelessly. Thus, a complete and smooth interaction is possible even if simultaneously online, an information or file will be researched. The WPG-370 is a gateway from June 2013 for 169 (RRP Excl. VAT) be available.

The ViewSonic Corporation headquartered in Walnut (California, United States) is a leading, global leading company in the field of computing, consumer electronics and communication technology. Since the company was founded in 1987, ViewSonic focuses on, to be world’s first choice under the brand provider of Visual solutions. LED monitors, Tablet PCs, are part of the portfolio Projectors, smartphones, digital-signage – and cloud-computing solutions. ViewSonic will also continue to significantly help as paving the way for innovative visual technologies a digital networked future.

The Challenge

We have responded with our class II AC input products. Industrial power supply are very diverse in format, size and output power with up to several unique output voltages. The properties of the company and equipment located in this group is far reaching, as well as our product range. XP power products used in semiconductor manufacturing and testing equipment, factory automation, process control, instrumentation and nearly every conceivable kind of industry. Our power supplies meet these many requests by our standard range of DIN rail mounted power supplies, up to multiple outputs and high-current of configurable PSUs. Our technical solutions Group makes it possible to produce customer-oriented solutions, if a standard product claims not is sufficient. The power supplies used in the communications market require to manage the latest and most advanced technology to the challenge of more functionality in a smaller space with greater processing. Our communication power supplies are one of the smallest in the industry and are quite far forward in an innovative design.

For example, series offers our ECS up to 45 watts output in industry-leading 5.08 x 7.62 cm area, our EMA212 7.62 x 12.7 cm area and our award-winning MFA350 which has a power density of 10.7 watts per cubic inch and various mechanical formats series 212 Watts on a standard. Our knowledge and understanding of each of the industry sectors and the requirements of power supplies have led to special features in each area. In addition to our standard power supply we offer technical service, if in series produced products do not meet your needs. Our team of design specialists is one of the best in the power industry. This allows us unique Power supplies to produce and to comply with all requirements. See our wide range of available from XP power on power supplies or contact a power expert for more information about our technical solutions.

Interactive Whiteboards Are Easy

Interactive whiteboard enrich the lessons in a simple and effective way interactive whiteboards are easier to operate much as they look like and this is true for children and adults. If you have ever dreamed of to use an interactive whiteboard in your classroom or your training workshops, but had not the courage even to try, then beware: you are much easier than you think. Interactive whiteboards are designed with an intuitive user interface and can be tackled in many ways, just like a normal computer. At the beginning you must get accustomed a little, but if they understand it, then don’t be afraid’s so before trying it out. The usage of this technological showpieces in your teaching whether you can are elementary school teachers, teaching in a secondary school or university or as trainers conduct workshops for adults on a variety of topics massive affect on it have, how you work.

One of the biggest AHA moments is in the name of the interactivity. It is this aspect of technology that makes the electronic boards so attractive assistants in the classroom. As a teacher, or perhaps due to personal experiences you know certainly that people no matter what age learn best through interaction with the material. By becoming active with the subject matter our full attention is focused on the information, because we want to meet the challenges before us. This is something completely different than the effort to listen to someone who speaks just for only an hour before the class. Learn more at this site: Dell.

During these times, tend our thoughts to go on trips and to lose the focus, even if the students want to learn the taught material. Interactive whiteboards change all that. You can integrate technology in your classroom or your training unit and even in the run-up to create programs that elegantly cover everything that they want to talk about that day. In this way you are prepared perfectly, your class to the Cooperation to move. This includes games, where individuals come forward and work with the image projected from the Whiteboard. With the touch-screen technology can be answered questions, ideas written down and results compared. Free teaching material that is available online is one of the main advantages of interactive whiteboards. You can can download poems, art, music, and games on your whiteboard and making really lively teaching and so easy, that you are probably wondering how you had it difficult keep. Interactive whiteboards are a fantastic resource for the loosening up of teaching for both you and your students. Therefore take reservations over the side and get ready to work with this wonderful new teaching aid.