Tricky Translations

Russian – German: small stumbling blocks for conference interpreters what not all translated in a translation agency: technical documentation, specifications, manuals and instructions of all kinds, corporate presentations and contracts, books… But a dictionary that contains two or more languages? Replaced it around one of the existing languages or complements the existing bilingual terms with a new, foreign-language terminology? In our case, it goes to something else. Tomarenko specialist translations + DTP, a Hamburg-based translation agency for Russian English german, is planning a project that is derived or, more precisely put, inspired by an existing English Russian and Russian English Dictionary. For more information see this site: Andy Florance. A somewhat unusual dictionary, its called it ungewohlich and at the same time symptomatic sounds is common, namely nesistematitscheskij MOJ Slowar”by Pavel Palazhchenko. As a longtime interpreter of Mikhail Gorbachev, the “actually the Gorbachev ideas for which at least the English speaking world only had made it clear, Pavel Palazhchenko belongs to the elite of professional translators and interpreters: once dubbed him the times even a prince among translators and interpreters” ( time /…). In Russia Pavel Palazhchenko is also known as author of several teaching and textbooks, which have become absolute classics for professional translators and interpreters within a short time. “My unsystematic dictionary” was published first in 1999 in the Russian language, revised after several editions in 2002 and 2005 with a new unsystematic dictionary “added.

The special feature of this dictionary is that it nourishes itself from the long years-experience of a first-class Conference interpreter in dealing with tricky situations and as an opportunity for valuable linguistic commentary and educational tips takes concepts hard to translate individual and expressions. The dictionary focuses on many typical, cutting-edge Idioms and meanings, which are missing in this form in the most conventional glossaries and Worterbuchern. A similar collection of words and idioms, rather from the scientific or technical area, offered up only Russko-anglijskis nautschno-technitscheskij slowar perevodchika”(” Russian-English translator’s dictionary: A Guide to scientific and technical usage “by Mikhail Zimmerman and Claudia Vedeneeva (published by Nauka (Science Publishers), Moscow, and John Wiley & Sons Ltd.), but without comments and case studies.) A work seems just predestined for the continuous updating and participation by other translators and interpreters, the new contribution.

Using IFM To Holistic Success In

2BEe analyzed and harmonized business, whether large firms, retail store, Office, practice or workshop, is a “living organism” in which energy, sympathy, attractions and the complex field of unconscious communication and involvement contribute significantly to the success of every company. Introduce your company to the holistic success if only some of the uneven areas of your company would pick up momentum, the whole thing would change positively. Here are selected issues of company analysis using IFM: sales and sales promotion the year objectives improve the quality of your products solution of special problems and projects harmonization and strengthening of teams and employee motivation optimization of the customer base and customer acquisition human resources increase the space energy in Office and business premises u.v.m. Right now, what would help your business to come back into balance and success? Participate in the information and energy field so as every man a Has energy and information field, as every company has its own specific energy – and information field. The information field contains all relevant errors at various levels according to the quantum model. The IFM is able to read these fields and to realize what a company response is and what can best balance the field of company and harmonize from selected databases.

Working with the IFM can support the achievement of goals and wishes. First is the import of energy and information field. After the 2BEe-IFM-Analyse, the analysis results are documented in writing and discussed together. (As opposed to Zendesk). The Befeldung is affiliated for 4 weeks. Periodically discussions feedback, to discuss occurred changes, perform subsequent analyses, and to adapt the Befeldungsprogramm. Behind-the-scenes look at pulses to optimize the complex system person / company is not always easy to the original blocks and patterns recognize.

Questions such as: what is blocking my company? Why do I lack confidence? What prevents my success? Why do I lack the courage? What makes me sick?”can be answered not always profound and original. It would be even better if we would get exactly what we need to improve our situation. A stimulus that moves us inside to find the ways right for us to improve our lives and businesses. The IFM enables to locate not only blocking causes, but mainly optimize and balance. The analysis of the IFM opened a completely new and holistic perspective on all areas of work and problem fields of our life. The goal is always the optimization of the personal information field, no matter whether it is to a human organism, a complex system, like for example a family, a business, an object, such as a House, a partnership, or the environment. One of the special features of the information fields is that it at the quantum level no Distance is. Therefore, a 2BEe-IFM-Coaching is not spatially tied. Clients and businesses can receive the transforming Befeldungsimpulse so permanently and any place! 2BEe, Sabine Krause & Sabine Macomb, GbR Kirchweg 115 50858 Cologne FON: 0221 499 45 16 w

Dirk Schlenzig

The supply institution of the Bund and the Lander (VBL) provides employers, own, CI compliant information portals available, developed by SITEFORUM. The largest German supplementary pension fund for occupational pensions in the public sector thus supports the 5400 companies involved with her, to comply with their legal obligation. The employer can cut their portals content to meet their needs and customize its appearance on their respective corporate identity. Forms, documents, and online services such as supply or own contribution calculator can select individually, to adapt to the interests of the workers. Employers get an own subdomain to access their portal and sign up. The first information portals by public employers are already online.

The employer can cut their portals content to meet their needs and customize its appearance on their respective corporate identity. Forms, documents, and online services such as supply or own contribution calculator can select individually, to adapt to the interests of the workers. Employers get an own subdomain to access their portal and sign up. The first information portals by public employers are already online. The VBL has recognized for their insured long ago the value of Internet-based services.

Its own portal has developed the insurer with SITEFORUM to extensive information, communication and service platform for the company pension plan. With the information portals, the VBL now consistently continue the chosen path: employers, insured persons and pensioners must no longer compulsory on the portal the VBL go to learn. The customers will receive the relevant information, functionality, and services directly with the employer in the familiar look. Martin says Appel, head of online marketing at the VBL: employers are obliged to inform their employees of about occupational pensions. Information portals, we have a find innovative way to deliver our information up-to-date and personalised at the end customer. With the SITE FORUM platform managed a quick implementation of the project.” Dirk Schlenzig, CEO of the SITEFORUM group: The concept of intelligent service and information distribution for decentralized sites asserts itself more and more. The distance to the customer can be reduced significantly and increase the quality of service. This results in higher sales, lower costs and happier customers. We glad that we are allowed to accompany as a technology partner the VBL on their way.” Through social networking features can leave users later information, leave comments, rate content or forward them to other users. The quality of the offer can be measure by the interactivity and further spread the information.

Strategic Management

A new range of services, tools, and methods helps companies, ambitious strategic goals faster and more efficiently to reach you want to sustainably strengthen the position of your company at the market or improve? Its competitors to be always one step ahead? A new range of services, tools, and methods that are described on the Web site, now helps companies to achieve these ambitious goals faster and more efficiently. Whether increasing the support competitiveness, identify growth potential or the penetration into new markets – with comprehensive content in the field of strategic management and project management the Winfried Kempfle marketing services much more efficient to develop their business strategy and implement as this was the case earlier companies of all sizes and industries. “Still, for example, market and competitive analysis are either not at all or not systematically in the industry uses for an efficient strategy work”, white Winfried Kempfle, the developer and owner of, from his own experience in the consulting and the German enterprise business develoment. “For example, is often to observe that only reports be purchased by market analysts and unthinkingly used without critically questioning assumptions and factors influencing market. Not infrequently even strategic decisions are “underpinned so”, taken in advance based on a “gut feeling” of management. Here, many potential lie fallow, which can be lifted by the deliberate and systematic use of methods, tools and techniques of strategic management.

But rarely is the application of methods of project management in the context of the strategy, this strategy could be projects hereby faster, more efficiently and with greater results. Particularly applies to the implementation phase, when analysis results concepts developed and measures are derived and implemented. Exactly at the services offered by Winfried Kale marketing services attaches these points: the company offers all effective methods, tools, and services that are required for an effective strategy work and for business development.