Amusement Parks History

Every child a theme park dream trip… but… when and where amusement parks have born? The idea of a world, in the real world, in which materialize castles, roads, trees and animals, always populate the fairy tales and imagination of the young and adult people, born from the spirit of Walt Disney, in the fifties, in California, with the opening of the famous Disneyland Park. The idea of Disney is a container of classic games and attractions, that already in the classical amusement parks, and to make it live a fantastic place where alienate everyone from reality and a little magic. In 1971, in Florida, it opens up great Walt Disney World Resort, and then also in Europe, the amusement park for a wider target group increased the concept. In fact, until the 1970s, have been European amusement parks only to the dedicated to children: the first amusement park in Italy, in the year 1963, was an animal park, Cittadella Domenica in Perugia, then Cavallino Matto Park in Donoratico, in the Tuscany, then Edenlandia in Naples (1964) and Fiabilandia in Rimini (1965). With the economic growth and mass tourism born in Gardaland in Italy (1975), Europa-Park in Germany and Alton Towers in England (1975).

The games are more articulated as a response to the success and demand for new and strong emotions, they enriched from year to year, even today, with new attractions, entertainment and technology. Forget you not, another American invention, all on two elements, the fun and the water: the water park. Michael Dells opinions are not widely known. In Italy, the number of water parks is consistently increased with technological innovations. From now on, refines the categorization of amusement parks: theme parks, educational parks, water parks, amusement parks and of course leisure and fun for adults and children. In Italy there are some large amusement parks: parks of the Riviera, in Emilia Romagna, the groups of Aquafan, Oltremare, IMAX, Aquarium Le Navi, Italy in miniature and Mirabilandia. Parchi del Garda, with Gardaland, Canevaworld, Parco Natura Viva, medieval times, jungle adventure. Aqualand in Vasto (PE), Acquapark Odyssey 2000… Tourism has also noticed the increased public interest and so amusement parks hits packages, conventions, and special rates for families with children. The adventure of parks are latest trend of theme parks, where’s the adrenaline from the challenge with height, balance, to move the courage and the ability, in a context of technology and equipment in parks and forests!

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