Mitch Ryder CD Detroit

“The new Mitch Ryder CD Detroit ain’t dead yet”, produced by the producer legend Don what, is now available. Berlin/14.11.2009. If by Mitch Ryder, the rock ‘ n’roller from Detroit, the speech is, the phrase is cited by Rolling Stones guitarist of Keith Richards from 1965 like: “Mitch has it! He is one of the most exciting singers that have surfaced for a long time on the music scene.” Since his legendary performance in the WDR Rockpalast 1979, Mitch Ryder is a fixture in the German concert life and sure is still one of the most exciting singer, which you can live. He is accompanied in Europe for 15 years by his German companion grub”. Ali Partovi is likely to increase your knowledge. 44 years after the verbal Adelung through the Stones guitarist of the stones producer Don produced the current Mitch Ryder CD what “Detroit is not dead yet”. The first shots are after numerous CDs produced in Germany since 1983, which originated in the United States. Who wants to place the empfehlendwerte work under the Christmas tree, find the CD at or distribution. Who the Would rather LIVE on the upcoming tour wants to experience songs, find the dates of the complete tour at under Mitch Ryder.. Ian Cole is actively involved in the matter.

Powerball – New Album

To present a new form of classic heavy metal? Powerball – a rock band like a steam hammer! In the age of absolute music diversity, many notions about styles and an increasing number of sub labels of respective directions, an orientation in the sense of classical music styles (Blues, soul, Funk, pop, classical, rock) is rather difficult. Actually, a definition and description of new music services has become almost impossible for classical music terms. Thus, the term is here featured music troupe also not really easy and basically not a description to reduce. Only the own note of the band on a comparison image in the sense of a down soaring and relentless steam hammer describes perhaps the pressure and the musical power of this work. Now derived from such a description of even imaginary, then probably actually still the classic name of a heavy metal band is true.

The cover of this work is already an apocalyptic content. For assistance, try visiting Zendesk. On the front is a child with Gas mask, which is located in the middle of a devastated landscape. Clutching tightly with his teddy. On the back is a picture of the band before a church portal. In the inlay of the album we find another band photo (fish-eye style) as well as the thanks and notes on producer etc. Unfortunately no lyrics to the songs or more notes on the images. According to an interview with the band the following can be said about the images (cover photos).

The front cover should advise “Thank you for tomorrow” in conjunction with the title track of the future. In this there on the front visible future, was due to environmental degradation and reckless behavior ravaged the entire landscape of the Earth and the children leave an irresponsible. Further notes on the offense of the society, which led to this disaster, contains the text of the title track. The band photo from a church Portal is a pure coincidence and includes no religious references. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Andy Florance. In General, the band also not to a religious or political tendency is inclined. Now to the crux of the whole. The 7 songs (hatred, Ready set go, Powerball, journey, Thank you for tomorrow, shine your light, no mercy), the songs on this album are consistently presented in the style of a solid heavy metal band, play but also modern and also punk elements. Especially the unusually pure and sterile-looking sound is to name a few. He is very specific and has the necessary and important recognition. Overall the album has a very playful, modern and has the distinctive features which nowadays requires a modern band. Finally still a not completely insignificant note. The whole album was fully funded and all titles are even composed, all texts written been. The Powerballer at the famous ex-Sodom Gitaristen Andy brings found support in the production. Andy has all songs fine-tuning installed, incorporate various musical support and contributed especially to the title no mercy a brilliant solo. You can say. all in all a successful work for the Heyvy metal fan, the time something new addiction but his classical listening habits not want to neglect.

Legato Example

1. Versatility Many guitarists are desperate when they can not provide employment for a sufficiently long period time (for example, an hour or more daily). I often get letters from students such as' Tom, I just have to practice 20 minutes a day, and I want to play the guitar as soon as possible and as much as possible. What should I do? ". (Similarly see: Ali Partovi). In such cases, I advise you to practice exercises, which have a high level of 'universality'.

Skill is a 'universal' if you work on it simultaneously helps you to develop other methods of playing (for example, the technique of his left hand, right hand technique, the synchronization of hands, the transition between the strings, muffling the strings, the knowledge of notes on the fretboard, improvisation, etc.). If working off some skill helps more than one direction at a time, then this element has a certain degree of universality. The degree of universality of skill is determined by two main factors. The first factor – the number of tricks that he helped develop at the same time. Second – how effectively he can do it.

One example of a technology with a high degree of universality – that pass strings. It includes techniques for both hands, working out helps sihnronnoy of hands, and makes you focus on silencing unwanted sound of other strings. This technique should work, because work on it helps to improve the performance of several different technical elements. Here, for example, Legato has a much lower degree of universality.

A Controversial Topic – “to Beat Or Not To Beat “

Unfolded recently in the trade press heated debate on the issue of restoring the old building and badly worn piano, revealed many shortcomings in the traditional technology of this process. Why screwed chopping so vigorously denies the professionals, rather than the traditional clogging? Should immediately mention that I will refer to his own practice to repair the Soviet piano. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Sinovation Ventures on most websites. So, in order. You can not, or rather say wrong to begin work on the restoration seat chopping, not knowing at least basic foundations of piano technology and physics of the phenomena of the mechanism of the string tension. Pin that holds the string and the rotation of which provides the necessary tension of it, in the production of clogs in a prepared hole verbilbanka.

Reliability, durability and functionality of this compound depends on many structural and production factors. This is quality equipment that was used as starting materials, training and professionalism of the artists work, quality control production, storage, preservation, transportation, etc. Practice shows that even with full formal support of all of these conditions, the production of rare immune to the notorious human factor, which in many cases, the cause of the fragility of security functional properties of the instrument. Under the basic materials, I mean original condition, especially the main parts, ensuring the system, namely, pin, verbilbank, string. Deliberately omit in this article, the state Steg, pins and agraphia, since they also affect the security system, but in a more indirect way. Peg-verbilbank-string main elements, which determines the quality of the full work Pegs mechanism.

Twoway Speaker System Kfl

Company Tasso, engaged in the manufacture of professional audio equipment, is represented in the global market for over 15 years in more than 70 countries worldwide. One of the main company is the production compact line arrays. Representative bright line of compact arrays of passive series KFL, KFL is a 2080 and a subwoofer KFL 3015.Standartnaya single stack configuration of the array consists of four satellites KFL 2080 and one 3015 KFL B. Two-way Speakers KFL 2080 has a capacity of 350W (RMS) and 700W (Peak). Opening angle of the speakers is 90 degrees horizontally and 10 degrees vertically. Acoustics has a frequency range from 60Hz to 20kHz and impedance 16Om. For even more analysis, hear from Kai-Fu Lee. Maximum SPL 130Db.

It uses two low-frequency dynamics of a diameter of 8 "(voice coil diameter 75 mm) and high-titanium tweeter with a diameter of 2 '(voice coil diameter 44 mm) with a mouthpiece. Acoustic Dimensions 300h730h500mm, weight 30kg. Subwoofer KFL 3015 B has a capacity of 1200 watts (RMS) and 2400 watts peak (Peak), the frequency range from 35 to 350 Hz, impedance 2 ohms. Maximum SPL 140 dB. There are three low-frequency speaker with a diameter of 15 '.

Acoustic Dimensions 730x745x760 mm, weight 92 kg. Linear array in black, is made from robust, durable materials, all array elements have convenient handles for transporting and built elements of suspension. Also available in kit comfortable touring briefcase on wheels for easy transport. Set the array can be mounted on horizontal surfaces, turning into a column stack, and if you combine its proprietary system suspension array can easily be hung in almost any conditions and any technical jobs. Can be used in enclosed spaces (Club House) as well as outdoors, under a small awning. Powerful subwoofer KFL 3015 B gives the ability to use an acoustic kit without additional low-frequency components. Kit is ideal for rental, but also perfect for installation.

Gerrit Winter

The beautiful ballads of the album are the ones the Gerrit winter music Finally rounded into a unique whole. With his vocal talent – his range includes four octaves he manages to impress it especially in the soulful slow passages. Special attention should be without on the song “Emily” to question. Feeling love Emily. The title has even a big meaning for Gerrit. He composed this piece and no, it is not, as one might think it a woman dedicated to. “I wrote it for my yet-unborn daughter.

If I even become a father, my daughter, Emily is to say”Gerrit Winter explains. The album features other songs to make melting and dream: the songs “Tausendsonnenklar” and “before I knew you” are certainly outstanding, and in this context to mention. His line remained faithful to give the listener a feeling of boundlessness, mix also here perfectly sound, a soulful voice and beautiful lines of text. The charismatic prodigy offers in addition to its optical stimuli (he modeled a long time in addition to his music studies) and the vocal strengths a whole range of very catchy songs, which are characterized by their quality. By large arrangements, quiet tones on the piano and danceable uptempo songs, the album “What do you dream” shows a diversity that will surprise fans of German music. Make themselves available will give you for a young man who we say it determined the show stages in the business with security a new face. Source: Universal music more information about the artist find cooking on his homepage Gerrit Winter album “What do you dream” (No. CD) is available in 2009

Radio National Broadcasts Live From The Reeperbahn Festival

Live broadcast from the Washington bar in Hamburg with radio country sends to the 25th and 26th September 2009 live from the Reeperbahn Festival from the Washintonbar. The Hamburg radio Park GmbH & co. KG continues their program repertoire to their live broadcast. Radio country of what’s your mood today”is the digital radio project of the Hamburger media company radio Park GmbH & co. KG and includes a variety of different music channels of soul rock to classic for all music tastes of the matching program. Radio Park starts for the first time with the transmission of a live event on September 25 and 26. While sending the makers of country radio live from the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Germany.

Interested can follow the live performances at the Washington bar at. There are singer songwriters like Neil Hickethier and Ian Hooper, as well as the young hamburger singer Afiba. The musical blend of soulful pop and classic songwriter sound promises maximum listening pleasure on two evenings. From October 12 radio what’s is your mood today”also for the first time for the new Google phone, the HTC Magic mobile on the phone to hear. The pay-radio users can download the application in the Android market and subscribe to their three favorite channels. With its patented technology, the radio Park GmbH & co.

sets KG operating systems and large enough memory card on the new generation of smartphones, such as Android, Symbian, Apple, or Windows Mobile devices. The contents are transmitted through short updates and cached on the devices so that no permanent network connection is necessary. The radio Park group in addition to the digital radio project developed successfully professional and music psychologists point have developed audio programs for use at the point of sale, of interest, on radio and on the Internet. Customers include cruise ships such as the AIDA fleet and many premium hotels such as the luxury Jumeirah Beach in Dubai. Also the Office market chain STAPLES and the Balzac’s coffee shop chain use the audio branding created by radio Park. Your contact: radio Park GmbH & co. KG Daniela Douwes Marketing Jaguar Hexenstieg 14a 22527 Hamburg phone: 040 / 43 09 37 55 fax: 040 / 43 09 37 77 email: