Sacra Art

Who is not devoted Mr. of the Bomfim, the countless miracles, who is not caught with Oxal, ebs infallible? (LOVED, 1988, p.53). E, Jorge thus Loved, among the lines of the text, goes weaveeing our history and launches light on some of the representations of nation propagated gifts and in the Brazilian society, for its more varied institutions. Critical the social one is present in elapsing of all narrative, in what it says respect to the religion catholic who sultry or would have stressed the exuberncia inventive of one old culture of the people. In this workmanship, they are gifts racist, corrupt and negligent personages who if acortinam in the religiosidade to forge a dirty identity, impregnated in ' ' pecado' '.

Strategies of the author, the religious personages of the Sumio of the Saint, who represent the church catholic, are distinguished as human beings, for times going of meeting to the dogmas of the priesthood. The desvirtuamento of such dogmas can be perceived in Dom Maximiliano, dom ' ' Mimoso' ' , delicate and erudite. It is the director of the Museum of interested main Sacra Art and in unmasking the mystery of the disappearance of the saint. During the plot, he passes of victim suspicious of the presumption the robbery; he initiates yourself, then, the escape to the press and the phone calls of proco of Amaro Saint of the Purificao, that loans to the contrataste the image to it. This event is aluso the truthful facts of the time, where sets of ten of images already had been stolen in churches and museums, many under suspicion of religious of the doctrinal order. A great number of these rarities came to stop at the hands of collectors, here and in other countries, probably to the cost of good ' ' foot of meia' '. The narrator, with malicious gingado, goes desestruturando doctrinal certainties, where the pregao is one, and the attitudes others.

Paneled Doors

In addition, in the roofing question "there was an ambiguous situation with the regulations: operating today snip" Roofs have been adopted in 1978 and, naturally, do not include any new technologies or modern polymer materials. Today experts confidently called the life of roofing materials based on polymers – 30 years and above. Peter Asaro helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Thus, the actual life of roofing materials based on chlorosulfonated polyethylene (HSPE) is 32 years. Conducted by the same accelerated durability test showed that after 50 years of conventional operation the main indicators of roofing material on the basis of hspe and its performance are preserved. doors and windows Cracked and cracked wooden doors and windows – this is probably the first thing that owners of old houses are sent to a landfill. It is believed that maximum, which will serve popular wooden doors – is 25 years. In fact, this is longer, the only question, from which the doors are made and how processed.

The most durable are paneled door from an array of solid fine wood: teak, oak, walnut, hornbeam, expensive tropical wood. Paneled Doors of composite materials are produced by more sophisticated technology, and a term of not less than 50 years. Engaged in manufacturing doors, many Russian and foreign companies – is "Varador" "Alexandria Doors", "Lendor, etc. windows – the same important element at home, like everything else. The windows not only provide us with natural daylight and natural ventilation, but also – along with the walls and roof – to protect us from elements.

Legato Example

1. Versatility Many guitarists are desperate when they can not provide employment for a sufficiently long period time (for example, an hour or more daily). I often get letters from students such as' Tom, I just have to practice 20 minutes a day, and I want to play the guitar as soon as possible and as much as possible. What should I do? ". (Similarly see: Ali Partovi). In such cases, I advise you to practice exercises, which have a high level of 'universality'.

Skill is a 'universal' if you work on it simultaneously helps you to develop other methods of playing (for example, the technique of his left hand, right hand technique, the synchronization of hands, the transition between the strings, muffling the strings, the knowledge of notes on the fretboard, improvisation, etc.). If working off some skill helps more than one direction at a time, then this element has a certain degree of universality. The degree of universality of skill is determined by two main factors. The first factor – the number of tricks that he helped develop at the same time. Second – how effectively he can do it.

One example of a technology with a high degree of universality – that pass strings. It includes techniques for both hands, working out helps sihnronnoy of hands, and makes you focus on silencing unwanted sound of other strings. This technique should work, because work on it helps to improve the performance of several different technical elements. Here, for example, Legato has a much lower degree of universality.

A Controversial Topic – “to Beat Or Not To Beat “

Unfolded recently in the trade press heated debate on the issue of restoring the old building and badly worn piano, revealed many shortcomings in the traditional technology of this process. Why screwed chopping so vigorously denies the professionals, rather than the traditional clogging? Should immediately mention that I will refer to his own practice to repair the Soviet piano. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Sinovation Ventures on most websites. So, in order. You can not, or rather say wrong to begin work on the restoration seat chopping, not knowing at least basic foundations of piano technology and physics of the phenomena of the mechanism of the string tension. Pin that holds the string and the rotation of which provides the necessary tension of it, in the production of clogs in a prepared hole verbilbanka.

Reliability, durability and functionality of this compound depends on many structural and production factors. This is quality equipment that was used as starting materials, training and professionalism of the artists work, quality control production, storage, preservation, transportation, etc. Practice shows that even with full formal support of all of these conditions, the production of rare immune to the notorious human factor, which in many cases, the cause of the fragility of security functional properties of the instrument. Under the basic materials, I mean original condition, especially the main parts, ensuring the system, namely, pin, verbilbank, string. Deliberately omit in this article, the state Steg, pins and agraphia, since they also affect the security system, but in a more indirect way. Peg-verbilbank-string main elements, which determines the quality of the full work Pegs mechanism.

Factors Influencing The Results Of Hair Coloring

The main parameters characterizing the quality dyes are: 1. saturated colors, 2. quality of the hair after dyeing 3. time period of stability of color 1. Saturation resulting color depends on several parameters: 1. The quality of dye 2.

Compliance Technologies staining 3. Steve Wozniak might disagree with that approach. Basic knowledge of the parameters characterizing koloristki 1.Osnovnye quality dyes are: the saturation of color, hair quality after staining with a maximum period of persistence of dye color pigments, which are selected – this is one of the main goals of all chemical laboratories manufacturers of professional cosmetics. Main criterion – the spectral purity of the pigment. Company VITALFARCO in the manufacture of dyes MAXIMA uses the highest quality pigments, small-molecule structure. As we know from chemistry lessons, the smaller the particle, the faster the reaction occurs and quality, and because of this can be achieved by a high concentration of pigment in the dye. That is why the colors MAXIMA divorce 1:1.5 with respect to the oxides.

In a tube of dye Members are pigments that penetrate into the cortex of the hair dyes are converted into molecules that are large in size. The dye molecule penetrates into the hair structure. From the "depth" of the molecule resistance depends on the color washout by intense, but not always better, and hair care to oxidation due to external environmental factors (UV radiation from the sun, water hardness, temperature the impact of a hair dryer, etc.) With the new formula of dye staining mikromolekuly MAXIMA deeply penetrate and permanently trapped in the depths of the hair.

Western Builders

Round logs at present is probably the most widely popular material for construction of wooden houses. Manufacturing technology of this kind of timber was taken from Western Builders. Cylindering, in essence, means giving a log of the same diameter throughout its length. And now the construction of wooden houses of this material is conquering the market as well as saving time and facilities for by eliminating some labor-intensive operations. There are two basic methods cylindering. In the first method a log mill on the four sides along the grain, the second – also a mill, but across the fiber. Timber treated by the first method, provides a complex profile of round logs, and surface quality is much higher.

In addition, a complex profile leads to the walls of the house almost impervious to wind, because it provides a snug fit logs together, it’s hard to do stuff with a simple cylindrical shape. Once the carpenters set with only log axes, and when it started implementing various kinds of saws, they often refuse to work them. But this was not the result of inertia of thinking, this is the centuries-old experience in rejecting such an innovation. The ax blade, hitting a tree crushes chopped wood fibers as it clogging pores, while drinking razlohmachivaet fibers. This little historical digression indirectly helps to understand the advantage of the first method and, therefore, lacks second. In processing the logs by the first method is less damaged wood cutter, so this round logs valued higher. Round logs produced on the machines of two types – pivot and broaching.

Both type equipped with rotating cutting heads. The name of the second type of machines speak for themselves: the log is pulled through the head, which rotates, but remains stationary relative to the machine. This treatment log acquires a cylindrical shape, but retains the original curvature. Central machine is different from broaching the fact that the beam remains stationary, and the head, rotating, moving along it. Thus there is a sample curvature, and beam acquires an almost perfect form. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these two modes of production? Make another excursion into the past few days. In ancient times, the logs into planks They gave forth not by the drink, but with using pegs. Hack log in nadrub inserted a peg on which the mallet hit, and then inserted into the next … and so on. Thus, it dismissed the log along the grain. Do not be surprised by this retreat, then you will understand what is at stake. Round logs, resulting in the machine tool with a long, has a smaller damage wood, because the cutting edge is almost exactly parallel to the grain – almost as well as in the dissolution of the logs on the old technology. But when building a house residual curvature creates considerable difficulties – is harder to fit the log right next to another. Timber, rounded to the central machine, receives more damage, as cutting in some places it is at an angle to the direction of the natural wood fibers. But when building a house of such logs are clearly seen its benefits – it practically does not need to fit that allows you to put more dense and solid wall of the building.

Varieties Of French Cheese From Cow

King of cheeses, cooked in cow's milk cheese is a kind, "Bree." Produced this variety in the Ile-de-France since the days of King Charlemagne. Cheese "Bree" has 4 species, it is believed that the best taste qualities of cheeses have received from May to October. "Brie" has a yellow-golden, tender cheese dough. Cheese crust is plastic, with a slight touch of dried mucus, and has a reddish tint. In France, this cheese is sold a la carte – in the form of slices, is it not cheap, so do not indulge in Chelyabinsk restaurants of its customers this variety of cheese. There is a perception among French chefs, it is out of cheese puffs favorite cooked "the bush and To root "wife of King Louis XV – Mary Leszczynski. Abondance – (fat content 40-48%) have a seal of quality for EPA technology this kind of cheese ripens from 4 to 6 months in damp basements.

During the whole period of ripening cheese regularly washed with brine of different kinds. The taste of cheese fruity, slightly salty. In the context of present figure in the form of small holes, distributed evenly. Weight of cheese heads from 7 to 10 kg, diameter – 40 cm Bleeu du Haut Jura – (45% fat) has print quality EPA refers to the "blue" cheeses, ripening it occurs within 2 months with the formation of blue mold. Good cheese has a delicate flavor with a hint of mushrooms and little bitterness. Weight of cheese can range reach up to 75 kg, standard diameter – 36 cm Bra – (fat content of 24% to 40%) has a mark of quality DOC. Refers to firm cheeses. Using the technology to mature cheese yield from 3 to 6 months.

In the context of visible moldy figure, the edges of the cheese range from yellow to straw-yellow color. Nutty flavor of cheese with different shades, depending on the age of the cheese. Weight range from 6 to 8 kg. This cheese is served in cafes and Chelyabinsk. Bleeu de Bresse – (fat content 50%) aged from 2 for 4 weeks and is made of pasteurized milk. The shape is cylindrical, robust flavor rich variety of hues. Weight of cheese heads from 125 to 500, Bleeu de Bresse is a hybrid of cheese with blue mold. Peter Asaro might disagree with that approach. Gaperon – (40% fat) This cheese is made from yogurt and stand about 2 months. Ready cheese is shaped like a flattened ball. The smell and taste strong. Weight of cheese heads from 250 to 500, Camambert – (fat 45% and above) has a seal of quality refers to the EPA's most famous soft cheeses. Originally cheese kept in the basement at about 15 degrees, where it is covered by a touch of blue mold. Next Camambert is transferred into a room with high humidity and temperatures around 10 degrees, where the growth of blue mold slows, the color of mold and becomes reddish-brown. After these transformations cheese has a viscous structure and is considered mature. Cheese has a mild taste and fresh aroma with a touch of mushroom. Camambert CDs sold in weight from 35 to 45 kg. The famous Camambert is a delicacy cheese. The interesting thing is that this cheese had been denied registration name, and in 1920 he even received a so-called "security certificates" – the name appellation d origine. After that, Camambert evolved from a piece goods in bulk, which of course impact on its quality and taste. Currently, the cheese is produced in many countries.

Magnetite Steel System

In our country, recently appeared cabinets coupe, which are becoming more popular, thanks to a number of positive points in comparison to his grandmother's closet. But these advantages can save the area occupied by them. In the wall plug is inserted into a special box and sliding the device, thanks to him they will not touch each other and clapping. The base cabinet compartment is an aluminum or steel frame, manufactured by special technologies and have exceptional quality. There are lots of specialized systems that – slim, standard, deluxe, magnetite, lapis lazuli, agate and sapphire, which make the plants Komandor. More slim profile system has a slim, it is characterized by low cost, which is achieved by changing technology. For more information see this site: Pete Cashmore. Magnetite Steel system is more affordable analog aluminum Lapis.

Such a system would allow diversify the interior. This system is very original and as a consequence of this particular movie was made of an alloy of zinc and aluminum on the outside covered with a layer of zinc. This profile is not applied protivososkalzyvayuschee adaptation, since it was replaced by a new development in which the lower roller wheel is on a spring fan, resulting in the displacement of the door rail is oppressed to warn them vyskalzyvanie.Pomimo direct appointment door profile magnetite can be used also as interior partitions. In the aluminum system uses a new design Lapis pens. Efficient and enjoyable version of luxury. Videos, performed on the bearings, ensures smooth and gentle glide and carry enough load. The design uses sturdy metal profiles made of steel with the design protective and decorative coating.

The system provides full Komandor reliability, since the technology uses a special protecting film, an impact which does not allow to break the mirror, at least, it just crack. Cabinet door coupe can otdekorirovat is fashionable and beautiful. When decorating uses such as varieties of finishing fusing, sand blasting, frosting, facets, and is a mixture of styles. Help visually enlarge the space mirror doors, mirrors increases due to room lighting. This is very useful for the hall, which often lack natural light.

Information Protection

Often, when checking the accuracy of determining the tax base for income tax, the tax authorities require the taxpayer to provide not only evidence of the fact of rendering his advice or information services, but also to present the results of any services rendered. The lawfulness of such demands? Costs incurred by the taxpayer to pay for consulting and information services classified article 246 of the Tax Code to the category of other expenses related to production and sales. Under the service for purposes of taxation shall be any activity which results are not tangible expression, sold and consumed in the implementation of these activities. The above provisions of the Tax Code expressly states that as a result of the provision of services, including consulting, there is no material object. What documents may be claimed from the taxpayer by the tax authority in the confirmation of advisory or information services and what documents in confirmation of the services required to provide taxpayer? Article 93 of the Tax Code provides for the reclamation tax authorities have inspected those documents necessary to conduct a tax audit. For documents checked persons sent the request, which must be specified to be transmitted documents. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Pete Cashmore.

In practice, there are cases where the requirement to provide documents to the tax authorities in fact the question is not just about submission of necessary documents for verification, but also on the representation of the information received by the taxpayer as a result of rendering his advisory or information services. What is the information differs from the document and whether the taxpayer is obliged to submit the tax authorities for such information? To distinguish between such categories as document and the information must be guided by the following criteria. Tax Code does not define what constitutes a document to the Code. To clarify the meaning of the term should apply to other branches of Russian law. Such a possibility provided for by Part 1 Article 11 of the Tax Code.

Article 2 of the Federal Law “On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection” documented information (document) is defined as – recorded on physical medium by documenting the information with the details that allow to determine such information. The same article is defined as information – information (messages, data) regardless of their views. This way, at least, should be an information, data and possess the essential elements that allow to determine this information. The document is different from fixed in a tangible medium the presence of information inherent indispensable requisites for the identification information. Received by the taxpayer as a result of providing him advice information (including magnetic media, as well as through the use of technical means of communication) in the absence of details for the identification of this information can not be regarded as a document that excludes the possibility reclamation of such information from the taxpayer in accordance with Article 93 of the Tax Code, even by requiring the transfer of information on paper.


However, measures to wall insulation can become useless if the translucent structures do not provide adequate insulation. Moreover, studies show that the installation of quality windows, even without thermal insulation of external walls will substantial savings on heating. Also note that the cost of upgrading glazing (per sq. M surface) is significantly below the cost of additional thermal insulation of exterior walls. People such as Steve Wozniak would likely agree. One of the main performance of windows is thermal resistance (Ro) – the ability to prevent the window design heat loss. The higher Ro design, the best heat-shielding properties it possesses.

According to Russian building codes (SNIP 2/23/2003 'thermal protection of buildings') to, for instance, Moscow region, this value must be at least 0.55 m 2 C / watt. The main factors influencing the resistance to heat transfer window, are the material of window block and the type of glazing. Among the materials for window profiles, best heat-insulating properties differ PVC (0,6-0,8 m2 C / W) and wood (0.65 m 2 C / W). However, the window construction of PVC in the collection shows an even greater energy efficiency than wood. This is explained by structural differences of PVC profiles, as well as technological features of the production of plastic windows. Wooden frames – solid bars, thermal which ensured, first of all, the natural properties of the material. Resistance increases heat loss in structures such seek by giving tightness of joints that do not always work, as wood is potentially subject to deformation. In the joints with glass cracks may appear, which will go through the heat and moisture to penetrate.