So Paulo State University

If currently in them the importance to preserve seems clear, or at least this idea she is proliferated, and connected strategically in the speeches of the Brazilian and world-wide elites (and also present in didactic books), we have mainly that to carry through the effort, to understand that at this moment in Brazil, this idea was not so important, as speech of the dominant elites, and, therefore, the speech to be proliferated was of development. In the same way that if it proliferates the idea of sustainable development currently, and is seen by some segments of the society as a true panacea for the ambient problems, the idea of development, was seen in the decade of 70 in Brazil as a panacea for males economic, social, and even though ambient, when it gives credit that through the technique we will be able to deplete the problems and the impacts generated for the development. Bibliographical references BARBOSA, T. The Concept of nature and analyses of didactic books of geography. 301 f. Dissertao (Mestrado in Geography), Program of After-Graduation in Geography of the So Paulo State University, College of Science and Technology? Campus of President Prudente? SP, 2006. FOUCAULT, M. the order of the speech.

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Ecosystems And Habitats

Although encompassed 81% of all municipal solid waste generated, only 23% receive treatment appropriate. Of course we can not deny that Latin America still has great lungs as the Amazon and mountains, forests to ensure they know how to care if a guarantee for the preservation of the environment. Take into account as stated Javier Riojas, that Latin America is the most humid region in the world. See Dermot McCormack for more details and insights. Its rivers into the sea 30% of the total of inland waters that flow there, also in the continent is what is considered the driest region of the world: the Atacama Desert where it is said, has never rained. A refined gradient is somewhere in between, forming the original environmental spectrum over the world.

This great diversity of ecosystems and habitats explain why the Latin American continent is the region of greatest biological diversity of the planet, and also the area of highest incidence of endemism (species found only on the site) in the world. Check with Kai-Fu Lee to learn more. According to the most recent and reliable estimates, it is estimated to be about 180,000 plant species the number of inhabitants area, a figure that is four times greater than that of tropical Africa and Madagascar together, two regions of the world’s most biologically diverse. Although not known as accurately Latin American faunal diversity is apparent, from the association with the plant species that live in Latin America also had the highest number of animal species of all kinds in the world.. .

Brazilian Systems

Actions of energetic fiscalization must be a constant, to prevent new occupations in risk areas and to remove the ones that in it are. The water and sewer that all want certainly in the house door are not the one that occurs with torrential rains of summer. The paulistano people is full of floods and the happened mud of the incapacity of the authorities in implementing workmanships and action of prevention. For even more analysis, hear from Douglas R. Oberhelman. He has two basic types of writs of prevention: structural and not structural. The structural measures involve workmanships of engineering for containment of full as barrages, levees, widening of stream beds of rivers and reforestation. They are expensive steps and for complex times. The measures not structural they involve action politics of planning and management, as implantation of managing plans and draining that contemplate the ambient risks, systems of alert in real time, mainly in human accumulations, where land floodings and landslides can occur.

Efficient systems of use management and ground occupation, portraied in the constant laws of zoning in managing plans of the municipal positions already reflect what it can and what cannot be constructed for the most part of the great Brazilian cities. Inhabitants of risk areas must participate of processes and campaigns of mobilization and awareness next to the public authorities. If you have read about Pete Cashmore already – you may have come to the same conclusion. A study of scientists of the area of the climate in the University of So Paulo for the Agenda of the Green and the Environment of the So Paulo capital he serves of learning for injunctions. It points that the temperature difference enters the still busy areas of the city for native vegetation (Mountain range of Mar and Cantareira, mainly) and areas of the city of high occupation industrial and intense transit, as the Mooca, arrives the six Celsius degrees. He has vultosas consequncias in the space and secular distribution of rains. Hotter areas form the calls heat islands, that attract intense rains.


Through these practical it is possible also to reduce the ecosystem pollution, to improve the administration of the hall and to get image better in market. The justification for this study is in the fact of that the adhesion practical the ambiently correct ones has been carried through for companies who not only want to be in compliance with the ambient legislation, but also to develop measured that they diminish the impact on the environment guaranteeing a good ambient marketing. The strategies are diverse, in which if it can opt to the adequate discarding of packings and the reduction of residues, what it can cause little financial expense and improvement of the processes of organizaoCom the growth of the ambient concern, the people do not want to work in considered organizations as polluting of the environment. To have and compromised interested, dedicated employees also depends on positive an institucional image. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Mashable. (Donaire and North, 1999) 2.

Bibliogrfica2.1 reference Hall of beauty ecolgicoOs beauty halls had appeared in old Greece. But, in accordance with Esteticderm (1998), was alone in century XX that the hair had entered into an alliance it technology. The scientific research started when the personal hygiene if became a way to prevent the accumulation of lices and dirt, that were hidden under wigs, after-perfumes and potions that came being used for the man. (Not to be confused with!). According to Bellaguarda and Braga (2006), the beauty halls, are great generators of job and for the diversity of characteristics that they possess, they represent a service segment that can be presented more differentiated, reaching different niches of market. Perhaps the biggest challenge of the beauty halls is to discover as to carry through the ecological responsibility, and to continue making this, without losing the quality of the services. The lack of separation of the garbage, the expense of water and energy are the greaters and more visible problems of the halls. .

Ecosystem Management

" This, in light of most inland aquatic ecosystems are invaded by salmonid species. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Ali Partovi. In this respect, he stated that "the hydroelectric project is under evaluation that aims to unite these systems and flood this wetland area, where you can see the species-galaxies platei-in abundance. Furthermore, the development of a hydroelectric project involves greater access to people, human beings, and with it a risk of introduction of salmonids that is intrinsic to human being. " He noted that this type of high habitat value for the species "is also lost because the dimension line is projected." In conclusion, "these ecosystems are unique in the world, on the planet, and we must protect them and leave them there, pristine research use only, and I think that research is not just for us many years, but must be keep for many years, and at least this ecosystem is untouched, and I would urgently to preserve. " This view is consistent with the marine biologist who gave PhD (c) Cristian Correa, who along with researchers Andrew Hendry and Irene Gregory-Eaves carried on the study "Ecological Impacts of Introduced Trout in Lakes Aysen", also stated in seminar, which concludes that "although the native trout meaty provide socioeconomic benefits, the evidence suggests that its ecological impact in Aysen lakes is chronic, severe and sometimes catastrophic. Thus, the impact ecology of trout should be carefully considered in any proposals freshwater resource management in Patagonia. Equally important is to safeguard the few remaining relics of biodiversity in its original state, including Lake Yulton.

" The same view is Evelyn Habit: "There are areas that are highly pristine lakes that are home free native salmonid species, with its glacial origin oligotrogeno and, besides having large and very deep. Be systems make it unique in the world ", as brought to a specialized environment in aquaculture. Present at both meetings, the coordinator of the Citizens Coalition for Aysen Life Reserve, Peter Hartmann, said that "this is key information because they are highly technical jobs are realizing that studies of dams, which are promoted as high scientific level, not at the level of intervention that seek to materialize. It would be of much use this knowledge also presented to the public, and not only be exposed to advertising from companies such as Southern Energy and HidroAysen, which minimize the severe effects of its projects in the Patagonian ecosystem. "

Solar System

He is from the contraction of this protoestrela that the set free material will give origin, for process of shocks and lesser particle capture for bigger bodies, to the planetary systems, as our Solar System. The structural evolution of the Planet Land our system occupies strategical position in the Way Lctea, being situated enters the edge and its center, where little harmful radiation and little comet clouds penetrate in its interior. If next to the center to the galaxy, it would be reached by fort harmful radiation, or for comets and if next its edge would not exist the elements heavy that gave conditions to the development of the planet that we inhabit, with conseguinte impossibility of the sprouting and existence of the life. The Planet Land is studied using of a division and subdivision inside of a time scale: ons, the ages, the periods, times and the ages. on is an interval of very great time. They are considered four ons: hadeano, archean, proterozico and fanerozico; Age is an interval of lesser time that one on and that considers as the oceans and the continents were made use and still which was the beings that inhabited the planet; Period is a division of the age; Time is a subdivision of a period; Age is the subdivision of a time, corresponds to a time interval that goes of one the six million years. Comment: nor all the ages obey these subdivises in periods, times and ages. In the presented table ahead this division could better be understood.