Ring Road

Only a personal meeting, companionship on a short leg is the key successful completion of this work. And if in the process need to go further than the Ring Road, it does not matter. This is not an obstacle to creating a good movie about your wedding. And that about 12-16 hours (or crushing labor). Maybe more (here agree individually).

That is, until the moment when the young are doing all handle rush home to watch gifts, try a bucket of paint scraped off from the head of the bride, to count cash receipts and time to sleep (that's all anyone will do). For the new day promises a continuation of yesterday, sometimes responding strange sensation of dry mouth (even though there is not only the cat spent the night) and elektrodizelya buzz in my head. And if at another meeting with more guests you hear instead of text and long-ah, uh-uh, well, that, oh-oh-oh, a couple, three people only hear, because my eyes refuse to look at the world because of yesterday's collision with a blunt, solid objects, the wedding was a success. It does not matter that memory last night is only a veil of light clouds, mist, or muddy, or anything else like that. It does not matter. To do this, I have. For a working videographer must be sober as glass.

And sometimes even sober. As a pilot before the flight. Because of this depends not only on aesthetic perception of the wedding, but also the chronological reconstruction of events, koi brain injured yesterday Many visitors inconsolably tries to build a logical chain. And this is where it starts in my career the next step. This is a terrible word 'installation'. Who knows, he will understand. I will not describe its technology, but I'll just say that in this during the most important thing is to cut out all the bad shots and failed, then choose the best, sort them, glue and burn to CD or cassette. The very process of boring, tedious and takes more than one day. Most often, Friday is all ready, if it was not a complex assembly, a job which takes up to several weeks. Typically, the output is 1 hour and 20 (30) minutes of airtime. Optionally, you can do more, but look tired. In this range, just present the best and the key moments of the wedding celebration. If you want to get the drafts, no problem. Moreover, on any media (cassettes VHS, DV, discs CD, DVD, Mpeg4). The last stage of my most enjoyable, but sometimes the sad. Nice from what I get royalties for their work, and sad from the fact that we no longer see each other again. It sometimes happens that a few hours so adhere to the people, the young, that you'll love forever. But it happens that over time becomes a friend of the family (sometimes a family statement). And then to be continued. Wedding anniversary, maternity, christening. And most of all, this is a job for the soul, not for daily bread. Although most all, we leave forever. Since everyone has his own business, caring, a group of people and interests. Over time, all is forgotten, you get new people, but the best wedding, I still remember.

Leisure/Computer Games

Than inspire a child? How to organize his leisure time? To benefit from direct its energies? What parents do not ask themselves these questions … and it's no wonder! After all, you want to leisure of children was not only fun and interesting by itself, but, more importantly, useful, or at least not harmful to their health. But as a leisure time to organize? What to do in the younger child of school after school, at home or in the country? It would seem that the answer is simple: walk, play with friends, play sports. But there is one problem – the children of six – ten years will not leave alone. And today's parents often do not have time to do something to take the child in the sports section, then take it from there, still go for a walk, go to the movies or a museum.

Needless to say, often do not have enough time even to be with child at home in the evening after work. And today it's not our fault, but the misfortune of today's parents – unwitting hostages furious theme of life. It turns out that, left to themselves, interesting and moving, the children all day sits in front of TV or computer. Why not just say, and never wrote about the dangers of computer games! AND Indeed, long sitting in front of computer vision and spoils the posture, and certainly not strengthen health. But is there an alternative to computer games? Is there something that entice a child just as much? Perhaps, in order to answer this question, parents need to start to remember that children – are little adults, and thus the interests of the first and second in something very similar, and then think about how they love leisure time they, the adults? After all, few who have the strength to go after a hard day at the gym or, say, go for a walk.