Principal Concerns

I have had opportunity to ask the same question to thousands of people. I’ve heard thousands of responses. I have asked them to tell me what their main problems and concerns. Over time, the answers were seems to me similar among themselves. They seemed to obey some regularity. And thanks to this I could classify them into two groups.

These types of reply differ in the nature of the issues raised. Some examples: I am concerned about what little I earn at work. The time I have I not reached to be with my family. I don’t know if I will be able to pass the exams. I would like that my parents understand me better. My wife is too recalcitrant. I don’t know how to seduce the person of my dreams.

They were some of the concerns of the individuals in the first group. I cannot overcome my shyness. Insomnia is killing me. Whenever I have to speak in public I stay locked. Again have gotten me those unbearable ideas in your head. I am seized by the sadness have not been able to achieve control my anxiety. I have a terrible fear of social situations. I would change my personality. I have always lived traumatized. They are examples of the second type of answers. It is curious to see what happened to these people after several years. Because I have seen his luck responds to what groups they belong. Let’s look at what happened to individuals of the first type. They have evolved, had resolved most of their concerns. And others don’t they had solved them but they had abandoned them. That is, in a way or another no longer had the same concerns. Now they had others. In contrast, the second group was presented as immutable.