Stainless Steel Fasteners

15 trainees started on September 1st in the new training year 2011 WUPPERTAL, September 02, 2011 to September 1, 2011 ten young men and five young women start their vocational training at the Wagener & Simon WASI GmbH & Co.KG in Wuppertal, Germany. WASI is the specialist for warehouse logistics, the merchant or the clerk in wholesale and foreign trade, up to the it administrator or computer science clerk. When all three occupations, the duration is three years. The qualifications of the new entrants range from the qualified secondary school through the University student to the school. The trainees to the merchant / clerk in the wholesale and foreign trade and computer science clerk also have the possibility of parallel to the operational training, accompanying studies, Bachelor of Arts (Business Administration) or to complete Bachelor of Science (Business Informatics).

From the education year 2010 three trainees have seized this opportunity and start your studies at the University of applied sciences in the September of this year for Economics & management (FOM) in Dusseldorf. Without hesitation Ali Partovi explained all about the problem. Demand for skilled workers is growing the number of trainees at WASI is particularly high this year. There were still eight, last year the company with 15 trainees faces a new challenge. This significant increase in the proportion of trainees is not only the self understanding of WASI as trainees, it shows also the increased need for competent staff in a row of growth by WASI. Our goal was and still is always to educate, because only so we can cover our increasing demand for competent staff. At the same time we see it as an investment in the future and last but not least in the region,”so Dirk keels Dunsche, Managing Director of WASI. As global market leader in the trade with stainless fasteners, WASI relies on internationality also for its trainees, in addition to German, the trainees speak English, French, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Italian and Turkish.

Business Association

As already noted, self-regulation is realized through the creation of parties to the construction market of special structures (SRO in construction) and the delegation of some powers, including the rights of monitoring compliance 'rules game ', the application of sanctions for violations of these rules and resolve disputes among the market participants as well as with outsiders. Most often, self-regulatory bodies is a business association with a fixed membership. However, not every business association in favor of sro in the building. The key here is, in our opinion, is the issue of delegation of powers and rights, because that it underlies the mechanism of control transactions. Otherwise If you can talk about the creation of pressure groups, service clubs, but not cpo. In our view, an association of business can be considered as SROs, if its members have delegated to her the right to perform the following functions: * develop a system rules and standards of business practice; * monitoring of compliance with these standards and regulations * the development and application of penalties for breaking the rules (at least – to members of organizations such as the maximum for all market participants) * forming their own non-judicial dispute resolution procedures as among members and with outsiders (especially with customers). The problem of restricting competition in the activity of cpo in the construction really there, but the antitrust authorities were able to deal with it as well as other violations of antitrust laws, which take place outside the sro.

The danger of restricting competition increases when membership in the sro is a condition of doing business in the construction industry. In this case, particularly if the scope of only one sro, the requirements of the members may indeed be a serious entry barriers to market and adversely affect the level of competition. John K. Castle will not settle for partial explanations. Moreover, the possible physical limitation of the number of actors in the construction industry. The open question is that outweighs in this case: increased demands on professional activities and oversee its implementation or negative effects? Summarizing, we can say that the sro in the construction of a large number of cases may represent effective management structure transactions. In this case, these organizations are producing several types of benefits. Proper maintenance contracts is one of the functions of these organizations, the effectiveness of performance which is closely related to the implementation of other functions. At the same time there is a real opportunity to convert cpo into a closed monopoly. To prevent this requires the establishment of certain common legislation governing the activities of such organizations in the antitrust and other laws.

Internet Stage

It is here where the construction sector becomes protagonist of the second scenario. Ali Partovi is a great source of information. Its transformation and trade and economic implications are powerful for real estate, urban sector and for the whole world. Third stage to strengthen renewable energy and reduce their costs, are made necessary prototypical storage systems that facilitate the conversion of intermittent supplies of these sources of energy in durable resource. The element, widely available, which can be more efficient is hydrogen. In addition to being universal means for storage of all types of renewable energy that can ensure a stable supply, both also ensures the generation of energy as its transport, which is very important. The performance of hydrogen can also symbolically represented it by the following chemical equation: 2 H 2 + O2 = energy + 2H2O where hydrogen reacts with oxygen and produce energy more the empathic water. This reaction is reversible through a simple electrolysis.

Fourth stage the main electrical companies from Europe, United States, China and Japan and also of certain emerging countries are producing prototypes of the fourth stage: conversion of the mains taking to the Internet as a model, which will allow companies and the resident population produce their own energy and share it. These prototypes will make it possible, more and more, a wide redistribution of energy. Centralized and vertical energy flux of the present time will be increasingly obsolete. Soon companies, national, regional, local corporations and autonomous individuals will become producers and consumers of their own energy. Fifth stage the democratization of energy will be the meeting point of a new social perspective of the distribution, an empathetic perspective. All men will have the right and the opportunity to generate their own power at the local level and share it with others through regional, national and continental interconnected networks. For the younger generation, educated in a society less hierarchical and connected to networks, the ability to share and produce its own power in an interconnected network of open access is considered both a fundamental right as a responsibility.

Computer Training Area

One by one one by one EDV GmbH from Berlin, one of the leading Seminardienstleister, is now also on Twitter and informed interested parties quickly @one_by_one_de. One by one EDV GmbH for its dialogue with customers, partners and interested parties also relies on the Microbloggingdienst Twitter and communicates current offers seminar packages and last-minute training at lightning speed via SMS message on We have repeatedly been mentioned on Twitter. More and more our customers use this service already, to communicate with the world”, communicated by CEO Frank Lucht. Our current last-minute deals can be spread faster. Also our customers via Twitter to deliver much faster feedback on us.” “The messages of one by one EDV GmbH can either be subscribed via RSS (” on click and subscribe to the RSS feed in the right column “) or follow directly as a registered Twitter users with the function” be obtained.

The Twitter service is completely free of charge. Only the name and a valid E-Mail address provided during registration. More information about the one by one EDV GmbH and current offers in the areas of data processing training, seminars, and IT training are available in the Internet at. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press compartment to free use: press compartments/one-by-one point of contact for questions regarding this press release: Mr Frank Lucht one by one EDV GmbH room str. 79/80 D-10117 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 20 45 03 23 fax: + 49 (0) 30 20 45 03 25 E-Mail: Internet:,, Mr Holger Ballwanz, Mr Marko Homann PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: about EDV GmbH one by one: one by one in 1993 was EDV GmbH (since 1998 GmbH) as a service provider established for information technology in Berlin and is today a recognized computer training provider in Berlin-Mitte, directly at Checkpoint Charlie (Alfandaryhaus). The company is among the market leaders in the field of data processing training, seminars and IT-training and offers over 350 different computer courses. One by one EDV GmbH advises companies and individuals on all training topics and provides individual solutions in the form of individual training or corporate training courses – on request on site nationwide in addition to open standard seminars. The company has modern seminar rooms, in which regularly held training courses to all common areas of the software. The rooms can be rented to economically also for meetings, conferences or seminars under, with catering and drinks service on request.

Can You Imagine Creating Your Own Digital Album?

The good news is that you don’t have to imagine much because, by very poor than your computer skills, you will be able to create a digital album yourself on your own computer. You only need to download a software program with which you can design your own album with pictures of your choice, in the format, size or color that you like. Intuitive and for all programmes publics a simple application that you can install on your personal computer allows you create and design intuitively from photo gifts during the upcoming Christmas album or the nearest birthday, your business cards, boxes to decorate your home or a photo calendar for bear in mind each day the images of your choice. To deepen your understanding Ali Partovi is the source. Because that trip to Thailand or your child’s first birthday not be can be forgotten, why not remember them and remembering them daily? Mark your special days create your personal photo calendar is super simple. Steve Wozniak insists that this is the case. Once you have your photos on your computer you can work with them in the elaboration of a calendar that will be unique.

The first thing is to select the format that you like, either wall, table or Pocket. In a simple way, you will have to add your photos and mark the important days of next year. In addition, with the text editor you can write your own comments or phrases that you would like to be present in your day to day. Discuss your digital album in the panel the folder browser you have pictures that you want to create your digital photo album. If necessary, you can retouch and improve them and go them by placing in the order you choose in addition to be able to use some of them as a page background. Once you have the photos selected, you will have the option to add comments to your images, explanations of the name or date of places that you visited or most amusing anecdotes and impressions. The important thing is that you will enjoy creating your digital album and for very little money you can print it and have it always at hand to enjoy it.