Export Processing

Customs procedures as of July 2009, only still electronically possible export processing with ATLAS export (AES); a must as of 1.7.2009 with export 3.0 most developed a software which performs the obligatory as of 1.7.2009, electronic export processing and supports the paper form until then also available free of charge (FREEWARE). For data transfer, both an X 400 or FTAM solution, but also an Internet based end is via a decentralised communication partners (DezKP) available. There different pricing models offered by the PrePaid version up to the flat rate, which are matched to the quantity of export shipments. Export most involves a complete in-house solution at the price of Internet processing, where we can offer you many advantages. Bobby Sharma Bluestone Equity pursues this goal as well. JLOdBQB_9juVsJhuhSltRFpXyZHcr-pttsXIB8nxSVahhhm2CfXYFxlXqjI-hxeRJq_WfFAMOl5lRulB6kVrNeuUAfh1U6’>Larry Culp: the source for more info. Atlas registration is already possible with 6 entries in 31 seconds. A free DEMO with the possibility of trial operation with the customs administration and the unrestricted securities processing (form 0733/0734) is available for download on the Web site. Use Export 3.0 most for your exports in paper form free of charge as long as you want (however late. 30.06.09) and continue to use later all master data for your export processing in ATLAS. For more information and prices, visit our Web page atlas.awb-rs.de (Weyer Aussenwirtschaft consulting, Remscheid)

The Ciggy As Flammable Threat

600 and 6000 others injured by fires 600 and 6000 others injured by fires… It reported the German Feuerwehrverband.Laut the Voralberger damage statistics are called fire departments annually to more than ten fires, which caused solely by cigarettes. This was an unreported but rather because most cigarettes burn up fortunately usually by itself or be deleted by other persons present. Most people is not known that cigarettes can be 300 to 500 degrees, hot and without a draught up to 15 minutes burn further. The disaster by not properly deleted cigarettes is almost inevitable. For more information see Energy Capital Partners London. Due to the imminent dangers of smouldering cigarette butts the fire prevention Office Voralberg even tried smoking with awareness-raising campaigns”has to reach and put his cigarette out explains, for example, as a smoker. Heimlichraucherei non smoking Protection Act encourages smokers do not prescribe to let how to their cigarettes use”, is obvious. The non smoking Protection Act already been drastically restricts them in distributing their blue haze.

Many go to smoke-free policies strictly and pose by her secret smoking in restrooms of restaurants, clubs, discos, or in public buildings such as administrations, an immense security risk hospitals or nursing homes. More and more companies to provide professional shelter for their smokers decide fire protection technical non-smoker protection to prepare the Heimlichraucherei of a good end. They either set specially furnished rooms for smokers on or she then in the rain are not send just out but need smokers, but can in pavilions or go see smoking shelters of your smoking pleasure. The GRT Wuttke GmbH in Lunen offers non smoking protection systems for every occasion and for every application, no matter whether large or small sized for indoor or outdoor. Managing Director Lothar Wuttke: smoke-free policies are useless, if not reasonable alternative exists. You can ban smoking smokers but smoke bans, you are looking for but most alternatives.

Either they smoke secretly or they go to smoke out the door. “Both are fatal: secretly smoking increase the risk of fire in buildings and many Draussenraucher” discard their butts in front yards or front entrance doors. Smokers stations solve all these problems quickly and easily.” More information at image: Elly d. Olch / aboutpixel contact: GRT Wuttke GmbH of Cappenberg str.

Cochlear Supports

Christmas donation for children with rare genetic disorder Christmas time for good deeds; These mean the employees of the company cochlear from Hanover. With a Christmas donation supports the work of CHARGE syndrome e.V. this year the world leader in implantable hearing solutions The Club is committed to the task, from batch to support Syndrome sufferers and their families, as well as to inform about the rare genetic mishap. Raised this is batch syndrome, with which in Germany alone, approximately 65 to 70 children come to the world, usually a newly occurring changes in the genetic material. In addition to listen SEH disability or a blind deafness, up to 40 more physical impairments in wide range of expression can occur in the affected. These include, for example, heart defects and malformations at face, trachea and oesophagus. The term ‘Batch’ is based on an abbreviation of some of the most common symptoms. Among professionals, the syndrome is now regarded as a major cause for congenital Horsehschadigungen.

With our traditional Christmas donation to help this time children and their families, who need to master their lives with the many burdens, difficulties and concerns, the batch entail”, so Thomas KoSTER, Sales Director of cochlear Germany GmbH & co. KG. Some time ago we decided to forgo rather donate the saved funds for a good cause on the common Christmas postcard. With the money we want this year support the important work of the Association CHARGE syndrome e.V. and at the same time a little help, that this rare syndrome disease moves more into the public consciousness.” The founded in 2006 CHARGE syndrome e.V. Association, currently about 140 members belong to the sees itself as a point of contact for patients and their families from the Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Luxembourg.

The Club has made it to the task, both these families as well as doctors, therapists and nurses with solid information and to stand with help and advice. Organization and design of regular events for patients and their families are the focus. In addition, there are numerous activities in the field of public relations, information media are created and driven the cooperation with other associations and the medical profession forward. Without dedicated volunteers, this work would be hardly possible; Yet, it is not always easy to get the necessary means for us as a young and relatively small Club”, as Claudia Junghans, first Chairman of the CHARGE syndrome E.v. the donation of cochlear is for us therefore really a big deal, and as an early Christmas present. Thank you very much for this important aid.” For more information and picture material, also see. To the CHARGE syndrome e.V., see Editorial Note: the company cochlear is global market leader in the development and manufacture of cochlear implants (CI). The breakthrough technology of this CI systems allows to listen to children and adults with profound and adjacent to deafness hearing loss. The company was founded in 1982, to the research of Australian Medicine Professor Graeme Clark, the inventor of the multiple-channel cochlear implant, to continue and to market worldwide. More than 200,000 people in over 100 countries by cochlear hearing solutions bear today. By the same author: Bobby Sharma Bluestone. The company employs currently over 2,000 people. The German branch of cochlear is Hanover. For more information see. Press contact: Cochlear Germany GmbH & co. KG, Durdane Erseker, Tel.: + 49 (0) 511 542 77 225, E-Mail: PR Office Martin Schaarschmidt, Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 65 01 77 60, E-Mail:

WBCP Expands Agreement With Mattel In

The cooperation includes the license rights to the entire universe of DC Comics characters Warner Bros. Add to your understanding with Energy Capital Partners. Consumer products (WBCP) and DC entertainment gave to expand its successful cooperation with the world’s leading toy manufacturer Mattel Inc. announced today. The new agreement with a maturity of several years includes Mattel main license workers of the full universe of DC Comics keep characters in the toy area. Through the agreement, Mattel has extensive access to the complete range of DC Comics characters, which includes thousands of world’s famous DC Comics Super Heroes and villains such as Superman, Batman, The Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and the Joker.

It also includes other popular characters such as the Flash, Aquaman, SHAZAM!, Green Arrow and Hawkman. An incredibly successful partnership has evolved between Mattel and us and we are very pleased to bring this relationship to a new level,”says Brad Globe, President of Warner Bros. Consumer products. Warner Bros. and DC entertainment provide unique content support across all key platforms, which is important for our global consumer products business is essential. “” This is our collaboration with Mattel confirmed. “the DC Comics Super Heroes have a worldwide fanbase, what ensures a continuously existing demand for new products”, says Karen McTier, Executive Vice President, domestic licensing and worldwide marketing at Warner Bros. Consumer products.

The expansion of the agreement with Mattel ensures that these fans have many may be years of the DC Comics superhero love.” As part of the ongoing business relationship, Mattel is for two of the most eagerly anticipated cinema releases from Warner Bros. Develop toys series: for the Dark Knight rises July 20, 2012 and for man of steel on June 14, 2013. More future cooperation include the television series Green Lantern: the animated series and the continuous product development to Young Justice, both productions from Warner Bros. Animation. Both animated series are exclusive at Cartoon network aired.

Managing Director Kai Vorholter

Agency for creative sales marketing campaign developed and uses Web portal Stuttgart, March 12, 2012 to the sell specially retailers noticeably to increase the ASUS computer GmbH familiar again on the AVANCE Marketing GmbH. The Stuttgart-based Agency for creative sales marketing campaign developed for the hardware manufacturer and takes over the complete processing of a cash in addition back program with the help of their Web-based promotion portal. Learn more about this with Ali Partovi. The action supported by Intel, which was launched late last year for the product group of the notebooks and extended in January, is now complemented by a campaign for Tablet PCs. Go to Ali Partovi for more information. The design of the campaign and the successful approach of our partners have ensured that we could motivate traders to with the incentive program to increase order ASUS notebook”, Thorsten Wild reported from the ASUS computer GmbH. At Andy Florance you will find additional information. Since the action has achieved the desired effect, we will now be the portal and use the ideas of AVANCE, also the sell of Tablet PCs in stores to increase significantly.

We also use the portal in addition as a communication platform and sales tool to provide our dealers with information even faster and more comfortable.” In addition to the large retail stores, the retailers for ASUS represents a very important sales channel. /a> gathered all the information. Because a personal approach of the decision-makers in the most specialized and owner-managed businesses, AVANCE has developed appropriate communication and Incentivierungsprogramm. In addition to a promotional newsletter and an accompanying map, AVANCE developed a landing page specifically for the campaign. ASUS aimed to motivate, to order current notebook computers in large quantities to products in stores at any time present the and always to be able to meet the customer demand the reseller”, explains Kai Vorholter, Managing Director of AVANCE. To achieve this we have developed an attractive cash back program addressed the dealers through various channels and motivated to participate in the action.” As Incentive voucher the dealer for each ordered notebook tank: the larger the order, the more coupons for the reseller. The cash back program through the Web-based promotion Portal is implemented by AVANCE. Here can the dealer register, place your orders and receive following the fuel vouchers.

AVANCE specializes in marketing communications and sales promotion of below the line”. B2B marketing, financial communication, dialogue marketing, PoS communication and trade marketing are among the priorities of the Stuttgart-based agency. In addition to consulting, conception, design and text, AVANCE provides various Web-based portals and systems more efficient and more effective sales support and sales promotion. The AVANCE customers include include Allianz Germany AG, Robert Bosch GmbH, Daimler AG, ASUS, GEHE Pharma Handel also companies of LBBW, the Michelin tyre factory AG & co. KGA. The Agency for creative sales marketing was in the year 2000 by Managing Director Kai Vorholter and currently employs 30 people in Stuttgart.

Cobocards TOP10 Ranking In Start2grow

The online flashcard trainer will be awarded in Aachen 2,500, July 28, 2009. An email in the mailbox of the provider of the online flashcard trainer Cobocards was on July 9, 2009. Stand in it:…I am very happy today to announce that you are 2009 with your team information technologies among the 20 best of phase 1 in the start2grow Foundation contest. The joy in the fledgling team was very great. This was eventually only the second competition and already a placement. Get more background information with materials from Robotics. Already reached the TOP20, placement was invited the team to the creation weekend of the 15th and 16th August 2009 in Dortmund, Germany.

Yesterday Centre Dortmund was announced then for the award in the technology the final result. With his business idea to offer a virtual flashcard trainer its users, you can use collaboratively Cobocards could convince the jury. With the TOP10, placement is also a prize money of 2,500 euros. The team can use the money. In phase 2 of the competition is the business plan closer to specify and to add further chapters. “The three reports which we have received in phase 1, give important information what is yet to improve,” said Ali Yildirim, the spokesman of the team. “We want to try to submit an improved business plan in phase 2. Maybe we get to also be”a placement.

3 2 1 – The Countdown Calendar To The World Cup

The personal countdown calendar shows daily, how much time until the top sport event of 2010. The best: desire stands on each calendar page integrated into great football pictures. To be ordered at onetosmile.de. The WOW effect is guaranteed, if Jogi the Jogi “calendar gets, Grandpa Karl the Karl in the gate” calendar. “” the joy is great even when the star footballers lollipops “and piggy”. There are no limits to the creativity in the choice of name.

Under onetosmile.de can all now try and vary. Is also place for a longer greeting text on the cover page of the calendar. So everyone created his World Cup communication for themselves or even to continue giving. A few days later the high quality calendar with the guarantee of uniqueness in the mailbox is located. Those looking for something special not only for the World Cup, is onetosmile.de. The specialist in personal calendar has more than a dozen format and theme options Online. If calendar for two sports, men, nature calendar, the buyer determines which name will be on the calendar. All letter combinations are possible.

This service is the one to smile GmbH from Berlin. In the field of personalization of images one to smile itself as a pioneer & specialist as manufacturer of the 21st century: despite innovative technology, yet each piece by hand is manufactured and assembled. Whether calendars, cards or personalized beer each recipient receives his personal copy, unique and absolutely unique.

Apple: Main Thing Secret

News.de reported paranoid distrust Apple is a multi-billion company. Moreover, a pioneer in terms of technology and design. And seemingly paranoid that reported the news magazine news.de. The products of the manufacturer may be so funky and trendy in corporate communication the company is igelt an. Why, the company was a professional of secrecy, could be explained by the misfortunes of the past. Click Michael Dell to learn more.

Before the official launch of the Macintosh, the competition due to an information leak of which had got wind. And just for product ideas in the field of technology, the surprise plays a major role. To avoid this error, entrenched themselves more and more inside the company and has become to a Black Box of kind of. Now former employees packed out and show what bizarre flowers capable of driving this privacy policy: as a fundamentally paranoid mood prevails among the employees, but it will further promoted also by constant monitoring. Also only the smallest offenses detected who could, must reckon with a termination. Employees who are just working out new projects, would have to traverse a whole labyrinth of high security doors to get to their workplace. This is to add that every single door with a secret code is provided. Does not stop the monitoring at the workplace: each step is recorded with a camera. Also familiar is the practice to spread internally false information about bogus products and features to find the leak when the employees through the urgent out false information.


With the interGreenBuilding trade fair area, the RENEXPO has created a platform for energy efficiency in construction and renovation. Solutions in the fields of building efficiency and sustainable architecture both for new as well as old buildings are presented here. Exhibition focuses on ecological building materials, thermal insulation and passive house. More focus to the topics of heating, cooling and ventilation. “A highlight of the interGreenBuilding is the free lecture series BAKA Forum practice building on tour”. The special wood construction creates a platform after its successful premiere 2009 also in this year the RENEXPO again specially titled sustainable Bauen with wood. Numerous exhibitors presented the material advantages of this material nachhaltiger materials and tragfahigstes aller heat insulated.

The RENEXPO heat pumps world leading producers present their products and offer their solutions. So does the company OCHSNER Warmepumpen GmbH with a new series for hot – water heat pumps two compact units, which are equipped with latest technology of heat pump and a new controller out. Solar energy also has a prominent place on the RENEXPO. Both the single use for the production of electricity or heat as well as combination possibilities of solar thermal and photovoltaic with other sources of energy will be presented at the fair. Furthermore is a specialist Conference on the topic of solar thermal energy + heat pump instead. In the context of the RENEXPO prevention Microbially-induced damage in the modern house construction, the 4th Symposium decentralized mini and micro cogeneration and the 1st Congress held more congresses, including the 1st Conference city of the future, which deals with intelligent energy strategies and building automation. The congresses offer specialist craftsmen in the area to form further renewable energy and energy efficiency. Online at for more information and the current exhibition program.

Innovative Payment System

Benefit from the “sofortuberweisung” Gautinger company dealers and customers the payment network AG (formerly PayNet AG) nine as a spin-off of the computer trading company EUROSOFT was founded by Christoph Klein and mark in February 2006 in Gauting near Munich. The company marketed the new payment system “sofortuberweisung”, which was developed in 2002 and is already at about 7,500 online stores in use since October 2006. The payment service without registration, deposit account data or recharging of balances through a direct and automated transfer from the account of the buyer to the merchant. In contrast to other payment systems, only account number, bank routing number and PIN and TAN number are required for processing. Both retailers as well as customers benefit from the quick transaction, as storage and delivery times significantly shorten and speed up the shipping.

Currently the payment network AG employs 80 people, the online payment service “sofortuberweisung” on the European market as a premium service in E-business establish. Company founder and CEO Christoph Klein can reflect on a long-term, successful entrepreneurial activity. At the age of 15, he founded his first company, the living 1990 byte computer. Later he was involved in the wholesaler SENETCO computer and network distribution GmbH in Munich, until early 2001 EUROSOFT computer GmbH, founded an international distribution company for software licenses and hardware. Since 2005 the 31-year-old for the payment network AG operates, where he is mainly responsible for national sales, product innovation, and company building. COO Andrea Anderheggen was already before his graduation at the University of Zurich in various international M & A- and IT projects involved. So he worked among others for ScaleTools AG, ABN AMRO, Alliance UniChem Plc.

The 30-year-old is co-founder and partner of Swiss consulting company APMC GmbH, which specializes in projects in the areas of M & A, venture capital and business development has. The payment network AG Anderheggen is responsible for the international sales of areas of, marketing and innovation management and the European expansion by “sofortuberweisung”. Dr. Jens Lutcke, head of Legal Affairs, is a member of the Supervisory Board of the payment network AG. The 36-year old lawyer operates Tarabochia & Lutcke law firm in Munich. After completing his studies in Berlin, Munich and St. Gallen, he graduated in foreign and international patent, copyright and competition law at the Max Planck Institute Munich in the area and acquired a master of European and international business law. Lutcke is responsible for all legal aspects of the payment network AG. The payment network AG cooperates with more than 7,000 suppliers of eCommerce software and shop solutions. Through the Bank-independent number service sofortuberweisung.de offers a variety of online vendors the opportunity to integrate transfer tools without technical effort and to offer buyers as a form of payment.