In 48 countries around the world produce about 220 companies aerated cellular concrete. Of these methods the company ‘siporex’ – 33 companies ‘Hebel’ – 29 ‘Selkon’ – 7 ‘Itong’ – 42 ‘Kilsiloks’ – 15 plants, and so on. The most common type companies working on how these companies have annual capacity of 160-200 thousand m3. In some states hold its own work and methods, which along with the licensing function in plants Based on its own domestic production of aerated concrete techniques. For other opinions and approaches, find out what has to say. These techniques vary a lot, usually means grinding, molding the mixture and cutting the porous arrays on the product desired size. In a series of number of factories of reinforced cellular concrete products is 80-85% and actually produced a full set of materials for the building of aerated concrete, especially for low-rise building. Aerated concrete produced by the cutting technique with high precision the dimensions of the final products of aerated concrete, which are extensively used in industrial, residential, agricultural construction. This high accuracy of geometric sizes of aerated concrete building products can only be achieved by scrupulous observance of the technological scheme for each, without exception, redistribution and increased accuracy of the cutting operation of the equipment.

Precision manufacturing of building materials from aerated at the same conditions due to various technical solutions for cutting equipment, and most importantly the thickness and length of cutting string. In Technology companies ‘Grayzel’, ‘Verhan’, ‘Itong’ before cutting to required size gas silicate blocks aerated array edge to 90 degrees (with form) on the side of a form or a pre-driven by a third party board-pan, it aerated array of moves to cut further to the heat and humidity treatment and storage products. The technology firms ‘Dyuroks-Kalsilos’ and ‘Hebel’ porous removed from the raw form, carries a special aggregate from the surface of the bottom wall forms at the cutting plane of the unit, cut, then the lattice pallet is sent to the autoclave processing and storage products. According to the method of ‘siporex’ withdrawn from aerated raw form on the lattice is cut into pan products, after which the side faces form dipped at the previous place, the pallet with raw silicate is sent to the autoclave process. Autoclaving performed in blind-through autoclaves and diameter 2.4-2.8 m, length about 50 m at a pressure of not less than 1.0 MPa. In these schemes, production and other foreign companies are the final product is sent to the buyer in packed.

Packaging is done, most often in shrink-wrap or bags, then they are fixed with metal or synthetic strips. Aerated concrete is usually performed with a density of 400-700 kg/m3 and durability silicate blocks in compression of at least 2.0-5.0 MPa. When shipping to the client moisture products from cellular concrete is about 20-25 percent by weight. Abroad, in the manufacture of silicate products used mixtures, usually with vodotverdym ratio (B / T), about 0,50-0,65. The above-listed companies have accumulated rich experience in the use of products from cellular concrete in the construction industry. Masonry walls and partitions, using reinforced aerated concrete blocks made with glue or mortar.

Center Students was born in 2002 to help the student to survive the harsh life of the University. Seven years later, this support materializes in more than 15,000 classified by Center, faculty, course and teachers notes. Upload notes to the network has become an increasingly widespread practice. Specialized portals, own teachers, students and universities are responsible for that today is in Internet teaching material in almost all areas of knowledge.Pak is a magic word for a good number of students at the technical school Superior of engineering of the University Polytechnic of Valencia. The term is the nickname with which Francisco Jose Rodriguez Fortuno, former student of this school who altruistically, has published all his notes of the race on the Internet is identified. Source: Steve Wozniak.

Notes from Pack, such as collect the author in your portal, now exceed 150,000 downloads, an average of 2,000 downloads by subject.In general, can be a good help for study subjects, but in any case would advise students to stop taking their own notes and, much less, stop going to class. Taking notes is an activity prior to the study that facilitates learning and understanding of the subject, so this slogan provided by Rodriguez Fortuno is which should consider the thousands of University students who each year use the resources available on the Internet. In any case, this material serves to supplement the annotations of the student or complete them when he was unable to attend class. Professors and universities notes in Internet publishing is usual in recent years. In some cases, it is made by initiative of own university professors, using this medium to facilitate the study of matter to its students. Through personal pages or the website of the University, teachers offer the option to download class as additional aid notes. Sometimes, the material available is useful only for the students of this teacher, but other times It can be used by any Internet user interested in the subject, as the collection of notes prepared by teachers and collaborators of the Superior School of engineers of San Sebastian.

Assessment Work

For social and managerial skills such as leadership, teamwork, effective communication, negotiation, delegation etc. Ali Partovi does not necessarily agree. Must also be an initial step on previously agreed parameters and can be maintained over time in order to compare the results with those obtained in the future. Only in this way can determine whether the coaching process has achieved its objectives. Similarly, in a process of executive coaching, there should be enough space for the coachee is set personal goals you want to achieve in the process, which do not always have to be considered, measured or approved by the company, and often not even known it to ensure full responsibility and freedom to work from the coachee. Assume for example that the executive has great concern for how their work affects family life and sets a target aimed at improving the balance between these two aspects of your life, know well by the company could create some concern in either sense and maybe even misinterpretations of how and why this person wants to work on this goal. 8. Route and schedule work should chart a course that the coachee agrees to continue to develop the different themes that are its target, if you want to address them one by one, from the beginning until it’s finished or if you want to work several parallel tracks, the order in which you want to do, which can be analyzed with the coach to get the most out of the sessions. With this definition updates the schedule and agenda of meetings.

9. Monitoring In each session the coach will review together with the executive compliance with the proposed work program, difficulties encountered and the required support the coachee to move forward with its process. The tasks have not been met, will be analyzed and discussed in order to verify if they are still necessary in this case of setting a new date rescheduled and adjusting the work plan, to be considered by the coachee are not required, will descartadas.El follow-up also includes the analysis of the positive changes in the coachee and how this affects the overall process, as well as possible changes in the overall objective because of the improvements obtained. 10. Assessment This part of the process allows measure progress.

10.1 Evaluation of performance should be made periodically performance evaluations to verify that the improvements obtained in the coaching process has had positive effects on the coachee’s work plays and if necessary adjusted in any way the work plan. 2.10 Assessment. The improvement in leadership and management skills should be measured before and during and after the coaching process by an Assessment of the same characteristics, in order to verify whether the management has improved in the skills listed and if the training or training plan must be adjusted. 2.10 ROI coaching process A process can and should be measured as an investment capable of producing a profit. The rate of return on investment is usually greater than 600% over the next 6 months. Of course varies depending on the depth of the problems to solve and the ease with which they can quantify the additional yield obtained from and from the process performed. This is also necessary to make a measurement before and after the process, by indicators of income and expense can be maintained stable during the same or do not have significant variations that can be attributed to other causes unrelated to the process.

Interior Stamps Printing

Interior seal for residential and office space use of interior print in recent years greatly expanded the scope of the court, although more recently it seemed that this dead-end branch of the rapidly developing outdoor printing. It turned out, this technology is not so simple as printing to the interior of the first years of its existence, has attracted many interested customers around the world and this, in its, turn, had sufficient catalyst for the rapid scientific development as an independent interior printing printing direction. There are variations, which are the main landmarks in the development of new equipment and supplies. Interior seal perceived audience at close range. Interior seal is not only used for promotional purposes, but also for decorative, so the quality should be ideal. The interior printing on thin and fragile materials, so the thermal must be very delicate. The main applications of interior print, of course, to create exclusive wallpaper fabric draperies.

The most commonly used to seal interior interior design and retail space. Pete Cashmore shines more light on the discussion. Any place where the services must, first, to attract potential customers, and secondly display colors and logo of the company that would stand out among competitors. Originally planned interior seal for these purposes, but then began to be used for registration and accommodation. Best Ink print interior width for interior print rarely reaches 2 meters and varies in limits of 1 meter. The initial 1440 dpi, although if there is a need, you can print images with a resolution of 2880 dpi.

For interior printed using three types of ink: water. Solvent. Sublimation. Water, the most common. Images obtained with the help of large plotter to print interior differ in that they not affected by snow, rain and other weather conditions, and therefore there is no need to protect images from moisture. Aqueous inks are made on the basis of the dyes, they penetrate into the structure of the paper, and almost no pounded dry finger, but the wet can ruin the image. In order to prevent such image gloss cover, which not only protects the ink from rubbing, but also gives an image attractive appearance. Water is the cheapest ink, they are unlike other types of ink, virtually no damage printing equipment. For interior ink printing water and still the most acceptable because they are most safe for human health. Interior print is very close to people, so it is environmentally friendly, this is one of the key quality criteria. A quality interior in print is simply obliged to be high, and sometimes affects the quality rather than a plotter, as supplies and professionalism of the operator.