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The seduction of the (food and wine importers) importers of Spanish agri-food products is increasingly more wide, according to Agrelma Spanish agri-food products increase your notoriety worldwide through promotion and participation in major events, manifestations of the food sector wines and spirits, as well as to the increasing availability to use new mechanisms and systems based on saving of time and human resources as it is the case of the portal Agrelma the which facilitates ongoing commercial opportunities to all the companies of the sector. try placing Spanish products in the highest level of the market, is the main function of the Agrelma system. Agrelma promotes the Spanish exporter sector of enterprises in the world market gourmet niche. These companies can offer complete information of your food wines and spirits, with the goal that Spanish products go climbing levels in the mind of consumers as high quality products. This allows thousands of importers, the opportunity to learn about the typical characteristics of these products. One of the main objectives of The global food and wine directory, is the offer commercial support companies since many of them still new in exporting, go in search of further information. In other cases the role of importers directory is the strengthen the communication since some of them have contacts abroad but need to establish more business opportunities with more regularity.

Among the most outstanding present companies are the consortium of ham from Jabugo and oils Guadalentin, Almazara Acapulco, Torrelareina, the Prudenciada, Quixote Quince cheese. Payment of Barrens… companies that stand out by providing quality products, and also able to supply quantity.


Moreover, the way it responds to a problem, as an alternative resolution, will be oriented to what you want: do you want to achieve the goals or want to overcome? There is a difference in how to meet the leaders and managers on how to solve. The manager, the man in the management tends to focus on problems, their need is to solve this affects the management, but the leader tends to focus more on the opportunities, because their need is to raise the level of the organization. In this sense, the answer of the leader is more far-reaching, because not only is thinking to solve the everyday: the immediate, but is also looking at the long term. Another important aspect in solving problems is the support and involvement that is sought of the team, so if the goal is organizational maturity. In some contexts it is working as the leader fixes everything. The slogan is a the leader there to solve everything that has to be resueltoa . But not all decisions in response to problems it must correspond to the leader.

The leader needs to prioritize which problems require more focus your attention. This will help your decision focus on the core of the real problems and needs, focusing their energy, attention and time to solve the problems of life, rather than diluted in many problems at once, which addresses and resolves only partially. Moreover, there is a leader with ability to effectively manage all the problems that occur in your organization.

Microsystem Bart

According to Frias, Escobar, and Mendez, (2003) taken levels of human development Bronfenbrenner ecological theory are: the micro-system, which relates the level more next in which develops the individual (blood family or guardians); the meso-system, which comprises more than two environments, these include a set of micro-systems such as family or contact next of nature utilitarian and neighbouring or close relatives of the family; the exo-system includes environments that do not include the individual directly but which affect their behavior, these environments are: open relationships, friends, groups, etc. Finally found the interrelate, which comprises the systems already referred to, which are integrated or configured as culture or subculture in which the individual develops. Since taking the main conceptions of the ecological theory of human development, a development approach will be of Bart j. Simpson through the systems proposed by Bronfenbrenner: Microsystem Bart lives with his family, what sets this group as the closest to its development level, consists of Homer, Marge, Lisa and Maggie Simpson, they are structural componetess, as I mentioned earlier in the ideal model of the family. According to Frias, Escobar, and Mendez, (2003) this system can function as a trainer scope and promote optimal a development, but it can also create in individual misconduct for the rest of the systems. This is reflected in the picaresque behavior of Bart in which many of his antics are approved by his father but not by other systems. Marge represents the woman’s role centered and aware of the damage that can cause Bart, so it tries to correct the inadequate behaviors even against her husband, Lisa for his part in the majority of cases in which Bart has inappropriate behaviors can do nothing to avoid becoming a victim of their mischief, but sometimes it becomes a kind of awareness for Bart, she possesses a logical intelligence and a pre-operational thought concrete more defined than Bart which tends to disprove many of the behaviors of his brother, finally Maggie composed this first level or micro Bart system although there is no evidence a close contact to him, as he has with Lisa.

Biometric Systems

An access control, using biometric systems, is established in order to identify people, analyzing their individual characteristics, until they enter a site in particular. With the use of this strategy it boasts a more effective than traditional methods of security tool. Previous access control systems used passwords or credentials that could be lost, pilfered, duplicate or intentionally borrowed. Using biometric devices eliminates these problems, because biometric indicators of a person are unique, they may not be rendered, cloned, lost or stolen and only its owner can make use of them. Despite the advantages of biometric systems, on many occasions, these are used in the company of complementary security systems, with the aim of establishing better access controls. Thus, systems that combine several security strategies, like those who analyze a digital fingerprint and iris can be found. Is also possible to connect the biometric devices; to security systems such as alarms or closed circuit television.

A fingerprint access control is sufficient to be able to grant a person admission to some guarded place. In addition, fingerprint readers are systems that people respond with doubt. Many people do not feel comfortable using eye patterns readers, mainly because they believe that these use lasers that can be harmful to the view. This is totally false, but it is a fact that a fingerprint scanner is less alarming than one Iris or retina. In some places, as stated above, combine several methods. Thus, it is possible to see in some places of extreme security, persons entering them, is them passed pon an analysis of fingerprints and one eye patterns or facial features.

What is sought in these cases is to avoid false acceptance and false rejection rates resulting in lethal errors. Such fees are present on all biometric systems and therefore becomes required the adoption of strategies to prevent them from being a problem. One way of doing this is by combining methods. Access control, which uses biometric systems, is a strategy that can be very useful in any place running. However, to take the best advantage of biometrics, the best is using it in the company of other security methods.


System to protect the field and its properties, SPA is the first system of security to work in weather you don’t need power. It uses sensors and sensores-trampa to detect people and situations of risk for agricultural exploitation. It is a wireless installation, does not require works or pipes. The set consists of an electronic unit, various sensors and sensores-trampa of three types and an actuator that is optional if it is necessary to activate an alarm sound or light, deterrent. Together they can become 50 per each installation.

The radius of coverage that spans can reach 150 meters. between each sensor and electronic unit. Remote communication via the mobile phone with the use of a SIM card from any telephone operator, which is inserted into the electronic unit from the outside and allows alarm programmed phones notices. Its energy management makes possible daily alarms a year. Without power, he works outdoors and flame by phone most of conventional security systems consume much power and are not prepared for the weather. More evolved need quite a few milliamps to operate, but the technology of the SPA (agricultural protection system), which is unique in the world, allows to work with very few microamps.

Sensores-trampa for detection of people SPA works in open field. Get detected and surprising a person anywhere to air free using logic: If you intend to steal must pass through a road; approaching a machine, System pivot or transformer; Enter an enclosure, shed or warehouse; Open a door, etc. Sensors for situations of risk alerts when an animal comes out a fencing, when water level is low or too high, when a place is flooded, failure of the electric current, if stop pumps, if the sprinkler system is for, or in any other application without the need for electrical power. The different elements can be hidden by a thicket, a tree, embedded in a post, on a machine or system Pivot, within an electrical box, next to a wall, buried, etc., in many different ways, that gives a high degree of effectiveness.