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Sebastian was the only person why I kept fighting after the accident. Your son, is now the only light of hope that lit my life-. -Don’t tell me that – he said Tati supplicant. If I’m going to make a decision, I want to do it by myself. Not pressed by the pain I cause you to you or my parents-. – And so it must be Tati-, he replied by firmly pressing your hands. -You have the decision to take by yourself. I am not going to get in against me.

I promise you-. -Up to a few hours ago, I thought that didn’t matter too much to my parents. When he had ceased to be the good little girl that he accepted all their rules, they had ceased to love me – he responded Tati. But now that it just learned of the News of the attack, they left everything to come here, my feelings have changed significantly-. Do-but how could you think that your parents had stopped loving you?-said Ruth with tone of admiration. We could be angry, but we could never stop wanting them.

I’ve said it before and I will repeat now, because it seems that you end up understanding it – not. -Not be Ruth – told him hesitant Tati, is that I always had the certainty that interested my mother more medicine than I. My father due to his profession as a writer, was always at home and although to my me to meet a nanny, everytime I needed it could go running up to his Studio. I knew that he interrupted his work to address my claims. Always. Without exception. Ever told me: go, now I’m busy. We’ll talk later, or at least I don’t remember it. On the other hand my mother was always in the hospital and when he returned, I already not remembered me that it was what I wanted to ask you.

Best Italian Style

The summer ends and autumn lurks just around the corner. Why SANDRO FERRONE (), the renowned Italian brand that has just landed in our country, does not want us to catch unsuspecting and proposing to sweeten cold with his new and spectacular collection for this season. They are garments which we are sure will have the best reception between our clients since they are conceived and designed for a woman attractive, elegant, dynamic and worker who wants to feel beautiful with dresses, pants, skirts, coats, or add-ons that we have created for this autumn-winter. In this way we put fashion in Spanish streets touch SANDRO FERRONE, says Ana de la Cruz Fernandez, Director of Expansion for Spain of this franchise. As we like to say we want that all the women who live life with a smile can feel even better thanks to the aesthetics that bring them our designs. The must have more unwanted things so the new collection autumn – winter 2010 / 2011 the Ensign will be available in stores have spread our country.

The price and quality will continue catching anyone who sees one of our garments. It is a spectacular collection that has not left to escape any detail, current clothing with a great finish and happy, adds Luca Gambato, Director General for SANDRO FERRONE of Spain. So it is that in its points of sale will not be missing: u coats and dresses stamped in Leopard, color camel or beige, are the stars of this season. u classic reinvented as skirts tailored to the more feminine silhouette. u the leather will be present both in garments and accessories.

u colors: dark blue, Brown, green, Garnet and grey. With all these proposals, who refuses to not fill your closet with some SANDRO FERRONE model? Note to journalists: for interviews, expansion of information or images request do not hesitate to contact Nuria Coronado Mirian Lopez Tfno: 91 657 42 81 / 667 022 566 Avenue of industry, 13. 1St plant. Local 20 28108 Alcobendas, Madrid BlogRoll to dismiss the summer LLTNews.Com path clear Blog Blog Archive much like Mel clothing sizes large current and favorable line Sweet Size of Sandro Ferrone Fashion girls blade top hats and skirts Drew Darcy purchase online prices price buy foil hats Cup and skirts Drew Darcy fashion skirts 2011 HOYModa


The only Microsoft browser accumulates losses: $ 5.5 billion (4.020 billion euros) since its premiere in June 2009. He has failed to steal market share from its great competitor, Google. Experts believe that it should double this fee if you want to start to be profitable. Microsoft hopes Bing for the moment and prepares strategies, such as agreements with Facebook and Nokia, to relaunch the Finder. Microsoft created the search engine Bing with an almost impossible, overwhelm Google goal. Indeed, two years after being released, that Bing causes losses of a billion dollars (731 million euros) each quarter, as reported this week by CNN, in a story echoed that in Portaltic.

Since June 2009, Microsoft has accumulated 5.5 billion dollars (4.020 billion euros) in losses with Bing, and what is worse: has realized that its battle with Google is today, lost. Bing should double its market share to begin to give benefits, something that does not look to happen with Google as a great Dominator. Bing currently has a market share among search engines of 14.7%. Its growth occurred at the expense of services like Yahoo or AOL. Google not has been able to scratch just nothing and the King of search engines has been kept in a 64.8% share, only two tenths less than 65% had when Bing came to compete. The experts ensure that Bing should raise its share to 25 or 30% to begin to be profitable.

Microsoft continues to struggle to implement it into new ecosystems through company agreements agreements with Facebook (whose search engine and maps are Bing) and Nokia (which goes to manufacture mobile Windows phone). At the moment, Microsoft is still committed to its young search engine. Our challenge is that no one wakes up in the morning and say: it really I would like a search engine better, said the director of Microsoft for Bing, Stefan Weitz, quoted by CNN. Source of the news: Bing, a ruin for Microsoft

Grand Bassin

The ride ends at the Caudan Waterfront (restaurants, shops, museums and even a casino), the meeting point of the most chic people of the city, a very different world of the popular quarter of the market, only separated by a highway. The land of Mauritius is black and fertile, though fraught with stones a day the Earth spat and that to cultivate sugar cane or tasty tea with vanilla aroma must be removed. That same explosion caused generous mountain forms alongside a great plain. There are mountains that recall a sitting Lion, a pair of breasts of women imagination is free. The South of the island is where nature shows more pure, there you will see intact indigenous forests, gorges and vertical waterfalls, peaks and cliffs. People: mixing and aromia mixture of races and religions combine very well in this young country that has never practiced the war, or even to become independent in 1968. In the city seem to live in harmony Chinese traders, Indians of hindu and Muslim faith and White and black Christians.

The place with more peace on the island is the Grand Bassin, a lake where Hindus go to make their prayers and offerings to picturesque deities that seem drawn from a Bollywood film. Another magical place, although totally profane, is the cliff of gray gray, one of the few stretches of coastline without reef. Here he comes to see sunset while the waves hit with force the skin of this Indian Ocean paradise. Source of the news: Mauritius, African paradise