Geometry Strategy

SUMMARY This work presents reflections of an activity carried through with a group of pupils of Superior Ensino of the course of Full Licenciatura in Pedagogia of a Public University of the State of Par. The objective of the experience was to investigate in that way an activity with mockups potencializa the learning of geometric concepts. The data had been collected through a questinrio with opened questions, being analyzed in this work the relative answers to the interest of the pupils for the didactic activity, as well as the pertinent results on the process of teach-learning and the formation of the professors for the education of geometry. CONTEXTUALIZAO OF THE DIDACTIC EXPERIENCE? ON THE EDUCATION OF MATHEMATICS AND ACTIVITIES THAT APPROACH WHO LEARN OF WHAT IT IS NECESSARY TO LEARN. Geometry with its changeable dimensions and its importance for the development of the child, consequently requires including studies that they express resulted significant concernentes to education and learning of the geometric content.

Although the innumerable ones ramifications that can be worked the questions on geometry, our stories are come back toward activities elaborated and presented in classroom. Leaving of basic geometric concepts (segments of straight line, polygons, figures bi and tri-mensionais), we search to relate them it daily and the partner-cultural reality of licenciandos pupils of the initial series of a Public University of the State of Par, whose campus it is located in the capital, Belm. We objectify to analyze a potencializadora activity of learnings of basic concepts of geometry, as for example, plain and space space, area, figures. We opt to working with aspects that could be related to the civil construction thus they were next to the reality to the pupils. Therefore we can relate easily with spaces and so proper forms to discipline Mathematics. The work in classroom with mockups, this direction, potencializa to the pupil a more significant geometry, in the conceptualization of Moreira (1982), therefore it works with situations next to the reality to educating.

Secure Digital – Here to Stay

IBM has a model of CF drive called Microdrive, which has the same format of a Compact Flash but can store more than 1GB of data and internally is like a minidisk drive. – Smartmedia: they are very similar to the Compact Flash but not so widely supported and are thinner. Manufacturers such as Olympus and Fuji use these memories, but new models will catapult XD Flash memory, which will be the replacement of Smartmedia. Currently there are no new models that use this type of memories. – XD Flash: They’re very small and have access speeds (read / write) very fast.

Most new models from Olympus and Fuji use them. – Memory Stick: a memoir is Sony exclusive. The big advantage we have is that they can be used in all Sony products. The big disadvantage is that only can be used in Sony products. – Secure Digital (SD): These cards have the ability to lock data so prevent accidental data erasure. They are widely used in most models of major brands. In conclusion, the choice we have to take into account the price of these cards (in case want to buy additional memory that comes standard) as well as the size that we will use. For example, if you plan to go traveling and do not have any connection with a computer, you should buy high-capacity cards.

While you have access to a PC to download photos and burn them to CD or other storage device, we can remove the card and continue using the rest of the trip. Batteries power the camera is very important. None of us would like that in the middle of a session, a party, or a trip we stayed out of battery and we could not continue taking photos. So, without battery or batteries, the camera is just annoying and useless accessory. Digital cameras consume a lot of energy (especially when using the flash !!… and another continuously using the LCD), so that alkaline batteries do not work for them. That’s why we recommend using in the case of AA batteries, rechargeable NiMH (Nickel-Metal Hybrid) and a good charger. A great advantage with this type of batteries that are less expensive than proprietary batteries, and if at some point we ran out of batteries, AA batteries you can buy at almost any trade. In the case of cameras using proprietary batteries. These can be NiMH or Lithium Ion (Li-Ion). Usually this type of batteries are more compact, and I recommend buying an extra one as a backup if you will not have access to a plug to recharge the main battery for an extended period of use. Cameras using these types of batteries, generally include factory. The cost of purchasing additional batteries of this type is greater than the battery.


We currently live in the world a moment of great transformations, that comes provoking advances in the procedures and the form to act of the accounting. The sped up expansion of the medias and the increasing availability them information, allied to the use of the Internet, speed the world-wide decisions of the capital flows. Not remote the times that this flow of capital, facilitated for the agility of if getting information, is managed with speculative intentions provoking financial crises that provide the reduction of investments, the fear of the application in action and the unreliability of the future. Being thus we must apply of conscientious and managemental form the accounting, so that let us can break paradigms and recoup the confidence of the market in the IPOs, that had today become a market trend. In the search for financial resources to potencializar its growth, &#039 is common the companies; ' abrirem' ' its capital, moreover has a reduction in the risk, that is, it divides profits and damages with third (investing).

Opening of capital is the way for which the companies use to divide themselves in parts (action), this occurs when the proprietors search a liquidity immediate. With the flotation of shares the company starts to have more ' ' donos' ' , that they are the purchasers of the actions. The investors start to have rights and proportional duties the participation would set in motion. All investment contain risks, either lesser or bigger, how much consequently bigger the risk biggest the probability of profits, the managemental accounting comes to materialize and to give base for taking of decision with intention to minimize to the extremity the risk of the investment. The presentation of the compact countable data in form of managemental reports becomes commercial more and of better agreement in the market, leading in consideration that each time more new markets appear, being thus the more didactic it will be better is. Ahead of the presented scene the question appears as to recoup the trustworthiness and to break market paradigms becoming the company ' ' salable and confivel' ' using the managemental accounting? We search to go deep a subject that come seducing the market, the IPO and which the importance of the accounting so that the decision of the flotation of shares is taken, therefore with studies and you analyze we discover that the action market is the way most efficient to place resources. It does not have interference of ideologies nor of industrial politics.

A company in expansion phase needs to catch resources to invest in new segments, for in such a way based in research and analyzes of the market opted to the opening of its capital. With the objective to show to the market of descomplicada form numbers that technician with refined knowledge would only understand, we analyze that a presentation will be had where we simplify the numbers and becoming them of easy agreement, we would reach a promising market. With the IPO reaching ampler market, the capitalizaton would be faster and the valued actions more, also becoming the mark of the known company more. With this to attract fast capitalizaton and to prevent the indebtedness