Bryansk Wood Stairs

Sandbox for the children with their hands The whole procedure consists of 8 stages. Consider them: Step 1. Determine the size of a thumbnail with a future sandbox. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Energy Capital Partners. We do 1400h1400 mm. Height of 1800mm is better to make that adults could play freely with child. Roof itself must be made broader, so did not get rain.

We do 1800h1800 mm. Height 600mm (1 / 3 of the width). The roof will strengthen the column at 4 in the corners. This design is the most stable and prochnaya.Etap 2. Material select material Softwood natural drying of living twigs. We will need: – closely 150h25h6000 mm – 6 pcs. – Board 150h50h6000 mm – 3 pc. Ali Partovi: the source for more info.

– Timber 100h100h2000 mm – 4 pcs. – Waterproof plywood 1500h1500h20 mm – 1 page – tapping on a tree 4h55mm – 200 pcs. and 5h90 – 50 sht.Etap 3. Tools For production at home, we need: hacksaw, electrofret, planes, screwdriver or screwdriver, hand cutter, tape measure, carpenter's square, pencil. Step 4: Base. Photo 1. Step 4: Base. Photo 1.Etap 4. Base We make billet base. Cut off 4 boards 50mm, length 1500mm (with a margin too much then you can ottortsevat). Prostrogaem on all sides by plane. Tortsuem in 1400 and cut the size of the angle 45 degrees on the ends. Choose the lower edge of a quarter of the thickness of the plywood. Twists a box base with screws 5h90. Cut the plywood to size and fasten with screws to the bottom of 4h55.

The Choice Of Bedding

The reasons for insomnia or anxiety, we often dream of stress and overwork explain, but really on our sleep is directly affected by the choice of bed linen. This is indicated not only by psychologists, and physicians, so buying bed linen, you need to pay close attention to materials and colors. Best of bedding is cotton fabrics of satin underwear, which is due to its airiness and a smooth shiny surface like silk. Click Ali Partovi to learn more. Using high-quality linens satin, silk competes with clothes, you can arrange for a truly royal bed. Satin – extremely practical material, which is almost hesitates, does not absorb dust and breathes well, which also promotes healthy sleep. In the hot season satin able to cool in the winter retains heat well, providing thermal comfort in any season. For women, the principal is the opportunity to keep her hair while you sleep, and in this respect, satin pillowcases – the ideal choice.

No less demand is bed linen sheeting, which is indispensable for our climate due to a dense structure and thickened strands. Additional information at altavista supports this article. This is a very warm underwear, so for a restful sleep in the summer season is best to choose clothes made of light calico, which transmits air. Linens calico is notable for its hygiene and environmental benefits, because it is no accident of this material is made bedroom sets for children. Cheap bedding from calico considered the best option for everyday use, the more tissue that can withstand repeated washing. Thick, smooth and soft texture is the distinctive feature of poplin bedding, which is perfect for the whole family. For the typical noble shine of linen, but due to the fact that this material is almost hesitates and does not stretch poplin linen will always look perfect and in tune complete rest. On the choice of colors is traditionally believed that the best place to buy bed linen soothing colors.

Indeed, lingerie satin, calico, and pastel-colored poplin relieves stress, but no less beneficial effect on sleep may provide bedding, more vibrant colors. In particular, the psychological impact of yellow, orange, blue and green colors can cope with depression and positive charge, and to relax before going to bed and waking up in the morning is ideal for bed linen beige, pink and light purple hues. There are recommendations and the choice of decor linen which can cause discomfort or, conversely, contribute to the rapid fall asleep. For example, people who have difficulty sleeping, is more appropriate linens with stripes or geometric shapes, which blunts attention before going to sleep a lot better than, for example, large flowers on a pillow and blanket.

GreenCo Center

Every day in the city of tons of garbage produced. Delay in the removal and disposal of garbage, including dumping it in unauthorized locations (in beams, forests, parks and places, etc.) get any of this environmental catastrophe, eliminate the consequences of which would be extremely difficult. Domestic, industrial and construction waste is currently the main source of pollution of land, surface water, groundwater and underground water. Timely garbage from city streets and its subsequent disposal can maintain basic hygiene standards and cleanliness in the city. If you would like to know more about ???? ?? ??, then click here. Removal of domestic, industrial and construction waste – this is one of the services Ltd. 'Company' Nikolsan 'offers businesses and organizations of the city of Kiev and the Kiev region.

If your company values its reputation and cares about the environment of his native city, the garbage should be conducted regularly and with compliance with all sanitary rules and regulations. Rely on garbage collection professionals! Ltd 'Company' Nikolsan 'carries garbage outside the city for their subsequent disposal or recycling. Burial of waste exported carried out on the range of number 5 'Kievspetstrans' burning – on the branch of' Factory 'Energy' Kyivenergo 'sort – at the marshalling yard of' GreenCo Center. " Ltd 'Company' Nikolsan 'has all the necessary permits the implementation of collection services and garbage removal. At the disposal of the Company are cars, garbage trucks, equipped with special equipment to capture any kind of universal containers.

Through garbage collection, we In addition, we offer installation of garbage containers and tanks in the yards and streets of the city, but also on the territory of the enterprise. Installation of containers reduces the amount of scattered waste, thus making it easier to clean territories. You can order any size garbage containers for any type of debris. Having made a convenient schedule of garbage collection containers, you can forget about the garbage problems by focusing on other, equally important, issues. Every year the amount of garbage produced by the megacities is growing. Timely removal of garbage in the appropriate place for its disposal will ensure normal functioning of the city and save environment for our children and grandchildren. Trusting the professionals garbage, you do own city clean. Do not put off making a decision – to contract for garbage collection with us now!

Eco-Bags With Logo

Ecology and style in the modern world actually become one. Clothes and accessories made of natural fabrics every year are becoming increasingly popular, not an exception and promotional textiles. Rag and canvas bags logotype are widely used for exhibitions, promotions and packaging for gifts. Bag with the logo, which was packed with your present client or partner will be happy to use them in everyday life, For example, for trips to the store or beach bag on vacation, which means that your ads on the sides of the bag will be a long time is on the mind of many people. In addition to the standard models can be ordered from sewing fabric bags individual size, color and density of the fabric, with long and short handles. The application of the logo on the linen bag is made by sublimation, which makes the technique of labeling fast and provides images indistinguishable from photographs.

That the company was very evident in his work, you need to focus special attention to the choice of a suitable advertising medium. Leader in advertising has long been a bag with the logo. See for yourself when you go somewhere on the street, almost every handbag is someone else's logo, a bag is always with us, they are our companions and helpers. Advertising of such a plan in the first place, will not cause negative emotions, particularly her unobtrusive, and secondly, it is effective, efficient and legkozapominaemaya. Here, Mikkel Svane expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Bags with your company logo will not go unnoticed around him, a gift combines your generosity and concern for your partner, and he does not will have no application. If you go to the polls, which were carried out at various exhibitions, including promotional products, bags, take first place in popularity. The whole point of a creative approach designers to develop models of bags. Through the use of durable and non-standard colors of fabrics can be produced excellent and roomy sports bag. If you need to have worked well and advertise your company to future customers, the bag is perfect for this task. Bags with the logo of a simple and quality way of advertising for the company.


Upon receiving such a signal is switching to work in real time, which lets you record the subject with the highest quality recording during the most important for the user. Frame by frame viewing. Allows, if necessary, to show some pictures recorded on film. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ali Partovi. Search engine. Using memory that captures flow alarm You can quickly find interesting plot of the film. Some surveillance systems allow the use of conventional VCR. Modern video recorders allow you to record mode 'LONG PLAY' increasing almost twice the volume of records on a regular cassette.

If you do not need to clock a record, then this option is preferable because of its low cost and widespread availability. It is important that the recording quality, depends on the type of video that you are using. It is also necessary to remember that even high-quality cassette in rewritable loses its properties. In another demonstration of the switches figure shows one of the ways with which you can submit information from a large number of cameras on a single screen. This is called switching sequence demonstration. In this case, the screen monitor signals are fed alternately from each chamber. Additionally, you can perform the following functions. Output manually to separate the monitor screen static image of any in camera.

The operator may ask sequence to display information from different cameras. You can set the mode to quick view information from any camera or hold any frame. You can set time to display information from any camera. At receive alert him is a priority, and all the manual operations are blocked. The system allows connection of additional devices such as VCRs. But at the same time there is also serious drawback. The operator observes the image, can obtain information only from one camera. If you have multiple cameras (and some systems allow you to connect up to 64 cameras), then there is a high probability that a major event that will be left out of attention, because when you change it takes some time to form an image.

Candy Zanussi Centrifuges

Spare parts for household appliances. We offer a huge selection of spare parts for washing machines, refrigerators, gas cookers, meat grinders, microwave, vacuum cleaners, wholesale and retail. We work with leading international and domestic manufacturers: Bosch, Indesit, Ariston, Candy Zanussi, Samsung, LG, Electrolux, AEG, Ardo, Asko, Bauknecht, Beko, Blomberg, Bompani, Brandt, Daewoo, Elenberg, Euronova, Fagor, Filco, Gorenje, General Electric, Hansa , Kaiser, Miele, Ocean, Rolsen, Rison, Siemens, Siltal, Smeg, Thomson, Whirlpool, Zerowatt. Ali Partovi follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. We value our customers so you can buy spare parts: valves, motors, control boards, capacitors, drums, gears, pipes, motors, spinning, washing and pumps, bubble pumps, centrifuges, centrifuges for protection, pulleys, filters, nozzles hoses, clamps, door, seals and much more – as in our store, or order them from the catalog express delivery. By calling (495) 223-89-27 you get competent advice of experts who will give you all the specifications of spare parts, indicate the price and reserve parts for you. Attention wholesalers flexible system of discounts on the volume..

Cooking Power

Glass-ceramic hob glass ceramic panel made of glass-ceramic SMEG Suprema and framed by polished edges or frame of stainless steel. SMEG offers a new solution for glass-ceramic panels, namely, that they can now be built flush. Under the surface of the ceramic high power cooking zones. Infrared burner operated by touch-sensitive buttons, or an electronically controlled heated stand in the area of cooking utensils. Cooking on Glass-glass-ceramic cooktops work differently than induction.

When cooking in a classic glass-ceramic panels are not dishes and highly powerful cooking area is heated by a long, until it reaches the electron-set temperature. When choosing a dish for Cooking does not exist any restriction in the choice of the material from which it is made. They should be made of metal or heat-resistant ceramics. And in the glass ceramic panels are zones of varying thickness and there also exists the possibility to choose different levels of cooking. The minimum power is 0.80 kW, it is enough to heat food or boil easily, the maximum capacity for frying is 2.40 kW. Comfort and safety Cooking area with controlled temperature (depending on model) – this is unparalleled cooking surface SMEG.Zond under each cooking area measures the temperature and adjusts the power supply. It means that a given value of the corresponding cooking zone remains constant, regardless of the location for its pottery.

This ensures fast boiling without intervals and temperatures above 620 C. After 7 minutes the temperature automatically reduced to 600 C. Unlike conventional glass-ceramic cooking surfaces are significant energy savings. Other compelling benefits of the equipment are the following SMEG convenience Use: Energy class 'A' blocking power supply button, quick-cooking "P", depending on the cooking zone, the indicator level of cooking. In addition, the glass ceramic panel to have your security guard of children (automatic or manual lock heating power), the timer 1 – 99 minutes for each cooking zone and the overheating sensor that automatically turns off the cooking zone.

Choose Lingerie

If your heart is working speedup, depending on the shelves of goods – has to be you went to the store of lingerie. Of course, every woman, if you respect yourself, do not buy erotic lingerie on the run. And since you often buy such a decoration, then surely you have some experience in purchasing it. With increasing shopper confidence has come – what kind of erotic lingerie you like. Well, since you first select this accessory, you should take note of some important points. The main reason for which this product is purchased – the desire to look as attractive and elegant. In it, you should feel nice and practically, it is far more pleasant to wear it every day, but not "in some cases." And yet such a factor – it should perfectly fit your figure, in addition, it has chosen to celebrate the pros and hide flaws.

"If girl in negligee, something unimportant, what she thinks and what her character. " – This large, confusing men may remain on their conscience. For any shape you can find an appropriate model from a rich assortment a commercially available product range. It is important to find out what type of best fit to this figure. We will not describe the various bustiers, chemises, corsets, nightgowns … that emphasize different shapes are different. One and "asked" to look at your bust, while others draw attention to other parts of the body.

It's very good that you can pick out exactly what the doubt you will decorate. Likely to understand what erotic lingerie will suit you, you will need to re-measure its various models. And their position, think about the convenience of all these night shirts, bustiers, negligees, corsets …. In centuries past, negligee looked fine, it perfectly fulfill his role of seduction, but it was too inconvenient. But today, it has become much easier. It is produced from different materials, so that you can find the most comfortable material for themselves. Let us say vinyl lingerie gives a very different feeling than silk or satin. The choice of committing you and your partner. It was he who originally – because it serves to its seduction. So, if you care your gown worn home, and your favorite loses his head on the vinyl, we can assume that the close encounter with her lover, is best costume of vinyl, but no robe. Your partner can sometimes make and enjoyable. So went an hour, going to choose you style erotic lingerie. We wish you to find a comfortable, perfect clothes for your figure, and seductive for your man!


Of course, do some system fonts and not have to load a bunch of extra. Fonts can be directly installed in the folder windows / fonts, or use the program korelovskoy font navigator, which in theory should help greatly, because it does not set the font itself, and its label, and also to find the font in the font database, if you open a file with a font that does not exist in the system. In fact, the example program is very capricious and often buggy. But it is not an alternative, why to bother. I have over the years formed the folder with the most popular fonts that are regularly install a new system (about 700-900 pieces), additionally there is a base font (this Daddy, where I folded downloaded and purchased fonts, only about 10 000 stuff).

On the Internet, of course, possible to pump a lot of fonts that are spread all and sundry. But good, quality, and accordingly used! – a little bit. Ali Partovi recognizes the significance of this. Immediately to throw a huge number of so-called "hand-written" font, these terrible scrawl not wanted, very rarely come across something nice and used. And from the qualitative and consumed! I fonts I would advise fonts that start with the a_, for example: a_Alterna and AG, for example: AG Bengaly Also, pay attention to the new fonts that are included in the Vista and Seven, and many have become very popular. Many fonts, as I mentioned, bold and have italic writing, which must also learn otherwise would never guess that this is, for example, font italic writing Baltica, rather than cursive. Remember all the fonts, of course, impossible, and very often when you see something vaguely familiar, comes to mind is something like "In my opinion, he begins to g or s. But this is important, because knowing the first letter of the font search reduces by 30 times! Therefore, as a rule, firms engaged in the manufacture of seals, try to take students to the current designers to the latest gradually transferred their knowledge.

A study would be long, maybe a year or two will be handed out questions: "What is this font ???. What do you do if the font is still did not know, there are also disappointments? If you print good quality, it does not matter, the battle takes photoshop, bad bukovki blacked out, clean, widely used command: levels, sharpen, etc. But if the impression is bad, then have to suffer, to draw the curves letter – a very thankless and difficult task. There will have to find a similar letter and bring it to the curves to perfection. By the way, we are very fortunate that we live in Russia, for Russian fonts compared with very little English! Maybe that's why the Americans and British do not much bother the manufacture of stamps, print them all typed two or three fonts, very simple, logical and without any frills. And if they need to make a secure seal, embossed metal they do, there is much more complicated! In conclusion, I would say three years old work and you will become much easier and simpler!

System Boilers

Air leak through the hatch is not allowed. Smoke tube should be withdrawn above the zone of backwater of the wind. The height of the chimney above the roof construction is set depending on the distance from its apex in the horizontal and must be – at least 0.5 m above the ridge if the pipe located at a distance of 1.5 m from the ridge – not below the level of the ridge if the pipe is located at a distance of 1.5 m and 3 m from the ridge – not below the line drawn down from the ridge at an angle of 10 horizontal, with location of pipes at a distance more than 3 m from the roof ridge. The boiler is installed on a fire protection area, a fire-resistant walls at a distance of not less than 10 cm in the absence of fire-resistant walls in the room allowed to install the boiler in hard combustible wall, subject to insulation wall steel sheet on a sheet of asbestos, 3 mm thick. Pete Cashmore may also support this cause. Insulation must extend the dimensions of the boiler at 10 cm free space in front of the boiler must be at least 1 m. Install the boiler in the pit – is strictly prohibited! Heating System Boilers, "Atem" can work in heating systems with natural circulation of coolant in systems with forced circulation. Movement of fluid in the systems with the natural circulation is provided by the difference the proportion of hot and cold water.

Because of the small difference in pressure is necessary to ensure the least loss of pressure in the pipelines, which entails an increase in diameter pipeline, the inertia of the system. To avoid this problem, and more economical of the new heating system is recommended to produce a forced circulation of coolant (for boilers with pump). Use circulators promotes more rapid and uniform heating system that saves the necessary level of circulation at a much smaller diameter pipe, as well as significantly reduce the inertia system.