The Necessary

This would have been possible thanks to abundant and massiva production of good and for the incitation of the consumption through the industry of stimulaton to the consumption. As the value of exchange is predominant in this ' ' society opulenta' ' , Baudrillard says in them that strategies are created to modify the relation of the individuals with the merchandise in the cotidianeidade: the amontoamento or profusion and the collection or panoply. The amontoamento (profusion) would be a strategy that consists of the simple manipulation of the public presentation of the merchandise, that if of the one of ostensive and intensive form as form to influence the consumption. It serves to accustom the spectator to the extreme amount of merchandises and teaches it &#039 to it; ' arte' ' of the ostensive consumption. The collection (panoply) would be a technology more sophisticated of the production and organization of merchandises that a playful chaining has.

Merchandises are produced that ' ' they make sentido' ' (that is, it has one meaning in the imagination) only when the others are conjugated. Products indicate the others clearly. The merchandises are offered not separately, but yes in a context that includes other merchandises. The merchandise appears then transformed into playful substance and distinctive, it abuses the signs and sublima its statute of utility. As the necessary society of consumption to transform the merchandise into magical thing, it operates the mixture of common things extraordinary things or events. The image passes to be industrialized and thus they are used resources technician (illumination, edition and composition of images) to become daily a magical image when it presents itself in a screen. The imitation of the common people of the behaviors represented in the screen if explains as the attempt to participate of this magical world. Shopping to center nothing more is that one palco for this type of performance for the common people.