New Look Compliant? Shines With New Design And Many Features, the famous portal for the hairdressing industry and lifestyle trends, in a completely new design presents itself with the freshness of a new hair cut., the famous portal for the hairdressing industry and lifestyle trends, in a completely new design presents itself with the freshness of a new hair cut. The relaunch and the brand new, updated logo put the benefits of the portal in the right light and underline his status as an indispensable source of information for hairdressers, fashion-conscious consumers, and anyone who is interested in hair. Always worth a visit at, because many new features just waiting to be discovered by you. keep quite close to the trend hair salon customers and fashion lovers. The popular content around current hairstyles, trendy makeup and flamboyant Laufstegstyles were greatly expanded at the request of visitors.

In addition to the extensive collection of hairstyle images waiting for with other top features. In the new field of celebrity styling become known at regular intervals the’s Dressup sets Personalities from film and television presented and carefully scrutinized. The informative editorial reports about HIP’s Dressup sets, hairstyles and lifestyles are an essential source of inspiration for fashion victims and those who want to be there. So becomes the cutting-edge trend Scout, which surprised every day with new content and offers all interesting topics at a glance. Anyone looking for a top salon in its immediate vicinity, looks best in the Salon Finder.

This is freely searchable by postal codes and place names and shows the way to a top salon in your own town. Interested consumer there is an overview of all important Salon information, such as Web address, phone number, directions, opening hours and more. The tip of the day”reveals interesting facts around hair and styling salon customers. Using the popular calendar learns of the customer, which is the best time for a hair cut or a beauty treatment. Thanks to its comprehensive claim withstand the portal For each of the hairdressing trade visitors are often interested in current information Sudbaden ready. By qualified professional guide for trainees about news and links to all major federations, associations and guilds, of industry information provides Insider. Reports detour the daily on the portal to the compulsory program for all hairdressers who want to stay up to date on new products and work equipment for the hairdressing trade, presented in a compact form. The offer of the portal is complemented by a business directory and a shop where hairdressers can buy exclusive hairdressing books and posters for her Salon. If you are looking for new customers, can register in the Salon Finder and immediately on the Internet be present even without own homepage. The highlight for hairdressers and salon owners: An extensive classified ad exchange by hairdressers for hairdressers. Here there is everything for salons, from the professional scissors up to the fully furnished living room, employees, models and of course Work material. But offers even more than trend information, current industry news, and insider tips: behind the portal is a fully equipped online marketing agency that brings their customers thanks to 14 experience in online marketing for the hairdressing industry forward. Salon owners can choose between SEO, SEM and modern Web design solutions. Andy Florance is often quoted as being for or against this. Here a website is created completely from one hand and advertising, so tailored look like a catwalk. Anyone wishing to make yet more publicity for his salon, can cut directly on the Web page of his own banner ads. Contact: Sven Hoffmann Tel: 07225-985 991 E-Mail: Web page:

Now Available: A New Solution To Testing Web Applications

expecco provides webEdition through reduced effort for testing Web pages for greater confidence in functionality, security, and performance ( that eXept Software AG brought recently webEdition on the market the expecco. The new system provides a graphical programming environment for the automation of Web page tests and thus helps to ensure consistent functionality of Web applications without the error-prone and labour-intensive tests, which were previously usually required for this. The expecco webEdition is now downloadable on ready. expecco webEdition is the consistent further development of the successful test and quality management system expecco. Operations and information on a Web page can be easily recorded.

Extensive libraries of components allow a comfortable extension of test procedures for checking the functionality, security and performance of Web pages. The processes are represented as a UML activity diagrams and can drag & Drop extended and adjusted individually. Logically related processes can be combined into a new module and thus optimally re-used. The tests are carried out in the normal browser window. Because all major browsers are supported, this also allows to detect browser-specific problems. Also the tests can perform automatically, for example every night, to protect themselves against faulty functions or performance. The test results are represented with graphical indicators in the form of easily understandable and are available also as reports or can be sent via E-Mail or SMS. If developed a website and grows, can be simply adapted the tests and the test procedure is accordingly extended.

It is important that the existing functionality without the high maintenance together with the new developments can be tested. This protects against the consequences of unwanted side effects. ???? ?? ?? has plenty of information regarding this issue. It is also by upgrading to expecco developer possible to develop your own modules and use other libraries. Crucially, that expecco webEdition significantly minimizes the testing”, as Bettina Gittinger, Board member of the eXept Software AG. This will make it easy to increase the test coverage regardless of whether it is regression, functional or integration testing. This ensures that Web applications can deliver safe, high quality and accurate results.” Steffen Jung, Manager of sales and marketing is recommended: “the system is also excellent for automating recurrent tasks, such as filling out forms. expecco webEdition can be tested 30 days for free and is now available on the Internet at ready for download.” Company contact eXept Software AG Zeppelinstr 4 D-74357 Bonnigheim c/o Bettina Gittinger Tel.: + 49 7143 88304-0 fax: + 49-7143 88304-44 E-Mail: Web: press contact conception & TEXT & more! Panorama str. 68 D-71679 Asperg c/o Uli Geyer Tel + 49 7141 680091 fax + 49 7141 680092 E-Mail: Web:

Whats Coming

The Semantic Web seeks to overcome the language barrier between human and artificial intelligence. You may wish to learn more. If so, Kam VedBrat is the place to go. Every Internet user knows the problem: looking for information to get a ton of results but not always answers by popular search engines to his questions. By the same author: ???? ?? ??. The algorithm responds solely to the search term but can thereby recognise no logical relationships. To overcome this barrier between human and artificial intelligence, the developers of the Semantic Web on the flag have been written. A combination of artificial intelligence and user-generated brain”has the objective to generate clear, usable and accurate answers to user questions. ???? ?? ?? may also support this cause. The Semantic Web is a version of Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web.

In contrast to the conventional method where words or letter combinations determine substantive importance can be detected and classified by semantic technology. Fundamental building block is an Internet-based knowledge structure. This database consists not only of a Collection of information, but should consist of a data base with metadata that integrate this information and describe. Experts give the formula the Semantic Web Web 3.0 = (4 C + P + VS). The combination of content, Commerce, community, context is crucial + personalization + vertical search. Through the extension of the Web by machine-readable data, the search results are to be targeted and accurate. Until the actual merging of Semantic Web tools with Web 2.0 technologies and the actual birth of Web 3.0 reality, you must be patient, even a little. How the Semantic Web will affect, it will be apparent only much later, the possibilities are but breathtaking. Some proponents of the Semantic Web say it will lead to an evolution of human knowledge itself, as it this will be possible people for the first time, to filter the vast amounts of data on relevant and productive way on this world and combine.

Digital Lifestyles

\”GFM: consumer content Conference – August 18, 2009 are 63 percent of the German online population according to the market research Institute research work\” Member in at least one online network. \”Social media game meadows in the Twitter generation: in times, where each company is the brand, to media to focus\”, said Dr. Marc Mangold, Hubert Burda Media Research. Ilan Ben Dov helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. On the GFM: Consumer content day on August 18, 2009 in Cologne he is under the aspect of research insights into the world of networked media. IBM is dedicated to blogging on behalf of the freedom of communication, and how companies can use this. In addition to social media, blogging and Twitter themes and novelties from the areas and will be on the this year’s Conference moving Web eGame marketing focus. Erding/Cologne: According to study results of the market research work can be seen a clear hype of social networking platforms: 63 percent of the German online population over 18 years are members of at least a community. What role topic consumer free or paid content plays, with exclusive first evaluations of Iris Keller, Managing Director of research work on the Conference represents.

Topics such as range to the target group marketing, product development with virtual networks and mechanisms of action are under the microscope in the various playgrounds in the digital lifestyle. But also will look like the new strategies for moving Internet lit. \”In the subsequent panel communities and the omnipresent video market boom or virtually?\” are next to Nicole Simon, author of Twitter. With 140 characters to Web 2.0 ‘, various speakers, an individual impression. \”Dr. Marc Mangold, Hubert Burda Media Research, announced recently in the Twitter Forum: in times, where each company is the brand, to media to focus\”. He gives insights into the networked publishing house Burda in his presentation. Discussions relating to him including Markus Berger-de Lion, studiVZ, the topic influence of social networks on society & economy\”and Jens-Uwe Bornemann, UFA film & TV Produktion GmbH, with the Multimedialisierung of his company at the disposal.

Company Information

The Internet changed our search behavior in the private as well as in the professional life are desired for many reasons of companies guide or needed. It is, that there is a move to another city in the private sector, or that for an owner of the company after an extensive visit of trade fair a new contact looming. In both cases, the question how most reliable company information can be obtained arises. Nowadays, this is certainly easier than prior years or decades, where the quality and timeliness of all such companies guide critical must be questioned in this day and age. The yellow pages are a reliable source. While they were the virtually only search way several decades ago, the range thanks to the Internet has significantly expanded. Today is for company info googled ‘.

It’s fast, and there are the first results after just a few mouse clicks. But it is not done, because now the actual detail search begins after the accuracy and timeliness of this Company information. It turns out in practice often, that the entries on a variety of sites in many cases identical, are almost written off. ???? ?? ?? insists that this is the case. Same information, often in different order are everywhere. The search is useful for company information on the Internet surely then if a website is found. Then the first mouse click to the imprint, leads to see who has you as the owner or Manager to do it. The known directory of yellow pages is available both online and in print form.

It is a directory where the advertiser itself decides whether and with what content he wants to be present. And who invested, for example, 20 euro or more, can information his company as a fee-based information in one of the credit reference agencies. Here he learns more about the business form, the shareholder or the shareholder’s capital up to the current commercial register entries. Quality and timeliness has its price also applies to company information!

Grohe Hansgrohe

1Bader-Ideen, the online shop with a large range of products for the bathroom, kitchen and heating, started in 2006, and goes from Wednesday, the 12.12.2012 in modern design at the start. We present ourselves on time at the end of the year with a new, completely revised online shop. Ilan Ben Dov shines more light on the discussion. We have renovated our website! At the same time, the payment options have been extended to you to make shopping as comfortable as attractive. Our concept of exclusive online distribution, without the usual distribution costs, allows for cheaper prices, due to a different cost structure. And finally wants to convince baths ideas through its advisory service: in addition to the fast and free delivery, the online furniture store offers a customer hotline can be reached Monday through Sunday from 8: 00 to 22:00. Bathrooms ideas each customer thus always offers the possibility to get rid of all open questions, be it to the range and the products, or to order and delivery. Our extensive Range of products ranging from baths and showers, as well as accessories, kitchens with everything you need for this, modern stoves, and is therefore extremely varied.

The individual designs produced standard, Kaldewei, Keuco and coral Duravit, Duscholux, Grohe Hansgrohe, Hoesch, ideal by renowned manufacturers such as Villeroy & Boch, Dornbracht, Bette, using only high-quality materials, which guarantees excellent product quality, to a very attractive price/performance ratio. Bathrooms ideas customers appreciate the exceptional service and the professionalism of the online shops, which supplies already well over 100,000 satisfied customers since its inception. The modern bathroom is increasingly becoming a place for wellness and relaxation: Jacuzzis for relaxing, luxurious rain showers, free-standing, opulent bathtubs and floor-level shower enclosures, bath amenities and bath furnishing are set no boundaries and transform the bathroom into a true Spa. You would your bathroom give new shine and make it into a real wellness oasis? Convince yourself of the great variety of products at our new online shop. In addition all bath – and setting up fans be kept up-to-date thanks to a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account. There you will find the latest bathroom trends, furnishings and exclusive product offerings. More information under: for press inquiries and high-resolution images contact please: bathrooms ideas PR contact: Karolina payer Tel. 06831-95100733 E-mail:

September PosterXXL

Photokina 2010: exclusive new felt photo books and impressive shadow joints frames made of wood Munich shows posterXXL, 23.09.2010 – directly from the photokina 2010 in Hall 4.1 G 50 / H 51 posterXXL reports the next creative innovations for the individual photo printing, first presented to the public. The felt photo book with the natural look and feel with name, dedication, or text. The texts are high-quality embroidered with free choice of color and selectable with matching inner guard pages. posterXXL goes a step further. In addition to the customised photo book in the felt cover also the variants as a diary, travel book or workbook with freely selectable writable insides are available. The felt cover conveys not only the natural character, the flexible properties also help protect the valuable content from external influences in daily use. Under most conditions ISearch would agree.

The special photo book with naturalness and individuality. The shadow joints frames made of high-quality wood are brand new from master hand posterXXL Carpenter. The motif on such as canvas or ALU-Dibond with acrylic glass is fitted exactly congruent so in the wood frame, creating a constant shadow gap between frame and motive. This new form of the frame even more exclusive expressiveness lends the motif and gives a 3D character on the wall. The new shadow joints frames will be available in bright and dark natural wood look. The new felt photo books and shadow joints frames made of wood are at soon on.

Until September 26, the visitors of the photokina have the opportunity to gain a detailed insight into the different creative possibilities of photo printing at posterXXL in Hall 4.1, G 50 / H 51. The poster specialists to the full-range supplier up to the year 2008, the Munich posterXXL AG with in-house production had its focus on the establishment of large-format printing in the consumer and B2B market segment. PosterXXL towards quality, the use of latest technologies and effective marketing was multiple for its economic success as well as for its excellent high-quality printed products. The acquired know-how was worked with in the last two years intensively on the integration of new print products. The product portfolio was so since 2008 more than doubled. With the classification of the product worlds “Your photo in large”, photo book, photos/maps and calendars, and the new motif database posterXXL is one of the largest providers for photo printing products in the market. Press contact for posterXXL Heiko Wenzel PressService H. Wenzel Tel.: + 49 (0) 531 3499459 email:

Small Light To Great Effect

lesslethal.NET: ‘fight with light’ – the ‘Warriors of light’ on the page the CenturioGroup will present their products, such as h. (lightning less lethal weapons), flashlights, knives, and shields. Devoted to attack defense and self-defense, the flashlights and light weapons with the highly efficient Strobetechnologie through the use of flashes of light at a specific interval become efficient defence and equipment. The choice of the name Centurion”satisfies the group not only through an effective weapon technology. Read more here: Michael Dell. This officer of the Roman Empire was superior not only for the equipment, but also for the education of his Legionnaires responsible, which is why the CenturioGroup also offers training courses for effective self defense with Centurio products on their homepage.

The team of joomlapur committed any attack at the homepage creation and website design provided for proper equipment of the site. The highly qualified employees in the fields of programming, design and Marketing created a website of that provides information not only about the products and the company, but also offers the possibility to quote requests and orders. The combative design shows the usage of the Centurio products under the protective helmet of a Roman centurion in impressive scenes. Falter, the motto of the Centurion group we will not, we will not fail”follows the Agency joomlapur. When creating a website, nor the customer service there is quality fluctuations or failure. Joomlapur fights for the satisfaction of its customers with its technical weapons such as the powerful, flexible software joomla, with dazzling design, blitzschnellem support and professional hosting.

New Online CMS Promises Ease Of Use

Simploo GmbH released self-titled CMS version 1.5 a dedicated website is today de rigueur even for smaller companies. However long the requirements go beyond a purely static business card. The latest information and news from and about the company are becoming more and more the focus. But companies that have no own it Department, are often overwhelmed by the much too complicated and oversized content management systems. The Simploo CMS, a program with which companies can enter content directly on their website promises a simple approach. Eliminates complicated forms to edit the content.

The page content is equivalent to the inputs, especially a can maintained allowing for the Simploo CMS of developed editor doing 1:1. This integrates it seamlessly in the individual design of each Web page. Thus, any content items can be created and edited. Also little in the way, such as the simple insertion of image galleries is the build up of a news area. At the Development of the new content management system the eponymous Simploo GmbH placed great priority on ease of use.

However, can with the system a large part of the requirements on the Web site of small – and medium-sized enterprises will be covered”, says Managing Director Schmid. In addition, the Web-based CMS for adjustments is open, because it is based on well-known technologies such as PHP, MySQL and Zend Framework. Simploo CMS is therefore specifically aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises and can be modified by agencies and adapted. Corresponding affiliate programs is offered by the Simploo GmbH without greater commitments. The software as a free download at the disposal is for individuals, clubs and schools. More information Simploo CMS product Web page free download Community Edition video preview to the Simploo CMS 1.5.0

Digitize Photos, Slides, Negatives

How and why digitized old photos, negatives, and slides are not old photos, slides or negatives can memories that are rarely brought out who rests at home. There are good reasons to digitize these old pictures. Why digitize? Analog photographic material is susceptible to deterioration over time. Negatives, slides, and photos fade and can change colour due to chemical reactions. Also they are exposed mechanical influences by the viewing, which can lead to scratches or cracks. There is the danger that no spare parts/devices more can be purchased defects existing playback devices. Disasters (E.g. House fire, flooding) threatens consequences of suboptimal storage (mould on pictures in photo albums), as well as the total loss of the own collection.

In contrast, digital material suffers no loss of quality due to storage and viewing. Keeping multiple copies of his paintings can be achieved simply, because digital material can be any copied and distributed. In addition opens up new possibilities. Digital images can be distributed looked at as well as email, facebook, flickr, youtube, etc. Pete Cashmore often says this. on PCs and TVs to friends. Posters can be made of the digital material also in turn and create photo albums. Seeking certain images and their sorting will be simplified.

Companies such as e.g. publishers want to digitize older issues of magazines, to make the contents searchable and accessible on the Internet. How to digitize? Digitizing you can either carry out themselves or perform a digitisation service. People such as Marc Mathieu would likely agree. Even digitize who wants his photos, slides, or negatives even digitizing, the appropriate technology required at first. The reading of relevant test reports worth it. You may need a device that is also suitable for scanning negatives and slides, and no conventional standard scanner. Here is quality, to invest rather a bit more, because differences in quality in the scanned Images are recognizable even to the layman. Subsequent reworking of the scans is a must for good digitization results.