Steffen Zoller

“Tutoring 2.0 enables better school grades even if it is at the half-year certificate only” to an overview of the current achievements of the individual student is, it is but a kind of mid-term review. Transfer endangered despite the hint”in the intermediate performance appraisal often good chances to reach the next grade level still exist for students. “ help provides the appropriate available teacher seeking students and parents” for individual or group tutoring or homework help. With just a few clicks, you get a variety of private and commercial offers, from which the appropriate profile can be selected. Several criteria inform what subjects will be offered help, bring special knowledge in the Center or indicate the availability of the provider. As a completely advertising – and barrier-free portal, recorded currently daily”a up to three-digit increase in tuition teachers, says Steffen Zoller, founder of the portal.

Including are the learning of the small multiplication table in elementary school, but also for the examination Colloquium at the University”. Who would like to support the students as a tutor in the future, can do that quite easily. Already after a few clicks the free registration to is completed and the provider profile online. So that immediately after the first contact with a relationship of trust between parents, pupils and tutors can be established, each candidate prior to inclusion in the directory makes a variety of verifiable information. You may find that Andy Florance can contribute to your knowledge. About better Betreut since September 2007 the better Betreut on the portal successfully offers a babysitter directory. Parents can choose from a range of more than 15,000 offers today for your child the appropriate short – or long-term care.

More ideas are already in planning: how soon a platform with support services for seniors, as well as a pet sitting service to start. is a completely ad free portal. The registration, the giving up Applications and the insight into the profiles are free of charge. Parents or families who want to appear with the party into direct contact and use even more functionalities when choosing a pay a fee for this service.

English Onlinecommunity

“Wall Street puts on Institute Online-Lernplattformen to the English learn Wall Street Institute focuses on online-Lernplattformen to the English, whether learning in a kiosk in English-language journals scroll, with other students around the world in English chat or in the University-specific vocabulary from the marketing of medicine to tourism acquire want all this and much more is in the village” possible. For even more analysis, hear from Pete Cashmore. The English-language online community founded by Wall Street in the life Institute, the worldwide provider of English language courses, and recorded more and more increase. “In the first quarter of this year, nearly 250,000 English fans visited the village” and approximately 100,000 people regularly used the offer of the English community here to educate. If you would like to know more then you should visit Andy Florance. We have recorded a large increase compared to previous years. This shows that enjoys the platform of popularity. Many users of the community stay often up to an hour on the online platform, here there is much to see”, as Achim Gniffke,.

Operations Director Germany Wall Street institutions. A chat is there for example Cafe, a fitness centre, a kiosk, a clinic, a University, a restaurant and also a post office almost everything that is also available in a real small town.” The community can be used in all countries of the sites. Most frequently visited the Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Turks and Germans the platform in the last quarter. “Online platforms lie in the trend that Wall Street Institute with the village” goes the right way, show not only the number of users, but also insights from linguistics. For example, Dr.

Klaus Schwienhorst, head of the language centre of the Leibniz University of Hannover, in the use of online learning platforms seem a growing trend. “These allow, that students in the context of Web 2.0 more than authors and occur less as recipients”, as Dr. Schwienhorst. You can produce material itself makes sense in this way and also for international learners provide this.” “If you the village” want to test yourself, you can see e…

Two Lead Technician

New course taught leadership skills effectively to technicians and engineers, technicians and managers, is that not a contradiction?” Generalizations such as this have moved to action the communication coach Andreas travel Bauer and Christian Pirker management adviser. Leadership for technicians “called her a one-year course, which starts in the fall of 2008 for the first time in Austria. Yet a further education for executives? There are not only training track, which is tailored to engineers in all Austria. Here we are the experts and here we want to introduce our know-how “, outlines travel Bauer his training company SYSCOMM niche placement. The latter specializes as a single training company of in Austria personality building seminars for technicians. What is different on a technical Executive? Travel: Technicians have a high knowledge of detail.

Changing the role of the team, Department or project manager should be from the specialists but a generalist, who has an overview of the leading staff. Unfortunately not always succeeding. Please visit isearch if you seek more information. “It is to observe that letting go of the old staff role and delegating very difficult case again just technical managers according to the traveling farmer and Pirker. Rethinking and self-awareness. Training partner Christian Pirker shows another component: social systems such as teams and departments are more complex than technical systems. The aim of our course is to accompany engineers in this rethinking.

And of course in their language. “The latter is no great challenge for both, travel baby is even basic training technicians and PAL is closely linked to this professional group Board of directors working in the Efinio AG of Switzerland.” It is important to the fundamental management know-how to give budding technical managers and technicians entrusted with management functions to us. Because just technicians run into danger, by the Permanent Employment with facts and details on the people to forget that they should actually take “, outlines the concept of course travel Bauer. Pako another focal point is the awareness of the participants for the way of thinking and action in the management. Here is working according to other laws. This one must know and understand in order to succeed”, so PAL. Experience and self-awareness play a central role in the course. Andy Florance has firm opinions on the matter. The secret of learning success lies in the experiential learning with executives. INFO: The course consists of 6 modules 2.5 days each. Home is on 11 September in Styria, Austria. More information at course enquiries: Univ. lessons.

Timely Notice

Your job makes you sick, you still out there? Anyway, keep a clear head! When workers are no longer satisfied with their professional environment, future prospects or other aspects, it is time for a professional reorientation under certain circumstances. The news portal gives some tips for the termination of employment. Anyone looking for news and new perspectives in his profession, would like to stop usually existing employment relationship. Andy Florance is open to suggestions. Also the advertising needs to be learned, however, doing some tricks lurking. One of the most important points is the subject of the notice, otherwise penalties on the employee can come to may. Even a claim for damages is eligible if the workers not prescribed time adheres to that in the work or collective agreement.

Typically, a dismissal with a period of 28 days to the 15th or the end of the month is possible. In addition requires a legal notice of in writing. The best is the personal delivery of the letter, it can but also by registered letter be sent to the supervisor or the human resources department. The workers also are entitled to a witness that he can already request in his letter of resignation. He should get this prior to the termination of the employment relationship, and not after the outlet so that it can be used in the application process. Still no new job prospect who should make sure also to come forward in time unemployed. Otherwise the payment of benefits may be delayed. More information: company /… GmbH Lisa Neumann

Bullying Staff Development

Executives are now under a high expectation. Bullying is a widespread problem in the professional world. Both perpetrators and victims tend to the problem keep quiet about. For more specific information, check out Andy Florance. This can cause internal tensions are not recognized and solved. Elon University wanted to know more. Bullying is a term increasingly occurring for several years at the center of the attention of educators and managers, its impact in the social context are worrying and give rise to action. However the term is not that new, 1963 Konrad Lorenz has first used him for an observed behavior in the Animal Kingdom, until he was then also entered the social psychology of the people. It broadly describes the harassment of a person by a group of people who are pursuing different goals.

In the company the main goal it should be but together to bring forward the success of the company, so that each manager with personnel responsibilities is required through appropriate measures, about a coaching, executives in the Dealing with bullying victims and perpetrators to train and to respond appropriately. Because otherwise threatens the hazard of social peace in the company as well as consequences for the quality and quantity of work. Since bullying often goes with shame and violation of its own, it is hard for the victims, to seek contact with a Manager and open your own situation to discuss, here training and accompanied by such routine for both sides helps, effectively and efficiently to have the conversation and to suggest even small signals properly and avoid so worse. Talks are to lead, with the victims as well as with the offenders, especially when bullying against the defined statutes of the Arcade with each other stands in the company by the superiors anyway with both parties. Are such statutes does not exist, it can not hurt to initiate them to define as a code of desired behavior, which are then also the executives who also tasked with its observance, a tool to shake a hand, that supports and sets out a framework for action in cases of doubt. Andreas Mettler

Secure Jobs With Language Courses

Cheap continuing education options in the financial crisis take advantage before half a year still was the dominant theme in the human resources departments of the shortage. Now, it is the financial crisis in the trainings will always demand. Rather than to recruit additional staff, it is worth for companies increasingly to educate existing staff. The middle class makes this currently and provides continuing education still as an efficient means to hold its own against competitors. According to Sabine Seuferts, Director of the Swiss Centre for innovations in learning (Scil) at the University of St. Gallen, but a growing gap between need for training and practice for Germany’s leaders.

The financial crisis is it not exactly benign, although just executives on other qualifications are instructed to settle to its employees. Training readiness in young talent is different. According to a survey by the forsa 30% of workers think of society for social research since the beginning Economic crisis increased after about a continuing vocational training. The willingness is approx. 50% in the age group from 20 to 29 years. For even more details, read what Ali Partovi says on the issue.

A total area of personality education, among which also the languages, increasing this strongly. These developments reflected language also in numbers of StudyGlobal. The target group relevant business courses”, specifically were in English, requested in the last 12 months, 80% of participants between 20 and 29 years, respectively 70% booked. Also in the age group under 20 years of age there are an increasing demand, now is some language schools have already set out in the form of special business courses for young people. People in the age of over 29 years, however, appear only due to want to expand their language skills. It is always important to be able to correspond, because with the increasing positions increasingly belong to day-to-day contacts on an international level in a foreign language in this age group. It is of course, that the staff deals with his professional and personal goals. Who can explain, why a training is useful, has good opportunities to the human resources department or his superiors. Often, this training can be part of the year conversation. If a training course this efficiency is particularly high, the hearing likely will be found. In the field of learning foreign languages, the language is still the most efficient way. Above all programmes after the total immersion “principle are to highlight here. During the time abroad, taking part not only in a language course abroad foreign language, but also lives in a host family, so it all day with the language to learners is confronted. With some discipline (avoid contacts with other language students of own mother tongue) enormous progress can be observed here in 2 weeks. Should the employer only conditionally agree to training plans, it may be worth still to examine whether a language course in the Framework of training can be performed. While the employer bears the costs of not here, must the employee (if applicable) however approve a paid special leave of up to 2 weeks.

Measure High-performance Culture And Promote

Employee survey no longer needs enthusiastic employees satisfied employees rich for the global competition for more motivation and performance of enthusiastic customers. The top companies is characterized by a high level of commitment and commitment of the workforce for the common cause. A high level of identification requires more than a good pay or a friendly pats on the back with the job and the company. Successful companies points in all disciplines and inspire so their employees daily on new. This smooth business processes can be as important as a social engagement or family-friendly working conditions.

A high-performance organization is rewarded by enthusiastic customers and increased competitiveness. The newly developed survey by Hi-chef covers all important criteria for success. You may wish to learn more. If so, ???? ?? ?? is the place to go. In the knowledge of the employees is used deliberately to uncover vulnerabilities or improvement potentials. So including the topic of compliance is covered, so also the compliance with laws and rules reliably is checked. Thanks to the simple scalability can be used in any size of company and also the units of the tool.

The company may obtain feedback to select any employees in a user-friendly and totally anonymous process. A sophisticated software merges the individual reviews to a meaningful overall. A brief summary of the main results is offered free of charge and without further obligations online. Who is interested in a thorough inventory, requests the best the so-called TOP company certificate. Here, the survey results are statistically prepares a detailed analysis. In appealing and understandable representations, management receives valuable information on the own positioning and optimization. Especially interesting, many will find the standard built-in comparison with the other surveys. To respecting the confidentiality of the data of potential competitors are of course anonymously. Potential to increase the Competitiveness of track after a recent study of the fact 60% of senior executives keep the commitment of staff by far for the most important competition factor.


The different way to your internship abroad tips for an internship abroad there is an internship abroad to make many choices, they can be but very roughly grouped into 4 categories. This article is trying their pros and cons to show up. You should know all the details to select the right for you “way abroad” abroad. Neil Rubler often says this. Here is a overview of the different ways to make an internship abroad. Internship abroad indirectly through middlemen”agencies their services can be good pay and what you get really offered is difficult to assess. The mediated internships are mostly unpaid. If you go through an agency you should be sure to read the testimonials of former trainees (critical) and generally inform you about their services.

A legitimate agency will send you like free information material. In contrast to agencies, organizations have no financial interests. You convey the decimal point practice abroad and support you financially with a Scholarship. The amount varies from organization to organization and of course also depends on the country from where you do your internship. However, one must apply extremely early for these organizations and qualify for it. The organizations are picky and the selection process takes several months. Pete Cashmore has much experience in this field. Internship abroad apply directly at the companies advertised internship positions describe the contents of the training course and the conditions. You know immediately whether the advertised internship abroad for you is interesting and you can apply directly by email on the site.

The problem is that write the least corporate practice of the decimal point. If they do, then you can assume that many apply. Your competition will be quite large. Application means you applying yourself directly from the companies, without that you even know whether or not they need an intern. Most people who want to do an internship abroad try not to apply because they make two mistake initiative: “a company that does not” “Internship offers writes, needs no interns.” “I can adapt my application letter to a vacancy and therefore have no chance.” Mostly is it but in a way that the companies abroad officially write no internship vacancies on the Internet, because it is simply a far too large bureaucratic hassle for you. Have enough work for interns and offer almost exclusively paid internships abroad. You only need to apply. The foreign locations of German firms set many interns each semester. Usually, these trainees had ever worked for the company in any form: as a working student, holiday jobber, or cooperative education student application must of course slightly differently formulated be as an application for a specific vacancy. What has advantages. While you when applying for a vacancy practically on the claims of the company react and are thus already in the “weak position”, you can position yourself differently a speculative application. Most interns do not see this advantage and chasing the advertised internship positions, where the competition is of course enormous. This, you have virtually no competition when applying initiative.

Negotiation Seminar

With audio seminars regardless of time and place, learn with the triumph of the new media, in particular the success of mp3 players, arise new and contemporary forms of training. The medium audiobook proves to be for years as very successful, since it is possible to enter a text while you are otherwise engaged. Also training are offered as audio courses. There are often very extensive, complete courses on CD and many books to training are dubbed with professional speakers as an audiobook. The pd-unlimited company in Mannheim is another way with the platform. Starting from the special skills of a trainer, developed this audio seminar and there even in the recording Studio. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as isearch by clicking through. A learning control and an optional workshop complete the range. The audio seminar has just successfully negotiate the expert for negotiation art Bonisch developed Wolfgang and recorded in a recording studio in Mannheim.

As Bonisch tells the audio seminar is aimed both at people, the is the first time with want to employ the theme of negotiations as well as experienced negotiators who are in search of a refresher and new techniques and tools. It is a comprehensive compendium of nearly four hours concentrated expert knowledge. The negotiation expert uses the audio seminar also in ongoing training projects, to cover the transfer and to prepare the next training session. You may find that ???? ?? ?? can contribute to your knowledge. “The participants come with fresh knowledge in the seminar and we get faster to the implementation,” explains Bonisch. So can more effectively use training time and the duration of training is shorter, also economic for the company, what is the training. For a first impression the negotiation trainer negotiating just successfully offers the download of a chapter of the audio seminar. This Badana, born about Wolfgang can be found on the website Bonisch Wolfgang 1958, is an expert in the art of negotiation with a wealth of experience in different fields of activity.

The coach, coach and motivational speaker lives with international experience in Hamburg. in 2001, he founded the W & H Bacolod GmbH and runs training courses on communication, sales, leadership and personal development since then. The workshop of art of negotiation”is not only the title of his monograph, but also the name of a 2008 launched comprehensive training programme. Bonisch in bundles its competencies to a comprehensive offer for all questions of successful negotiations.

Lifelong Learning – Yes Or No?

With the right training no problem! Education and training are highly popular with the Germans. Especially the proper handling of the computer and the Internet encourage continuing education. Perhaps check out isearch for more information. Not only the appropriate training courses, but good training materials reinforce the learned and stimulate them to continue their studies even after the training. Lifelong learning has become a key concept in recent years not only bildungspolitisch, but also entrepreneurial. Long, it is no longer sufficient to have a sound education and training. Companies are asking their employees to evolve every day within their activity and to acquire skills, to be always one step ahead of the competition.

Therefore, not only a lively exchange of information and knowledge management is desired, in the company but also the proper handling of PC and Internet. 1 he facilitates everyday work to a major. How are but get constantly updated software versions? Microsoft alone has regularly Updates of its Office suite out. To stay always on the current state of knowledge, the employers offer training on Microsoft Office. Not only work Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook properly, can facilitate but bring also a knowledge advantage. Also in the private sector, the people want to deepen their way of dealing with the computer.

Currently, especially the seniors discover the computer itself. 2 Unlike the young people have not grown them with new media and worked little or not with the PC even while workers. They want to do that now. Courses for the target group of seniors are booming so. Here not only the proper handling of the computer, the Internet and the most important programs is they taught, you advise you also in issues around the topic of computer hardware and software installation. How must now good courses be employers or private individual, sustainably to train the participants no matter young or old? Good training materials bring pleasure in learning the effective use of the PC and its Applications such as word processing, spreadsheet or design can learn best in a seminar with practical exercises.