Spiritual Autobiography

The answer would be: “An executive elite whose only passion is lucrative salaries, large utilities, no matter what.” It seems so, but if you to another reality, where many people are now looking for another vision and values we support, we require significant work in companies that contribute to society, then we will be Who?, A dynamic mix of managers propositional small merchants to permeate society, change agents, innovative, positive, socially responsible investors, women entrepreneurs, in the same way, CEOs and senior officials with respect and vision. How different all this would be built with the knowledge that even in one of my groups was achieved!,

Satisfaction would magna since the change is: “To believe that labor is not only a paycheck but also the ultimate expression self-realization of every individual in the Kosmos. Or make dreams and desires belong to the company’s work force, where a dazzling high-tech firm in which the spiritual principles, values and awareness are so seamlessly interwoven in the fabric of daily life resulting echoes the spirit in the communications, corporate change management, leadership training, training for the development and well-being and harmony. Rereading these passages’m absolutely convinced they were the best moments from the Masters, including also those which fully reflects my spiritual experience because I find that I have ability to express myself in written form, in a literary style that is never busy as prose, with which could ensure that emerged from within me that there were aspects stressed were in the depths of my mind, getting the Spiritual Autobiography where my conclusion says: And now this, trying to collect all the moments of greatest significance and contributed to my education as a holistic educator, this global test I can say that many and I feel no fear then translate them all as one would like to review each film and I find all their wealth of which I am now the owner and be aware that nothing and nobody can take away for me is my legacy and will inherit so all beings in universal love..

Spinning Coil

Modern inertialess coils are very few differences, such as materials of the body and spool, the number and type of bearings, the design of the kinematic mechanism, etc. However, experience shows that even the cheapest coil with one or two bearings that run at a sufficient level of technology in use is much stronger than super-modern six-seven-bearing with poor workmanship. How to make a correct choice? We first need to determine the diameter used fishing line. In most cases we can restrict the fishing line diameter to 0.3 mm (tensile strength 3.5 – 6.5 kg). With proper vyvazhivanii on a fishing line can be pulled fish weighing 10-12 kg, and the use of a fishing line is justified. Choosing a closer look at the reel spool – usually on the side indicated its storage capacity (0.3 – 100 or something like that). Choose from the reel spool more capacity not only inappropriate, but harmful, because for the normal casting spool must be filled in completely! The maximum distance from the top level of the fishing line winding spool to the edge of the cheeks must not exceed 2 – 3 mm.

If you need to use a larger diameter fishing line, you can use it safely reduce the length of fishing line. If you still supposed to frequent changes of line, it is advisable to find a model with interchangeable spools. In this design the spool should have a quick locking button in the front part. If the fishing line will vary rarely, the coil is fine with a spool or by any means of fixation. The second factor determining the selection is mutual arrangement of structural elements of the coil. In this respect one has to decide independently on the basis of their habits … The third factor – the gear ratio.

For large capacity reels that the ratio usually is 1:4,3; for small coils – 1: 4.3 to 1:6,2. The higher this ratio, the easier it is to control the speed of installation (for the slow posting just have to slowly turn the knob). Yet it is not recommended to use small and medium-coil with the gear ratio is less than 1:5. The fourth factor – the material body and spool reels. Modern reel do or aluminum alloy or carbon composite materials to. The first have increased durability, while the latter – and cheaper (with sufficient strength) easier. Definitive recommendations can be given here, but because of the increased fatigue with a greater weight of the coil should be preferred construction of carbon fiber. The fifth factor – bearings (quantity and type). Much depends on your wallet and workmanship coil. What should I look for when choosing: – the front jaw cops should be ideally smooth, without chipping and unevenness – spring return lesoukladchika must be rigid enough to provide a clear return to the operating position after rejecting it for 1-2 cm and released. If you do not – better not to take the coil. – When rotation of the handle to the spool reciprocating motion without undue friction. The less effort vrasheniya handles – the better.