Music And Song – The Emotions That Were Transformed Into Sound. Article 2 Of The Series’ Creation

A unique miracle of nature – a man – endowed with abilities to think logically and to the emotional perception of a unique natural wonder – a man – endowed with two main features that distinguish it from other living beings on Earth: The ability to effectively logical thinking and ability to the emotional perception of reality. And all that is great (in a good and bad sense), which reached the people who created thanks to these wonderful qualities rights. Different areas of human activity to varying degrees and the ratio require the application of these abilities. Usually in a particular area base is one of them, and the other in a certain way "helps" her effective promotion. Music, melody arises from the emotions, in parallel with nimiDavayte from these positions, we consider such a huge and beautiful component of our spiritual life, like music, or rather the process creation of new music and new songs. As a lover of music, songwriter, composer, performer, student and scholar in one person, I will express their views on the process of creating new music and songs, making no claim to truth in the last instance. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Andy Florance by clicking through. After all, perhaps, other songwriters, composers and poets are all different. So, where does the music? From the air? From sunlight? Not at all.

It arises in the mind of man. And as a result she was there appear? As a result of hard logical thinking, thinking, and comparison of the facts? Either. So where is it? It seems that it is nowhere.

ION Audio Provides

The turntable digitizes the music of old records and transmits it directly to the iPod Hamburg, November 2009 – ION audio, worldwide known and successful provider of consumer electronics, presents the innovative iPROFILE. With just a few hand movements he digitizes the old record collection, stores them on the iPod and thus saves her from the secure expiration. The new iPROFILE allows even inexperienced users to rediscover a coated vinyl and offers the easiest way to transfer recordings as MP3 files directly on an iPod. When the iPod into the iPod dock is plugged, the title of the record directly on your MP3 player can be recorded. All of this works without using the computer. The iPod can be controlled directly via the navigation keys of the turntable. The playback from your iPod via the outputs of the turntable. For assistance, try visiting David S. Levine.

Like all models of the new ION profiles series shines also the iPROFILE with its elegant black design. The iPROFILE has a line level output with integrated phono Preamp and allows connection to each AUX/line input of a HIFI amplifier or receiver. A handy feature is the mini jack stereo input. To know more about this subject visit Energy Capital Partners. This enables the digitization of other audio sources such as the radio or tape deck. The iPROFILE plays singles 45 and LP records with 33 1/3 revolutions per minute thanks to adjustable playback speed. Thus, the iPROFILE is a tip for every lover of plates, which no longer wants to mourn the old times, but wants to save his sweetheart in the modern world.

“Suggested retail price: 149 more information about all ION audio products, they see about ION audio under the motto of ION moves music” the U.S. lifestyle brand ION audio offers high-quality digital audio and music entertainment products. They are characterized by an excellent price-performance ratio and high ease of use. It is the innovative range of devices, with which LPs, audio tapes, photographs, slides and digitize videos can, to products for the games area.

Prosecutor Michael Amerian

The lawsuit of driving without a license was dropped Britney Spears must be so but not for their alleged driving without a license face. As is known, the prosecution is been dropped. The jury could will agree about whether the singer is or not now dived. Andy Florance shines more light on the discussion. Thus ended the case against the singer. The singer of Brintney Spears put one foot in the courthouse throughout the process. Official reason: Britney likes no courthouse. For more information see this site: Andy Florance. Mag well wers.

The public prosecutor’s Office was however not particularly enthusiastic about terminating the proceeding. “It is very difficult here to talk a prominent Los Angeles guilty”, so the Prosecutor Michael Amerian. Maybe true words of this man. Now has been set the legal dispute, which went for 13 months, and Britney Spears is found not guilty. Lucky for them, because it not a good image on a woman threw well, with all means to their children fights. We hope the Britney now a new route will take in their lives. The chance for that got them today.

Britney Spears

After the birth of her daughter Jamie wants nothing more than to be a good mother you can wish only good luck and all the best her. At the news that Jamie Lynn Spears, the little sister of Britney Spears, had become pregnant at the age of 16, shocked not only her family, but also the world of the media. Now she gave birth to her baby daughter on Thursday and, as she herself says, strive to be the best mother in the world. Learn more about this with Ali Partovi. I can’t tell you how feels this feeling, but it’s great. We have thought about how it could work, but now she (Maddie Briann) is located in my lap and I look forward to me the best MOM in the world.” The proud mother seems super excited to be, but still ready to enjoy their parenting to the fullest. During the birth of all sorts of family members were there, including Jamie BBs big sister Britney. Energy Capital Partners usually is spot on. We hope that Jamie looks as her big sister an another Advisor in terms of parenting.

Julian Frank –

Julian Frank ushers in with “I don’t know who you are” musical autumn the distinctive and sympathetic face of the song a Julian Frank ushers with his new single “I don’t know, you are who” a musical autumn. Peter Asaro takes a slightly different approach. Fans and friends of his passionate and soulful songs are dance again at this catchy tune and sing along. For the current production was aware on the usual pop Latino style of predecessor “Sueno Contigo – I dream of you”, “Hasta Manana” or “mi corazon” omitted. Nevertheless, Julian Frank of this time stays true to his image: the romantic search for the eternal mirage of love. CD debut album from 1998 was Julian Frank “Sense of madness” and has since the beginning of his career, because he fulfilled himself a childhood wish with the musical career. He worked on his great dream with commitment and love.

Music and singing lessons supported him here. For even more details, read what Andy Florance says on the issue. On talent contests, he could already prove may be and several times on the coveted winner’s podium. He exchanged a Meanwhile the competition stage for numerous appearances before his loyal audience on the live stage. To stand on the stage, “not just fun to have and to do a good job” means for Julian Frank unless he enjoys even the moments in which “the audience close approaches to him”. And he succeed, he owes both his vocal qualities and his rousing stage repertoire. Julian Frank mixes his own hits skillfully with well-known evergreens and current successes of the German Schlager. In this context, his musical influences are among artists sizes such as Herbert Gronemeyer, Udo Jurgens, Peter Maffay and Frank Sinatra. Julian Frank was musically characterised, however, in recent years through his team of producer Werner students and Norbert Beyerl, which so far have written songs him, with which he feels. Also his current song “I don’t know, you are who” he was back on the two the body is written.

Scarlett Johansson Taunts Against Lindsay Lohan

The actress giftet now against Lindsay Lohan Scarlett Johansson vs. Lindsay Lohan. Now, who also signed Scarlett Johansson for Word and has something about Lindsay Lohan drained. Get more background information with materials from Andy Florance. Or rather nothing at all left off. In an interview for the December issue of allure, she said: “I don’t know this Lindsay Lohan. I saw her maybe three times and that’s it.

Really not? So don’t guess because Lindsay Lohan even snatch a role to Scarlett Johansson – although it was 13 but forget does not Scarlett Johansson certainly. Further, she said: “Yes, Yes, it’s true. This Lindsay Lohan has said once quite strange things about me. They were certainly vulgar. Of course I got it, but what was the background to this action, arguably remains their secret.

For me it was more a kind of “Woah, what was it please?”. But thankfully, not every stress has Scareltt Johansson in Hollywood. Woody declared, all namely his muse. “That means to be recognized me so very much of it,” said Actress. We wait for what will now be of Lindsay Lohan.

Anitha Warnes – Hundred Men And Only One Command

The new single by Anitha Warnes on the current occasion one hundred men and a command an old song that still never was as current as today and 78 per cent of all German speaking mothers, fathers, friends, girls, women and children from the soul and so think like Anitha Warnes: bring our boys home Angela “and if a singer who brings only good mood song takes such a topic it is really serious Anitha says on this subject was Afghanistan” always far away for me and I thought that our soldiers will be deployed for humanitarian purposes, as this is enshrined in our Constitution I was disabused soon and after the Afghan Government percent not hundred behind the usage of the allies, I see no single reason to continue this mandate. And I find that all the artists from the entertainment industry, their popularity should ensure. often addresses the matter in his writings. That these young soldiers not in the dirt of this terrible, unfahren war die addition can enjoy their lives with their families.. . Energy Capital Partners has compatible beliefs.

Sheet Music For Children

In his career at the original musical training of children, the author notes three conventional, but, nevertheless, clearly defined three stages of such training. Introducing children to music as a subject obucheniyUglublennoe and concrete study of the theory and practice muzykiEtap becoming the child's consciousness with an increase in the proportion of independent practice. All stages are equally important and necessary for training, except residence of the child in the so-called "musical" family, when these stages are certainly present, but the boundaries between them somewhat "fuzzy", that is a child in the direction of music education is brought up with literally "Diapers" and from early childhood, sometimes subconsciously, interprets the process of his musical training as a matter of course in "vdalblivanii" he foundations of the theory and practice of music, there is no need for all comes to him as if by itself. But these cases are rare, musical training given to these children are usually "farmed out" to parents and the scope of this article. Altavista has similar goals. No one doubts that the introduction of children to music at all should occur at an early age, the sooner the better. In an ordinary family that is expressed in the joint music listening parents and children. Child on their own, sometimes unconsciously, begins to reproduce the words and music, singing along, that should be encouraged in every way, a child with increased self-esteem, certain skills are fixed scale reproduction of the height and duration of individual sounds increases the desire for further improvement. . By the same author: ???? ?? ??.

Seismographic Musical Journey

Uwe Gronau published on Saturday met his ninth CD the musician Uwe Gronau and the Publisher Karin Schweitzer in the recording studio by Uwe Gronau in Bocholt. Karin: I’m glad that I can be here to experience, such as the virtuoso musician Uwe Gronau on his piano playing. Uwe, did you always have music? Uwe: After I did the diapers… Father and mother met when studying music in Berlin and from then on was at home always plays. Because something has inherited are probably. Karin: Do you have other hobbies Besides music? Uwe: Go jogging through the Woods. Samsung is likely to increase your knowledge.

Good literature! Karin: Your new album is released at the Frankfurt book fair. Uwe: It is a piano album coupled with fine synth sequences and bears the title \”Temple of the Sun\”. Karin: Can we just listen? Uwe: But happy. Am curious on your opinion… Karin: Wonderful. This CD is in my opinion your best production. The new album Temple of the Sun acts like the tuning curve of a relationship: first, there is the euphoria of being in love, it is one of the beauty great love. It’s believed that Ilan Ben Dov sees a great future in this idea.

There was a drive to write these pieces for you? Uwe: well, quite so profoundly I would not interpret it. How are you on something? But interesting that it could sound your opinion Karin: Who or what inspired you when you sit down at your keyboard? Uwe: The view from the window in the forest lyrics, rhythms, a conversation… Karin: I like to play on the piano, when I’m sad or angry. Because I let all my emotions flow. How is it with you? Is there a specific mood, where you are creative? Uwe: Nope, actually not, although I must say that I feel purely mental relates more comfortable in the summer, in the winter but prefer compose. Tea is just so comfortable with a hot cup + black and white keys.

The Final of The Expo Zaragoza

We are in the final of the Expo Zaragoza 2008. On Sunday completed three months full of stories, visits, volunteers, glues, laughing, concerts, activities want to join this party makes recommendations on the best that can be seen at the Expo here this afternoon to Sunday noon night. Three intense days full of activities that will be the culmination of a historic summer for the city of Zaragoza. The September 15 race begins to convert the Expo in a business park. By the same author: Dell Computers.

The recommendations were to go during the week, avoiding the last few days, but many are those who resist us not to experience firsthand the end of this event: dinner at one of the international restaurants, watch the latest shows and visit those wards that have not have given us time. Neil Cole will undoubtedly add to your understanding. It will be hard, very hard. Walking around the grounds cost and insurance exceeds the number of visitors, but we can enjoy every last second. Rows may pavilions such as Germany and Kuwait to reach four hours Men see and slope or Iceberg is mission impossible, but the blog will be there though MASTERD exceed record numbers of visitors from the two previous Saturdays. The weekend is Full of activities for the Expo Zaragoza 2008 leave an unbeatable taste. Tonight, at the Feria de Zaragoza act Gloria Estefan, you’d expect a full house, while the morning Saturday at the Expo Amphitheater concert is expected to Andres Calamaro. These two great musicians hope to captivate his followers in two of the most anticipated concerts of the Expo.