Sociological Research

If we talk about what constitutes progress in the full sense of the word, for most of us it will be associated primarily with technology. But, for obvious reasons, such a thing as progress is much wider. And it may include not only scientific or cultural achievements, but also other phenomena. As an example of the same progress can be reduced and the emergence of new economic phenomena, of course, that are positive. For example, as has long been noted by virtually every modern company in a fairly recent past were a small organization. But today their flourishing condition and huge offices of glass and concrete, as well as a respected corporate identity – it is nothing but their progress. For obvious reasons, to cope with so many calls that come in a large organization or even a few Secretaries are simply unable to. Accordingly, the small reference departments and secretaries in terms of responses to telephone calls replaced by such departments as the call-center.

But even those times when the only function of the call center were Only responses to customer calls are long gone. To date, call centers have become the true universal tool for a variety of sociological research. This service is working to attract customers, increase sales. And in this case it will go not only to call centers of large companies, but also on specialized, so to speak, independent call centers, where you can order services by phone in the paid order. For example, one of the most frequently ordered services is to conduct various telephone polls. And we should not think that for such kind of services to independent call tsetry address only those companies that do not have a call-center. Just commercial call centers usually are equipped with more advanced technology, and have more staff. That allows them to handle, respectively, more calls.

In addition, as a rule, operators of such centers operate for the most part professional telemarketologi that collect data on the professional level. In addition, phone marketing, which is carried out by organizations such as independent call-center, when submitting their data to the customer, even before this, and pre-processed. great future in this idea. So that the output is almost ready sociological study, which can be safely used in its further work. Another feature of the sociological research conducted by call centers is that the high level of computerization, they can be submitted to the customer in any form. That is, both as a printed report or in the form of presentations on the information carrier. In addition, these data collection methods make it possible to cover so-called hard-to-part population. Which, for example, do not use the Internet. Conducting interviews in this case by the survey through the website will be impossible. A phone will be a great way to get data. In addition, if the client wishes, call-center can take over not only the poll, but his aerobatics. Accordingly, the output can be obtained not only ready to study, but also its update for certain tasks. For example, such as the definition how beneficial would be to create online store without creating a pilot project.

Hidden Information Front

Today, in the information age, anywhere can feel safe. You should always keep in mind the possibility of having outside eyes and ears. For more specific information, check out On the market sold freely sprung countless inexpensive, but sufficiently effective mikrovideokamer, listening devices, radio bugs. For what it's all get up? "Blackmail, extortion, checking for lice, the bases, check partnera.Kupit bugging device may Anyone (prices do not particularly even bite), but each is as simple and should be able to protect yourself from these .lya is this a free market you can find the model series – detectors bugs and hidden radio cameras detectors cameras, suppression of cellular telephones and tape recorders and other equipment that will be useful for any person even a little interested or less their own safety. Of course, cheap toys and fake in the Combat in the information war little help, so you should always select only high quality professional equipment, remembering that the miser pays twice.

Intellectual Property Ministry

And started to roll out his lip to look like the same all the same, this law of secret inventions works . It turned out that way, from the Society of Inventors and Innovators I was sent to the authorities (local authorities barely hearing the essence of the problem fall into a complete stupor from which they apparently did not withdraw (all officer in a coma is still the same painting). Then I decided to ask our president (I think, his law he has to know how to use it), sent several letters yet seen not tired and I was told that my appeal to President referred to the Ministry oborony.Togda I decided it’s not throw the letters and began with a brief description of my design is to bomb a poor Minister of Defence (damn those were the most persistent (or stupid)). The answer I received after a half dozen letters minister and later reference to the president.

Here I fell into a stupor: Head of Intellectual Property Ministryof Defence, Mr. O. did not find anything smarter as advised me to apply to the Society of Inventors and Innovators (even the address is as if I had not started out in this epic). I hope after this article, you are my few followers will not do silly things trying to issue a patent in Russia and safely place an entirely valid and legally valid patent anywhere in the eu, believe me save a lot of money and nerves, and Russia in this matter is worse than Zimbabwe or Ethiopia, there Only members of ballpoint pens to patent may.