Paschoal Segreto Cinema

Summary: The culture constitutes one of the wealth of bigger notabilidade in Brazil. Laws and mechanisms had been created throughout the years to stimulate the development of this dynamic and strategical sector, over all with respect to the cinema, whose trajectory denotes the faced difficulties to evolve. The BNDES is one of the responsible ones for the oferecimento of instruments of financial support to the audiovisual. These instruments, by means of bibliographical research and emphasis in the dialtico method for understanding of the reality, had been investigated in the present article, what it provided a clarification of its action and the reason for which still today, lack of half supplying to the people the due access to the cultural goods. People such as SugarCRM would likely agree. Word-key: BNDES; Brazilian cinematographic politics; financing; laws. 1. INTRODUCTION the cinema (abbreviation of ' ' cinematgrafo' ' , of the Frenchman cinmatographe) little arrived at Brazil after its invention in the subterranean of the Grand Coffee, in Paris, where the Lumire brothers had carried through the first one paid and public exhibition of a series of ten films, with duration of 40 the 50 seconds each. Thus, the first registered exhibition dates here of 1896, in Rio De Janeiro. One year later already existed in the River a fixed room of cinema, ' ' Hall of Paris&#039 New features; ' , of Paschoal Segreto, having the first national films been twirled between the years of 1897-1898.

The System

But now, as it is Native, we move of thought and, who knows, can until offering a gift to these children, as old clothes that already do not serve in them for nothing. These days that we are living deeply reach the maximum fastgio of the hypocrisy and the decoy. One celebrates a set of lies, all daily pay-molded by the system economic the one that we are submitted. The spirit of the falseness becomes perceivable, of the low interests, everything this decorated with a seduction game that is not possible to resist. Sarcastically, one commemorates the birth of Christ with ostentation, wastefulness and celeuma.

Commotion and alcoholism do not seem to be Christian behaviors, over all when the maximum date of this philosophy is celebrated. These methods of festejo express how much embrutecidos imbeciles and still we are. In day-by-day, the Christmas if became nothing more than what a consequence of covets human being and of the capitalist fury that enslaves our minds. It has a wild, meaningless consumption, where many work enlouquecidamente to benefit to some few supplied storekeepers. The media is very said in ' ' spirit natalino' ' , ' ' Christmas without fome' ' , but it is the main instrument of popular manipulation, manipulation this that she aims at, always, to the maintenance of a different economic system. To this everything, adds the characteristics of the natalinos symbols that, below of the line of the Equator, they are so authentic how much a ballot of three Reals. Snow, pines, Noel papa dress with typical clothes of the Polar regions reflect the characteristics accurately of where we live, over all at this time of the year. In fact, it is easy to notice in our windows, per these days, much snow to run for the glassware.


Brazil is 6 country of the world in the market of Cellular Telephones, according to ANATEL, research in January of 2011 discloses the existence of more cellular than inhabitants in the Country. Brazil alone is behind China, U.S.A., Japan, Russia and India. They are about 200 million active mobile devices, of the existing total, the smashing majority are PR-PAGOS, 82.34%, surpassing of far the After-paid ones, 17.66%. – Without a doubt some, the great majority of the population (favored Classrooms less) uses Daily pay-pays for economic questions (it does not take in account the high costs of this Modality of the telephony in Brazil, most expensive of the world), induced for a false impression, it believes to control the expenses, and thus, to save, visa the easiness to place Credits from time to time. Few use Daily pay-pay simply for comfort (privileged Classrooms), in the direction to prevent, for example, banking payments of Monthly Accounts, bureaucratic Contracts that, porventura, could become problematic future, and etc In the truth Conta of Daily pay-I pay leaves much more Expensive that of the Cellular one with payment of regular Monthly Accounts (After-paid), considering that the paid Price per Minute is up to 4 times bigger. The study of the Minister of Justice, at the beginning of 2010, in the attempt of a possible intervention for the INVALIDATION OF the STATED PERIODS of the Credits taxes for the Operators (Rendering of the service generally foreign), and of full assent of the ANATEL, it failed. Much even so, the such Minister, at the time, has admitted that, while had Credits in Daily pay-pays, INDEPENDENTLY OF WHEN THEY HAD BEEN INSERTED, the Operators did not have the right to block them, and also divulged wide to intend to knock down to such practical through LAW, as she was of if to wait, DID NOT GIVE IN NOTHING. .

United States: National System

On the basis of the data of the National System of I register in cadastre Agricultural between November of 2007 and May of 2008, the press calculated that, per day, 12 kilometers squared of our territory pass legally for the hands of people of other nationalities. These data take in account only the proprietors who if declare foreigners; they are of it are the national companies of foreign capital e, is clearly, who if valley of ' ' laranjas' ' to buy a land. It sees what it says internautas on the subject: ' ' It arrives, already we are tired to hear this history of the ONGS that do not allow that the Brazilians enter in part of the Amazonian State I want an attitude of the authorities already on the subject.Brazil goes to be lying in splendid cradle attending the Americans and Europeans to take the forest and do not go to make nothing? We have that to take an attitude. If she will be necessary use the force to deport these foreigners. As well as they make with the Brazilians in the airports of Spain, England, United States, Portugal and etc.

26-05-2008. Since 2006 and under cloths, a Swedish entrepreneur comes blowing in the ear of international partners a sufficiently showy idea: to buy lands and more lands in the Amaznia. According to a report of the Brazilian Agency of Intelligence (Abin) disclosed for the periodical the Globe, Johan Eliasch? consultant of the English first-minister Gordon Brown? he spread for the foreign empresariado one that ' ' only US$ would be necessary 50 billion to acquire all floresta' '. Although not to be clarified, the intentions of the Swedish arrepiaram much people this way. Eliasch is co-founder of the ONG Cool Earth, that since the last year integrates listinha black of the Ministry of Justice, for suspicion of irregularities in the Amazon region. Source: site the echo, 2008. Messenger Periodical. In day 24/5 the periodical ' ' Estado' ' it published without prominence none, and in three very small lines, the most serious denunciation of a resident Brazilian in U.S.A. ' ' The books of geography of there, are showing the map of amputated Brazil, without Amazon and the Pantanal. They are teaching in the schools, that these areas are international, that is, in other words, them are preparing the public opinion of them, for inside of some years if taking possetion of our territory with legitimacy. We we are Brazilian e, in the m

Portuguese Language

Introduction the end of the war-cold provoked subjecting of one ' ' velha' ' international order that seated the relation of strategical forces in the bipolarity and the ideological confrontation between two blocks – the East and the West. This marcante event in recent world-wide history led more to the adoption of a concept widened, including and globalizado of security and defense, where the security of each State started to constitute concern of all. The factor security thus passed to dominate agendas international, especially in complex contexts of crisis, and particularly in quadrants that until then had one reduced strategical value, is to relate concretely of the seas, therefore that its geoestratgico and geopolitical value seemed to be secundarizado in face of the imensido of the terrestrial power where the politics of &#039 seated; ' detente' '. In this direction, the organizations had started to include in its agendas of the cooperation for the peace the vector of the security and the defense of the maritimidade, therefore in a context more global, if it cannot speak in development supported without a partilhada security and it does not exist security partilhada without assumpo of uniformity in the principles that each organization weaves as basic values. Thus it is in land or in the sea, thus it is in the organizations where the fulcral objectivo is the cooperation in the source of the defense, and thus is in the organizations that center the cooperation in the diplomatics-lngustica-cultural-econmica source, as it is the case of the Community of the Countries of Portuguese Lngua (CPLP). Honoring this paradigm, the Community of the Countries of Portuguese Language currently consists in an only geocultural patrimnio in the globe, joining (for already) eight carrying countries of the same language and represents a mechanism of capital importance in the multidimensional strategical cooperation for the security and the development of its State-members.