3 2 1 – The Countdown Calendar To The World Cup

The personal countdown calendar shows daily, how much time until the top sport event of 2010. The best: desire stands on each calendar page integrated into great football pictures. To be ordered at onetosmile.de. The WOW effect is guaranteed, if Jogi the Jogi “calendar gets, Grandpa Karl the Karl in the gate” calendar. “” the joy is great even when the star footballers lollipops “and piggy”. There are no limits to the creativity in the choice of name.

Under onetosmile.de can all now try and vary. Is also place for a longer greeting text on the cover page of the calendar. So everyone created his World Cup communication for themselves or even to continue giving. A few days later the high quality calendar with the guarantee of uniqueness in the mailbox is located. Those looking for something special not only for the World Cup, is onetosmile.de. The specialist in personal calendar has more than a dozen format and theme options Online. If calendar for two sports, men, nature calendar, the buyer determines which name will be on the calendar. All letter combinations are possible.

This service is the one to smile GmbH from Berlin. In the field of personalization of images one to smile itself as a pioneer & specialist as manufacturer of the 21st century: despite innovative technology, yet each piece by hand is manufactured and assembled. Whether calendars, cards or personalized beer each recipient receives his personal copy, unique and absolutely unique.

Apple: Main Thing Secret

News.de reported paranoid distrust Apple is a multi-billion company. Moreover, a pioneer in terms of technology and design. And seemingly paranoid that reported the news magazine news.de. The products of the manufacturer may be so funky and trendy in corporate communication the company is igelt an. Why, the company was a professional of secrecy, could be explained by the misfortunes of the past. Click Michael Dell to learn more.

Before the official launch of the Macintosh, the competition due to an information leak of which had got wind. And just for product ideas in the field of technology, the surprise plays a major role. To avoid this error, entrenched themselves more and more inside the company and has become to a Black Box of kind of. Now former employees packed out and show what bizarre flowers capable of driving this privacy policy: as a fundamentally paranoid mood prevails among the employees, but it will further promoted also by constant monitoring. Also only the smallest offenses detected who could, must reckon with a termination. Employees who are just working out new projects, would have to traverse a whole labyrinth of high security doors to get to their workplace. This is to add that every single door with a secret code is provided. Does not stop the monitoring at the workplace: each step is recorded with a camera. Also familiar is the practice to spread internally false information about bogus products and features to find the leak when the employees through the urgent out false information.


With the interGreenBuilding trade fair area, the RENEXPO has created a platform for energy efficiency in construction and renovation. Solutions in the fields of building efficiency and sustainable architecture both for new as well as old buildings are presented here. Exhibition focuses on ecological building materials, thermal insulation and passive house. More focus to the topics of heating, cooling and ventilation. “A highlight of the interGreenBuilding is the free lecture series BAKA Forum practice building on tour”. The special wood construction creates a platform after its successful premiere 2009 also in this year the RENEXPO again specially titled sustainable Bauen with wood. Numerous exhibitors presented the material advantages of this material nachhaltiger materials and tragfahigstes aller heat insulated.

The RENEXPO heat pumps world leading producers present their products and offer their solutions. So does the company OCHSNER Warmepumpen GmbH with a new series for hot – water heat pumps two compact units, which are equipped with latest technology of heat pump and a new controller out. Solar energy also has a prominent place on the RENEXPO. Both the single use for the production of electricity or heat as well as combination possibilities of solar thermal and photovoltaic with other sources of energy will be presented at the fair. Furthermore is a specialist Conference on the topic of solar thermal energy + heat pump instead. In the context of the RENEXPO prevention Microbially-induced damage in the modern house construction, the 4th Symposium decentralized mini and micro cogeneration and the 1st Congress held more congresses, including the 1st Conference city of the future, which deals with intelligent energy strategies and building automation. The congresses offer specialist craftsmen in the area to form further renewable energy and energy efficiency. Online at for more information and the current exhibition program.

Innovative Payment System

Benefit from the “sofortuberweisung” Gautinger company dealers and customers the payment network AG (formerly PayNet AG) nine as a spin-off of the computer trading company EUROSOFT was founded by Christoph Klein and mark in February 2006 in Gauting near Munich. The company marketed the new payment system “sofortuberweisung”, which was developed in 2002 and is already at about 7,500 online stores in use since October 2006. The payment service without registration, deposit account data or recharging of balances through a direct and automated transfer from the account of the buyer to the merchant. In contrast to other payment systems, only account number, bank routing number and PIN and TAN number are required for processing. Both retailers as well as customers benefit from the quick transaction, as storage and delivery times significantly shorten and speed up the shipping.

Currently the payment network AG employs 80 people, the online payment service “sofortuberweisung” on the European market as a premium service in E-business establish. Company founder and CEO Christoph Klein can reflect on a long-term, successful entrepreneurial activity. At the age of 15, he founded his first company, the living 1990 byte computer. Later he was involved in the wholesaler SENETCO computer and network distribution GmbH in Munich, until early 2001 EUROSOFT computer GmbH, founded an international distribution company for software licenses and hardware. Since 2005 the 31-year-old for the payment network AG operates, where he is mainly responsible for national sales, product innovation, and company building. COO Andrea Anderheggen was already before his graduation at the University of Zurich in various international M & A- and IT projects involved. So he worked among others for ScaleTools AG, ABN AMRO, Alliance UniChem Plc.

The 30-year-old is co-founder and partner of Swiss consulting company APMC GmbH, which specializes in projects in the areas of M & A, venture capital and business development has. The payment network AG Anderheggen is responsible for the international sales of areas of, marketing and innovation management and the European expansion by “sofortuberweisung”. Dr. Jens Lutcke, head of Legal Affairs, is a member of the Supervisory Board of the payment network AG. The 36-year old lawyer operates Tarabochia & Lutcke law firm in Munich. After completing his studies in Berlin, Munich and St. Gallen, he graduated in foreign and international patent, copyright and competition law at the Max Planck Institute Munich in the area and acquired a master of European and international business law. Lutcke is responsible for all legal aspects of the payment network AG. The payment network AG cooperates with more than 7,000 suppliers of eCommerce software and shop solutions. Through the Bank-independent number service sofortuberweisung.de offers a variety of online vendors the opportunity to integrate transfer tools without technical effort and to offer buyers as a form of payment.

New Internet Presence

Digital printing and new Internet presence by Printfolien.de at printfolien.de is required no fixed print template (printed) with digital printing, so that each sheet different can be printed (non impact printing = NIP. Pete Cashmore often addresses the matter in his writings. The also as direct digital printing (DDP) described procedure enables personalized prints such as bills, credit card statements, bank statements or advertising also specifically tailored to the recipient. Also, multi-page documents without changing the print form can be printed immediately in the correct order, a subsequent collating (sorting) is required. Complete printing products production becomes possible in the shortest time. Increasingly digital ink jet systems used in large format (large format), allowing nearly offset printing quality on the different substrates. Here, printing ink, the material is applied with a liquid electro-ink process. This type of production achieved print widths of up to 5 meters. These are mostly rolling systems, on which weatherproof materials (E.g.

PVC banner, film printing, digital printing, price calculator, online calculator, banner printing, XXL large-format printing, mash, posters, print, printing, printing, online printing, poster, poster printing, Internet printing, etc.) be printed. These are usable, weather-resistant and colorfast for several years in the outdoor area. The latest generation of digital printing systems is certainly the direct pressure of the plates”dar. Rigid materials mostly in the UV-inkjet method can be printed on this system. Depending on the system, which is made relevant printed material only by the thickness. Materials such as plastics, wood, glass, metals, stone, paper, etc. can be printed. Another area of digital printing is also the large format print (large format printing). Among other things this can be used for the production of individual wallpaper. Digital prints have a high universality and from the point of view of the individual printing is very good value for money.

KLUG Network Supports

The K.L.U.G.-is a real network of different professions and industries. The K.L.U.G.-is a real network of different professions and industries. K.L.U.G. can mean competent local entrepreneur community”and offers support for all those who want to take the step to independence. The network is a partner of founder competition where until end of August all can take part, which would have a good business idea and seriously implement these. “The competition is launched by experts from consulting and services, the under the name EmiL-nrw” have merged.

EmiL”stands for success with individual solutions” and offers professional help in creating a business plan and further steps after the establishment of future entrepreneurs. A complete package of founders with business plan, marketing, and Internet in the value of 10,000.00 EUR receives the founder contest winners. You can apply in writing up to August 31, 2008. Can the documentation online at is available for download. Abandoned the idea of establishing their own business is often, although the motivation is high and the business idea that is often not so bad.

Part of the jungle of funding programs and advisors is responsible. On the other hand influence but also the support within the family and the uncertainty whether the idea is viable, the decision of the founder. The number of the founding willigen, but ultimately give up before the creation, cannot be determined. But the fear of failure combined with a downward is very big in Germany. A founder competition offers a possibility of testing business idea on their potential and marketability. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Pete Cashmore. Also the competition of founder of for the opportunity the best business idea”of the EmiL-nrw team. Real-world conditions, the market of the new entrepreneur would require match the criteria, to take part in this competition. Firstly, it should be a viable business idea, the chances of survival in the competition has. On the other hand play the so-called soft skills”, the soft factors, an important role: Motiviation, persuasiveness, credibility and also a shot humor. It is important the jurors at EmiL nrw. In the first phase, the most interesting ideas are selected and sent to the second round. Here, the future founder of free workshops will help the detailed elaboration of the business plan by a consultant and a coach. The founder can convincingly present his idea with a final presentation. A jury made up of different sectors, from the founders to the old-timers, then decide the winner.

CEO Michael Bornicke

Start of collaboration between kiveda and 42 DIGITAL Bremen, 04 April 2013. Kiveda, the online Start-Up in the kitchen trade relies on 42 DIGITAL online marketing now. The goal of the collaboration is the acquisition of new customers in the online segment of the kitchen as well as a steady increase in the market share/visibility of kiveda.de through online marketing activities. Kiveda and 42DITGTAL have made themselves, greatly disturbing the market and lead to a break from the stationary to the online kitchen trade. Kiveda CEO Michael Bornicke cooperation: our decision was made very quickly on 42 DIGITAL.

We know the special commitment of the Agency and expect with innovative and effective online solutions of marketing to the launch of kiveda.de, which make our shop successful. We want to grow 42 DIGITAL with, in regard to a long and partnership-based cooperation.” Jens Brechmann, Managing Director at 42 DIGITAL makes it short: we are part of a revolution. The entire 42-team looks forward to an exciting and successful cooperation with Kiveda.” About We love cooking and good food at Kiveda Kiveda. Therefore, it is important to offer us kitchens and kitchen accessories, which is just as good as what we have in the pan. For this reason we can produce your kitchen in German factories, we regularly check.

Thus we guarantee the best quality and at a fair price, because cooking is not exclusive, but a sensory experience. And since we at Kiveda not only like to eat, but also to work fast, you swing your spoon in your Kiveda kitchen faster than you can imagine. Why we love kitchens is simple: it is the place in the apartment, where we start our day with a light breakfast and end it with a nightcap. It is the place where we come with friends and family along us add culinary delights. The kitchen is the place where we connect the sweetest smells from our childhood, in short: the kitchen is the sensory organ of the apartment. That is why we have made us it to the task, individual kitchen in best quality produce, get you in the highest kitchen enjoyment. 42 DIGITAL 42 DIGITAL was founded in may 2012 and is one of the top performance marketing agencies. As an expert for the development of online marketing strategies is the ideal partner for the realization of 42 DIGITAL campaigns more successful performance marketing. A special focus of our work is on search engine marketing, especially search engine optimization and advertising, as well as in the performance-oriented Facebook Marketing. Currently we employ ten permanent employees on long, and draw some international experience in Agency and corporate work. Own, innovative booking and optimization mechanisms, which always take into account the latest developments in the search engine market, provide for an optimal result.

Informationssysteme Gmb

At the same time the award inspires but also us, constantly to improve the page. Our special thanks to our strong partner, the b.b.h..” About Buchhalterseite.de, the accountant page is a joint project of the software manufacturer’s agenda Informationssysteme GmbH & co. KG and of the Association for independent accountants and chartered accountant (b.b.h..). It is the only really focused industry portal with sound professional content that combines the areas of knowledge, self marketing and communication. The portal daily informed about news, trends, or changes in the law. The contents come from the TuV-certified b.b.h..-training work, a daughter company of the b.b.h.. and can be subscribed as RSS-feed.

All offers of the page are free of charge. Another part is a business directory, that has become Germany’s largest accountants directory within a very short time. Over 5,000 independent accountants are here already with a detailed profile of (service description, uploaded certificates, photo) represented, and win new clients. The number of daily new applications is in the double-digit range. About agenda Informationssysteme GmbH & co. KG the company AGENDA Jodoin was founded in 1984 by Manfred Kappel and Rainer and is managed by its owners since then. The company attaches great importance to legal and financial independence.

At the main site in Rosenheim, practical, affordable, and professional software solutions arise from the areas of accounting, human resources, tax calculation, and ERP. The IT House counts today more than 14,000 customers in tax and business advisory professions, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. AGENDA offers an integrated system of software, solutions and services to its users. The Rosenheim company while on his mission, to make the work easier, more pleasant and profitable its users attaches particular importance. The individual care of customers as well as training offers both regular include the special service of AGENDA therefore professional software solutions Online seminars. The update service ensures that the customer always up to date software is. AGENDA is one of Germany’s customer champions 2011 “. 08031 2561-0 for more information by phone or on the Internet at. Contact agenda Informationssysteme GmbH & co. KG Oberaustrasse 14 83026 Rosenheim M.A.. Nina Schmidt PR Manager Tel: 08031 2561-231 fax: 08031 2561-90 E-Mail:

GASTRO-AWARD In The Gdansk Yard

The Gaston in a world full schnitzel 1994 the Gdansk yard “by family Potrafke built, the operation is still today a family-owned company. Since more than 45 years, the guest in this home is loaded. The warmth that was the complete reconstruction in April 2001 in the foreground, invites guests to spend time in a relaxed atmosphere. Apart from the excellent service, guests can expect a journey through the world of scrap. Details can be found by clicking Ali Partovi or emailing the administrator. A number of variations, created with love. Take a seat at this resort”and enjoy an hour of chips in a relaxed atmosphere” – thus, the Gdansk yard invites his guests. And investigate the guests of this invitation for 45 years.

This continuity, quality and loving creation of dishes, not least the excellent service is recognition and appreciation among the guests. “” The audience award 2009 in the category German cuisine “in North Rhine-Westphalia went to the Gdansk Court”. Christine Braun says guests today expect more than just good food.” Board of Directors of the GASTRO-AWARD Germany AG. And the organizers know what they’re talking about. After a three-year break, a young team of restaurateurs, advertising and marketing specialists made the concept on its head. In addition to the award concept are they marketing partner and promoter of gastronomy. That is, members at the GASTRO-AWARD are accompanied throughout the year during their daily business and supports. Unprecedented in the gastronomy and hotel industry, and that in the meantime Germany far.