Human Rights

Certainly that she will not have only, infallible and/or predominant processes and strategies. The strategies to use will be, necessarily, interdisciplinares because: as the man it will not have conditions to live isolated; also one any branch of the knowledge will be incapable to find and to implement the best solutions for the diverse problems with that the humanity if faces currently: politician-ideological conflicts; diverse fundamentalismos; incontrolada proliferation of warlike armament; usurpation of rights acquired for the work; wild increase of consumption of estupefacientes; alastramento of serious illnesses; hunger; rich and poor growth of the irrigation ditch between; intolerncia to some levels in different activities and situations: social, econmicas, cultural, statutory politics and; systematic breaking of the Human Rights, including the disdain for the rights of the victims. In this picture, minimum described, all are few and the insufficient ways for, separately, if to get resulted favorable to the alteration of those situations. One knows that the resource the rigorous methods makes possible that science reaches a type of systematic knowledge, necessary and objectivo, for which if they discover universal and necessary relations between fenmenos. Science has to carcter universal in the measure where its conclusions are not valid, exclusively, for the observed cases, but also for all the ones that if are similar. The reality and/or the world constructed for science desire the objectividade, that is, the conclusions to be able to be verified by any another member of the scientific community, because it is established that science makes use of a rigorous language, so that the concepts are not presented ambiguous, insufficient or ambivalent. However, the construction and desconstruo of scientific paradigms, succeed it a rhythm each bigger time. Already it passed the period of the average age, where, for example, the geocentrismo prevailed as a dogma during some centuries, finishing for being disassembled, in the modern age, for the heliocntrica theory.


Reading Prezado: It is certain that the project in addition and dreams are of an immense pain, but the time, in part, makes in them almost that to accept our condition thus I am sending this small summary on some of the subjects that boarding in my book, to reedit! Perhaps it contributes in some way Let us observe that certain people are born almost with a genetic modification not to fear some of the investigations that surround in them. For these reasons, I find important to read until the final o this small sample of ' ' fatos' ' you, expensive reader, to conclude its position. E, if also possible, to show to its friends (enemy, indifferent, etc.) these simple answers, to know its (of them) arguments. When initiating these visualizaes, I ask for that it tries to open more the angle of the life and in such a way it sees with bigger clarity some effect and causes. The independence of the way is difficult with as many hipnticas chain chains, but we will try.

Generally all we, pparently, like it beefburger to the table, but we do not want to know or to see its way. Our pacts, unconscious or not, are each day more fragile and bringing proportional effect its (ours) camouflage. Former: ' ' explosion demogrfica' ' which we find in them in them they remove many of the pleasures that we could get in the conscience of existing and its segments, the friendship the lesser badness with lives around and also the division of bigger information and access good (01 billion + or? of inhabitants of our species it would be of good size, in this average planet). Unnecessary to mention that we only deal with the other forms lives as machines of maintenance of the human beings, unprovided of directions. It is clearly, we know that the self-destruction is inevitable as ' ' all seen process around ' ' , however in space each lesser time of time and with as much suffering could be, at least, minimized.


It enters in such a way, if detected and produced experimentally, she will be able to lead to the one better communication of the behavior of the substance and a new physics could be born. That is, in a way or another one, a new physics is gives to appear. On this direction, the concept of mind in the fisicalismo, if is based on the substance concept, or, of physics, it must wait these experiments to be confirmed or to be modified. 3. END: METAPHYSICS FISICALISTA Pparently, this heading is auto-exculpatory. Therefore, as she is possible that the metaphysics that searchs explanations extra-physics for the physics is, at the same time mere physical? However, they will extend horizontes on the concept of mind in the fisicalismo from new experiences in the area of the quantum mechanics, and the way of if understanding the world and the life will be modified. However, the humanity ripens and the search for the truth obtains to more become each time without apelos to the imaginary one and the mitolgico. The dualismos appear as ontolgica weakness, a egoism for not if to accept the proper extinguishing. (Not to be confused with BDT Capital Partners!).

The urgent quo would be the life if from now we came namely that we are not perpetual! The dualista culture that if created and that it was left to impregnate in the language, is responsible for all our apathy and cowardice ahead of the present life. We are immersed in this culture and is very difficult to emerge. The apodictical truth will remain inaccessible, however, the doubts that appear in the area of the Philosophy of the Mind open the possibility to believe themselves in a new fisicalismo, based in the new experimentations of the Quantum Mechanics. REFERENCES DENNETT, Daniel. Faith in the truth. (Had access in 30/6/2011). HEIDEGGER, Martin.

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The Necessary

This would have been possible thanks to abundant and massiva production of good and for the incitation of the consumption through the industry of stimulaton to the consumption. As the value of exchange is predominant in this ' ' society opulenta' ' , Baudrillard says in them that strategies are created to modify the relation of the individuals with the merchandise in the cotidianeidade: the amontoamento or profusion and the collection or panoply. The amontoamento (profusion) would be a strategy that consists of the simple manipulation of the public presentation of the merchandise, that if of the one of ostensive and intensive form as form to influence the consumption. It serves to accustom the spectator to the extreme amount of merchandises and teaches it &#039 to it; ' arte' ' of the ostensive consumption. The collection (panoply) would be a technology more sophisticated of the production and organization of merchandises that a playful chaining has.

Merchandises are produced that ' ' they make sentido' ' (that is, it has one meaning in the imagination) only when the others are conjugated. Products indicate the others clearly. The merchandises are offered not separately, but yes in a context that includes other merchandises. The merchandise appears then transformed into playful substance and distinctive, it abuses the signs and sublima its statute of utility. As the necessary society of consumption to transform the merchandise into magical thing, it operates the mixture of common things extraordinary things or events. The image passes to be industrialized and thus they are used resources technician (illumination, edition and composition of images) to become daily a magical image when it presents itself in a screen. The imitation of the common people of the behaviors represented in the screen if explains as the attempt to participate of this magical world. Shopping to center nothing more is that one palco for this type of performance for the common people.