American Financial System Reform

June 19, 2009 a Mi Government proposes a radical reform of financial regulation system, a transformation to a scale not seen since the reforms that followed the Great Depression. Barack Obama’s speech at the White House announcement. a It is about time where financial systems begin to revive the credit wheel, but this does not become a new opportunity to crisis, it is necessary for regulation and supervision mechanisms work perfectly. a “a ” now has specific “a ” a How to start investing in stock market? a First of all you need to manage the key tools for investment. Look for the next release of our newsletter with recommendations for educational companies and our investment reports that explain step by step how to approach financial independence by investing in the Stock Exchanges.

Click to continue leyendoa – is why the government of Barack Obama launched a historic reform of the financial system. And one of the keys to reform is in the words of Obama’s speech: a Nadie had a responsibility to protect the system as a whole, of the risks linked to the firmasa . Before starting, I can not express my reservations about the possible effectiveness of the new system of regulation and supervision in order to maintain control of the risk of the financial system neither resulted in extreme and irresponsible risks could end up in crisis..

International Financial System

Buenos Aires, Argentina January 22, 2009A The international financial crisis has left us a clear lesson: the international financial system was not as robust and efficient and appeared to be those entities that were displayed as the strongest demonstrated that not everything glitters is gold. The lack of effective regulation and supervision led to a position taken on excessive and irresponsible risk. a For specialists in the field, while the crisis in financial systems are not at all pleasant for its impact on the real economy have a positive aspect that is clear from them inefficient and fragile entities. Thus the crisis in financial markets survive the entities that have known a better way to manage the various risks and proved to be efficient, producing the revival of a financial system stronger and more experienced to prevent problems from happening the same. The Status of the international financial system is fragile.

For the American economist predicted the subprime crisis, Nouriel Roubini, for the U.S. financial system: The problems of Citi, Bank of America and others suggest that the system is bankrupt. Roubini warned that (if the projections) are true, that means the U.S. banking system is effectively insolvent, because it started with a capital of U.S. $ 1.4 billion. It is a systemic banking crisis. Probably a Roubini’s assertion is true and this concern in terms of prospects for economic recovery in the U.S..

UU. But perhaps the U.S. banking system is not the only one who is in bankruptcy.

Technology Systems

The global provider of advanced quality assurance and digital video services, announced today the expansion of family sua Geminus (TM) products including G10 Mid, providing cable and telecommunications providers a scalable approach for traffic monitoring and analysis video to 5Gb 10Gb on a network. With a license upgrade effortlessly from the base platform and no additional hardware, the Geminus G10 Mid is an inexpensive way for suppliers to add coverage of network monitoring immediately while expanding the bandwidth to satisfy subscriber demand for more services and stay competitive. As a result of video on demand, high definition channels and other advanced services that increase the flow of traffic and require more bandwidth, the industry relies increasingly on 10Gb networks.

The Geminus family is the first and most advanced set of monitoring tools analysis and digital video test 1Gb to 10Gb. The Geminus family style designed with a roof rack, staying one or two systems to ensure easy installation and meets the stringent NEBS requirements, making it ideal for either permanent facilities of laboratories, reception systems or implementation prior / posterior the head, heart or center of the network. IneoQuest provides long platforms Geminus G10 Base, and Geminus G10 Max are able to monitor and analyze traffic 3Gb and 10Gb on a 10Gb network connection. IneoQuest Geminus G10 Mid developed to meet customer needs Geminus a medium-range product that can also climb to growth. Together with the support of 5Gb traffic, the Geminus G10 Mid monitoring and analysis provides simultaneous and continuous flows of IP video live to 1..