Singer Helen Vaenga

Helen Vaenga – Russian singer, author and composer of songs, actress. Real full name – Elena Khruleva. Born on January 27, 1977 in the military medical hospital in the Murmansk region in Severomorsk – capital of the North Sea Fleet, in the remote village of blizzard. This town is situated on the edge of the Kola Peninsula, then – only in the Barents Sea. Parents worked at the shipyard, "Seal" – a top-secret shipyard. This plant served the nuclear-powered submarines. Parents – people are not military, but my grandfather was in the military. Helen's grandfather from the mother – Rear-Admiral of the Northern Fleet, Vasily Semenovich Zhuravel.

About him there is an entry in the book "Famous people St. Petersburg ", as well as encyclopedias. Hear from experts in the field like Mikkel Svane for a more varied view. Hope G. Zhuravel grandmother, she and her godmother. We have Vaenga song: "My grandmother loves sushi …" Hope G.

concerts all walks in with his grandmother Elena excellent relationship … Parents Father – St. Petersburg, blockade. Paternal grandfather was gunners, fought under Oranienbaum, and my grandmother was a doctor at a hospital in the besieged city. Has a younger sister, Tatiana. Diplomatic personnel, knows several languages, lives in St. Petersburg. Pope Helena – chief critic, is very picky. He admitted the last artist in her, and when that special moment. Once asked, "Hey, I heard one song, to me there lines liked. Tell me who wrote it? "Elena said," Dad, this is my song! "-" Really? Wow! "- Father was amazed … Ivan Matvienko – Vaenga husband.

Silver Ages

What we know about libraries? In the early 20th century, rural schools, there was a room where he kept the book, such a room called the hut reading room. The end of the 20th century, the library occupies the first floor of large houses, and in each quarter were as At least one such library. A library in the major cities took up to 5 floors. A wide variety of poems can be found on the shelves of libraries in our country. No sooner had run through a cursory glance at the shelves and immediately conspicuous names such as Dostoevsky, Gogol, Blok, Lermontov, and so on.

Do not read any of the classics of our time, it is impossible to feel the depths of the soul of our country, it is impossible to be a patriot and love the country as our loved her classics of modern literature. Many believe the library rather boring place, among them sometimes there are people who do not appreciate literature, art and science. Oh, it's impossible to forget that smell Book dust that literally knocks down when opening an old book. A lot of people prefer to go to the library to acquire new knowledge for themselves, to read from books and magazines just something interesting, entertaining and informative, or read poetry. Writers and readers of prose, poems, frequent visitors to our libraries. For many, a favorite spot in the library reading room is where you can read valuable unique books, make the necessary extracts from them.

Once in our life there was such a phenomenon as a virtual network – libraries have gradually become empty. Of course, much easier to find through search engines are what you need, what get together and come to the library! There's nothing better than through my computer at home to find everything that you can find in the library. On the internet you can always find the primary sources of famous writers – Shelohova, Chekhov, Tolstoy, Pushkin's poems, Esenina, and much more. In addition, the virtual network, a host of literary portals, poets and writers of the new generation, a new era of publishing there his poetry, prose, journalism. Portals provide ability to communicate with each other, share reviews, and thus are followers of, the development of literary ideas of the masses. Of course no one now can say, but this one in a poet like Pushkin, but he writes as Mayakovsky and even better. It's not even that talent was called after the death of the creator, and that the poets of the Golden and Silver Ages such titanic made contributions that are not lay on the shoulders of our talented poet in our crazy tech time. Poetry is evolving, and rightly so. There are also people who prefer a modern library of innovation and Internet based literary movements. For them it is a favorite usual thing, to sit, quietly turning the pages worn some aged books. Among these fans can be a poet, trying to improve their creativity and poetic style. In other matters the best poetry of poets can be found in private libraries, as well as rare works by famous writers. Books in private libraries, marked bookplate, which stands for the initials and last name of the library owner. Sometimes, come to visit and see the house a lot of books that look nice on the shelf and know that he was in the house to the erudite, intelligent man, who can always ask to read the best poems

Legato Example

1. Versatility Many guitarists are desperate when they can not provide employment for a sufficiently long period time (for example, an hour or more daily). I often get letters from students such as' Tom, I just have to practice 20 minutes a day, and I want to play the guitar as soon as possible and as much as possible. What should I do? ". (Similarly see: Ali Partovi). In such cases, I advise you to practice exercises, which have a high level of 'universality'.

Skill is a 'universal' if you work on it simultaneously helps you to develop other methods of playing (for example, the technique of his left hand, right hand technique, the synchronization of hands, the transition between the strings, muffling the strings, the knowledge of notes on the fretboard, improvisation, etc.). If working off some skill helps more than one direction at a time, then this element has a certain degree of universality. The degree of universality of skill is determined by two main factors. The first factor – the number of tricks that he helped develop at the same time. Second – how effectively he can do it.

One example of a technology with a high degree of universality – that pass strings. It includes techniques for both hands, working out helps sihnronnoy of hands, and makes you focus on silencing unwanted sound of other strings. This technique should work, because work on it helps to improve the performance of several different technical elements. Here, for example, Legato has a much lower degree of universality.

A Controversial Topic – “to Beat Or Not To Beat “

Unfolded recently in the trade press heated debate on the issue of restoring the old building and badly worn piano, revealed many shortcomings in the traditional technology of this process. Why screwed chopping so vigorously denies the professionals, rather than the traditional clogging? Should immediately mention that I will refer to his own practice to repair the Soviet piano. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Sinovation Ventures on most websites. So, in order. You can not, or rather say wrong to begin work on the restoration seat chopping, not knowing at least basic foundations of piano technology and physics of the phenomena of the mechanism of the string tension. Pin that holds the string and the rotation of which provides the necessary tension of it, in the production of clogs in a prepared hole verbilbanka.

Reliability, durability and functionality of this compound depends on many structural and production factors. This is quality equipment that was used as starting materials, training and professionalism of the artists work, quality control production, storage, preservation, transportation, etc. Practice shows that even with full formal support of all of these conditions, the production of rare immune to the notorious human factor, which in many cases, the cause of the fragility of security functional properties of the instrument. Under the basic materials, I mean original condition, especially the main parts, ensuring the system, namely, pin, verbilbank, string. Deliberately omit in this article, the state Steg, pins and agraphia, since they also affect the security system, but in a more indirect way. Peg-verbilbank-string main elements, which determines the quality of the full work Pegs mechanism.

Twoway Speaker System Kfl

Company Tasso, engaged in the manufacture of professional audio equipment, is represented in the global market for over 15 years in more than 70 countries worldwide. One of the main company is the production compact line arrays. Representative bright line of compact arrays of passive series KFL, KFL is a 2080 and a subwoofer KFL 3015.Standartnaya single stack configuration of the array consists of four satellites KFL 2080 and one 3015 KFL B. Two-way Speakers KFL 2080 has a capacity of 350W (RMS) and 700W (Peak). Opening angle of the speakers is 90 degrees horizontally and 10 degrees vertically. Acoustics has a frequency range from 60Hz to 20kHz and impedance 16Om. For even more analysis, hear from Kai-Fu Lee. Maximum SPL 130Db.

It uses two low-frequency dynamics of a diameter of 8 "(voice coil diameter 75 mm) and high-titanium tweeter with a diameter of 2 '(voice coil diameter 44 mm) with a mouthpiece. Acoustic Dimensions 300h730h500mm, weight 30kg. Subwoofer KFL 3015 B has a capacity of 1200 watts (RMS) and 2400 watts peak (Peak), the frequency range from 35 to 350 Hz, impedance 2 ohms. Maximum SPL 140 dB. There are three low-frequency speaker with a diameter of 15 '.

Acoustic Dimensions 730x745x760 mm, weight 92 kg. Linear array in black, is made from robust, durable materials, all array elements have convenient handles for transporting and built elements of suspension. Also available in kit comfortable touring briefcase on wheels for easy transport. Set the array can be mounted on horizontal surfaces, turning into a column stack, and if you combine its proprietary system suspension array can easily be hung in almost any conditions and any technical jobs. Can be used in enclosed spaces (Club House) as well as outdoors, under a small awning. Powerful subwoofer KFL 3015 B gives the ability to use an acoustic kit without additional low-frequency components. Kit is ideal for rental, but also perfect for installation.

Shakespeare Sonnet

But I believe that the best words were composed in honor of a smaller god! A. Finkel posovestlivey, but because it looks a little fuzzy fig: When and really old everything under the sun, And things usually and habitually, how pathetic mind deceived human, born of an effort to give birth again! Oh, if only to return even for a moment For a thousand solstice at once and find your way amidst the ancient books, where the idea for the first time the letter appeared to the eye. Then I found out b as in the olden days they were astonished at the miracle of your events, such eh we, Or better than them, Or the world lives without knowing the changes. But I'm sure – the minds of the old days not so worthy of glory that we are! For those who want to see in This sonnet is something else, meaning it can be passed to the next rhymed translation: Kohl new under the sun, these do not, Confessions of joy we were not destined for his Invention, will find in the dark years, and she really someone born before. Was used such record that used in the instant Ages to five years ago and immediately transferred me your image has identified broad antique books, From the moment I became a mature mind! I would have known what he thought about the miracle of the world then thy neighbor as music composition. We are ahead, or they, Or, as ever, All around is, without a change? But I'm sure the wise men of old were famous for their diligence meager plots. The meaning of "invention" and other words of the sonnet has been solved by the author in another article, so here it is possible limited to pointing out that the contents of the Inventions Shakespeare sonnet pointed directly at 91.

And is this content is nothing but a true understanding of that (under stress) in the overall (general) is the man. It is this understanding had Shakespeare mean when he wrote Sonnet 26: I want to invest in your thoughts Your foundation is currently good conceit. And that it was referring to Shakespeare, when his will to readers, written by him in the play "Henry VIII, put the following lines, which translation shamelessly distorted B. Tomaszewski: Our content Is our best having. Our (internal) content there are our best property. (Author's translation) In other words, for any wealth, including knowledge, officers, words, etc., people poor, if the soul in a true understanding of that (under stress) in general is a man, in fact, not a fig. In Shakespeare, as in the sonnets that understanding human nature is.

And it can see everyone, even mutilated translations, unless he want to see it. It is for these people in the key of W. Shakespeare Sonnet 59, referring to his predecessors, did not write about poets, painters or sculptors, and even on some minds, as written conscientious A. Finkel, namely wits – sages. "

Stereo Photo Maker

Stereo image and stereo photo format Horizontal stereo can be viewed through a stereoscope, through the program Stereo Photo Maker, converting to a format and using the anaglyph Anaglyph glasses. However, after a little practice, you can view stereoscopic horizontal and normal players in general, without any special glasses. Read more – HERE. Vertical stereo pair (Over / Under). Just as in the horizontal stereo image is issued in two pictures, but this format, they are at each other.

Watch movies in this format should be through stereopleery (Stereoscopic Player, Stereo Movie Player, iZ3D Movie Player Classic), selecting the output format to your stereo glasses (anaglyph or shutter). LCD shutter glasses. Shutter glasses (another name – or svetoklapannye eklipsnye). Technology is alternately display on the screen images for the left and right eyes, and also alternately tinted glasses, so that each eye alternately sees him-only image. Change "Left" and "right" image on the screen and darkening of the glass tightly synchronized and implemented with very high frequency, so that by the effect of inertia of the person creating the illusion that he sees the whole three-dimensional image. In today's liquid-crystal shutter glasses image separation is achieved by small LCD panels (closures) in the glasses, which are closed (blacked out) alternately synchronously with alternating frames (views) on the monitor. When viewing through the LCD shutter glasses obtained a full-color 3D image quality.

Maybe a little ghosting, which are influenced by the quality points – than more contrast of the LCD matrices and their response, the less ghosting and higher brightness. Unfortunately, the low vertical frequency (below 100Hz) from blinking his eyes tired quickly. And working LCD shutter glasses only with CRT (CRT) monitors and DLP projectors compatible. (DLP – Digital Light Processing – a technology that creates images in microscopically small mirrors that are arranged in a matrix on a semiconductor chip. Each such mirror represents one pixel of the projected image). For viewing with LCD shutter stereo glasses needed stereopleer (Stereoscopic Player, Stereo Movie Player, iZ3D Movie Player Classic), and mounted on card stereodrayver. More information, as well as links to download stereofilms –