The rapid growth of the Internet creates favorable conditions for developing their business in cyberspace. Ever-widening audience of users world wide web is the widest on the market which can implement a variety of goods: both real and virtual. At the core of any business that is built on the Internet, is a web site. Moreover, the success of the project and its profitability is affected by many factors. But the first thing the visitor sees any site – it is its interface. From the appearance and ease of use depends, will the casual Web surfer to read, that is such a valuable site or simply presses the "Close" button in your browser.

It is only later, when the user moves into the category of regular readers, it will be ready to forgive mistakes and flaws in the interface of the site. But at the first meeting interface will play a key role in tying close relationship with your client. "By their looks met, a good mind." Make an original, stylish and high quality working website is impossible without the use of JavScript. Just a few lines of code revive frozen items menus and buttons. With the help of a script in JavScript you can scroll through pictures in the portfolio. Yes, and add a functional website in the derivation of the data page will also help in JavScript. It would seem that those who use content management system the site does not need knowledge of JavScript.

For them, says a huge amount of modules and plug-ins that implement a variety of effects and features. But do not forget that the development of Web technology is not standing still. And the latest version JavScript libraries allow you to realize what a year ago, said as a fantasy. Therefore, the update of the site is inextricably linked with the use of JavScript. Would be a mistake to believe that the study of JavScript is available only to the elite, those who have 'seven genius'. Fortunately, programmers around the world are working on that create different libraries for JavScript, greatly simplifying the syntax and use. Furthermore, the use of JavScript code on web pages available anyone who knows how to read the manual. After all, there are remarkable video courses, lessons are in an accessible and understandable form will disclose all details of this remarkable technology. Using JavScript on the pages of the website will a new milestone in the development of your web project. Evgeny Popov – author of Video on the site building. Including video-Javascript + jQuery for beginners in video format.

Management System

– Knowledge of working with a database, local server, and everything connected with it. Gain insight and clarity with Peter Asaro. – The security system can be shortcomings. – When creating the first website design is not used the best quality, and there is need advice or intervention professional. Method 2: Order a website with a specialist. Advantages: – High quality. – High level security. – Short terms of performance. Disadvantages: – Expensive.

– You do not know what's inside the site, and if necessary, will not be able to make changes. Ali Partovi has similar goals. So, you have to re-apply for the money to a specialist. – Loss of time, to write a detailed description of the technical task for webmasters. Method 3: Create a site with content management system cms (Content Management System) Features: – One needs only to entry-level language skills html, css. – Quickly create an site. – Easy to use extensions of varying complexity.

– Large selection of free and paid templates. – A good level of security. Disadvantages: – It takes time to learn the system. – Ability to work with the local server. – Sites on the cms heavier than samopisnye sites. As is evident from the comparative analysis, cms – the best way to create a site on their own, especially for those who start from scratch. Content management system there is a huge set – these are just some of them: amiro.cms AstroCMS 4Site cms umi.cms Joomla WordPress and so on. Total number of cms, there are about 70, but by chance recently greatest popularity have Joomla (CMS for a website) and WordPress (CMS to create a blog). Since our paper is devoted to the creation of site names, then stop before Joomla. Anyone interested in learning more about creating a blog using WordPress, can read about it in an article that highlights this theme. So, why is our choice stopped for Joomla, we consider the following: Advantages of Joomla: – Free! – Developed by professionals for over 5 years, and consequently the quality of its performance leaves no doubt about it.

TCP Domain

In this article I will explain how to obtain free DNS for domain name registration and parking for it. First, a little theory. DNS (English Domain Name System – Domain Name System) – a system that allows the character to convert domain names into IP-addresses (and vice versa) in the network TCP / IP. DNS was designed by Paul Mokapetrisom in 1983. DNS is important for the operation of the Internet, for to connect to a host needs information on its IP-address, and for people to remember the simpler patterns (generally sensible) address than the sequence of digits IP-address. In some cases, this allows the use of virtual servers, for example, HTTP-server, distinguishing them by the name of the query. Initially, the conversion between domain and IP-based performed using a special text file DHOSTS.TXT, which was compiled and updated centrally on each of the machines the network manually.

As the web became necessary in an efficient, automated mechanism, which became the DNS. Domain parking (Domain Hosting) Service parking a domain name means, above all, support for DNS-zone of your domain to ensure the discovery of a site by typing in the address bar of your browser domain name. Domain parking is needed in that case when you are not yet ready to build your virtual server, but are concerned that your chosen domain name will take someone else. While you are preparing your site, a domain name You can reserve and even show any page. A little about ZoneEdit.Com ZoneEdit.Com – one of the most famous and quite stable razdavateley DNS.

Privacy In The Global Network – You Need To Know About It .

Interested in your opinion, what the most recognized invention of the century? Naturally, many of us think that this international network and digital technology and will be right. Today it is fashionable person is very problematic present themselves without possessing these developments, which help us in all areas: through them we have fun, socialize with friends, acquaintances with foreigners, etc. That's really very convenient thing. Substantiates current and statistical data, which is measured by most research centers in a number of wealthy countries. Day by day there are thousands of different websites all directions: bookmaker, forums, etc. Also increase the number of users simply unimaginable – thousands of users worldwide on a daily basis will know for yourself is an innovation as an international network. Often there is a new user just is not easy at all grasp.

That think that today you purchased a computer with Internet access, and now what? here will help you all sorts of search engines: directories of resources (for example:), search robots, etc. At first, no need to register and provide their personal information at all sites in a row, just look at the resources, read the posted information, etc. It is worth emphasizing that Internet fraud in our time well developed and need to keep secret the personal sensitive data and information. Before going out to a global network set themselves, or ask a friend to install anti-virus program to protect against malicious programs. In addition, experts recommend the use of complex combinations The password for connecting to your mail or other services, do not use as a password, the name of a pet or a personal phone number. Must Note that in our time, the international web provides an opportunity not only to communicate, learn sites, but also to many other more serious operations. For example, no longer exist difficulties to purchase goods not from the comfort of their homes, without getting up from your couch, you will easily have the ability to arrange delivery anywhere in the world, to pay for selected goods by card or by electronic means, to obtain complete data about a product, etc. With incredible speed of the Internet develops and scope of various entertainment technologies. At present, there is a large set of all free resources, such as: weather forecasts, horoscopes, etc. Many Professionals say even the new people's dependence on computer and call it a disease. Cost you to explore the global web and see you in the digital world!

Anti Aging Natural Living

How many years can live a person; What is the age which can reach? You can reach the 120 years of life in perfect physical and mental condition. Homage to Professor Dr.Rodolfo Talice, born in Montevideo, Uruguay on 2 may 1899; dying on 2 June 1999, in full activity. Believe in life, it is to adapt to the new times, it is laugh and smile every day, laughter and smile are the best rejuvenating; no I think the pill or droplets few years should live man?, connoisseurs say, which is the average age of 120 years. The Conference delivered by Professor Dr. Rodolfo Talice, about how to live successfully, in the gerontologica Evangelical Foundation Wednesday 6 May 1992, be referred to things that shorten life and things that prolong it. There are many things that shorten life: eat and eat, drink and drink, bloat and bloat, smoking and smoking, angry and getting angry, complain and complain, isolated and isolated. On the other hand there are many that prolong life: manage life at any age according to own possibilities, adapted to the Interior and exterior changes. To not run the bus and 1980s as if we had forty, thirty or twenty.

When I looked out of the liceo couples embraced, they gave me desire to tell them at my time this is not used, but I adapted and I understand that times have changed and I close my eyes and I’m still walking, that’s adapt. Always working, not apoltronar it. There are so many nice things to do in life, even after retirement, you have to switch activities, alternated craftsmanship with the physicist, not listening to much, nor see much, toggle what you see with what you hear. Taking a lot of vitamin F in the family. Laugh and laugh escaping loneliness. Needs to be done once in a while a staff review of life itself; do in a quiet place to reflect: what I did so far?, what should I do?; what they did well, what I did wrong, what path continue?, which way not to go?.

Internet Radio

Internet radio stations are becoming every day more and more popular. More and more students from the fm band moving into the network, as from an Internet radio has a great future. There are lots of advantages for Internet radio over the classic radio: You can listen to Internet radio from anywhere in the ability to connect to the Internet with an acceptable connection, the presence of statistics students, the presence of a site, ie additional visual communication with the audience (Required listener will go to the website to listen to) communicate with each other and listeners to the station, etc. Active development of networking technology lets you listen to Internet radio anywhere where there is a connection. The development of mobile Internet and its cheaper in the future, as well as the availability of the Internet in every home will eventually lead to a significant increase of listeners online radio.

Of course, listeners are radio people today, users of modern technology. For example, people of retirement age will no longer be retrained in order to listen to Internet radio. Already have a decent wi-fi receivers that allow you to listen to Internet radio at the presence of wi-fi network, for example, at home or at work. Listen to your favorite Internet radio on your mobile phone, as mentioned earlier in this article, in the future it will be possible, because and the cost of traffic will fall several times and the technology of the same 3G will maintain proper quality of the connection. Internet radio stations in the network has recently become very much.

As a listener to choose the station that he likes, among all the possible options. At the moment Most Internet radio is between 5 and 10 regular listeners, so among Internet radio stations right now there is fierce competition for listeners, which will contribute to improvement and growth of some plants and the death of others. It begins to act the law of the market. Already, many radio listeners conduct surveys for the formation of ether, which is needed to the listener. With polls guide online radio station receives information about the relevance of the music, which sounds on the air. For example, Internet radio Imagination every month, such surveys. As in the market, eventually the Internet will be a dozen other Internet radio stations that will be listen to 90% of all students network. Already, this list is formed and it is safe to say that after 3-5 years to create a new Internet radio will not make sense, because untwist it would be very difficult. Now online radios are growing like mushrooms after rain, and every day their number increases. Who are able to provide the most capricious Internet listener aktulnuyu music time will tell …


PHP – language development software for the Web, written by Web developers and designers for Web. The very name PHP is a recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (hypertext preprocessor PHP). Originally this product was called Personal Home Page Tools, and many still believe that abboeviatura PHP stands for exactly. But since the first version of PHP the scope of this language has grown significantly, so by common consent the community PHP users adopted a new and more acceptable definition has become recursive, in the style of GNU – GNU's Noy Unix, or GNU – not Unix). currently used by fifth major version of PHP, which is abbreviated as RNR5, but may also denoted simply as PHP. PHP – a server-side scripting language that can be embedded in HTML code to deploy in the browser. Another use case scenarios in this language may provide them independent performance (but much more widely used option one).

This category also includes such software products are owned by separate companies, such as Active Server Pages (ASP) of Microsoft, ColdFusion, and Macromedia's Java Server Pages (JSP) from Sun. In Some journals programming language PHP is often called 'the language of ASP Open Source', because this software in its functionality is similar to software from Microsoft. But this wording is misleading, because the language of PHP has been developed earlier than ASP. And over the past few years the use of PHP and Java Server Tools expands, while the scope is narrowed using ASP, so the comparison becomes even more unacceptable. Technology to support server-side scripts are discussed in more detail in Chapter 2, and the study of this chapter is enough to be guided as the definition of server-side script aggregate superdeskriptorov HTML or small programs that run within Web-pages, but not in the browser and the server, before sending in your browser. For example, the PHP code you can use the HTML code to enter the general upper and lower headers and footers to all pages in your site or to store the data entered into the form in the database.