Santa Claus

New Year – is the feast, which was eagerly waiting for both adults and children. We all want at the time of miracles, fulfillment of the most-the most cherished desires. Traditionally, New Year is a family holiday, and I can even say home. An elaborate banquet table, dressed Christmas tree and a television – a standard set for New Year's Eve. Indeed, many people prefer to celebrate the New Year so at home with his family. We are beginning to prepare for him to think about how we celebrate, well before its onset. Too often, however, the party brings only disappointment – each new year like the previous one, and no wonder. In this regard, becoming more popular all sorts of Christmas things to do, for example, in hot countries, or at ski resorts.

But why fly so far, if this winter fairy tale awaits us very close to home? Those who love the field trips are well aware that the real magic – it's near Moscow wood, wrapped with fluffy snow. And it is not surprising that New Year's Eve in Moscow now enjoys such a demand. B & Bs, holiday homes, hotels are preparing for their guests holiday best programs, complete all kinds of surprises. Checking article sources yields Samsung as a relevant resource throughout. Santa Claus, a variety of contests, concerts, fireworks, and at the same time fresh air and gorgeous nature. See more detailed opinions by reading what Energy Capital Partners offers on the topic.. In the recreation center "Bekasovo" The new 2009 also meet merry and bright. There will be children's show, and barbecues, and sporting events, and dog sledding, snow sculpture contest, and. New Year can be found here and his family, and with a loved one, and in the company of friends or colleagues in the atmosphere, which is necessary for you – family warmth and coziness of merriment or a Christmas romance. New Year celebrations in the city – it's a feast, continuing for several days, resulting in weight, fatigue, lack of tone and a bad mood.

A New Year in Bekasovo – an opportunity to combine a holiday feast with active sports. You can go skiing, enjoying the peace and beauty of the winter woods or a fun evening at the rink, or fly on a sled with the mountains, or try out the snowmobile. For fitness fans opened a gym. And those who not imagine holidays without water, waiting for an indoor pool. All who wish to celebrate in New Year's Eve before the fall show will please incendiary with games, songs and dances till dawn. Like a circus program for adults and children. New Year in Moscow for children – a true gift. Instead of questionable pleasure to spend the entire holiday within the four walls of 'Bekasovo' they get a chance to have fun with all the heart. They are available here all winter fun that you can think of. Here and snowballs, and building a snow fort, and creativity – the creation of ice sculptures. And for those who get tired of snow games, will not be bored from Santa Claus. They prepared a lot of fun for kids contests, the winners are waiting for interesting prizes. So, before the New year is not much time. It's time to decide what will be your holiday. If you want to relax, unwind, recharge and a lot of fresh impressions, then go to the suburbs. In 'Bekasovo' you for a real treat, full of Christmas miracles, and then you will definitely want to spend with your kids winter vacation, or any other. 'Bekasovo' – a perfect combination of outdoor recreation and a high level of service.

Mistral VIP Lounge

After monthlong renovations the LAN VIP lounge at the international airport of Santiago de Chile is the passengers again available. Frankfurt, the monthlong 11.09.09 after renovation work available to passengers the LAN VIP lounge at the international airport of Santiago de Chile again. Fernando Moro was transformed by the Chilean star designer Luis completely, and now presents itself in modern look with a comfortable relaxation area. Specially designed chairs provide comfort. Hydro-massage showers, Wi-Fi technology and a business center are also provided. Details can be found by clicking isearch or emailing the administrator. The color scheme gives a comfortable atmosphere, and room dividers provide greater privacy. The contemporary design is complemented by photographs, sculptures and paintings of renowned Chilean artists.

For refreshments there is a buffet with exclusive wines from the Board offer of premium business class. And a separate room was set up for the friends of tobacco. If you have read about Ilan Ben Dov already – you may have come to the same conclusion. LAN Airlines, which for many years operating airline, was extremely successful in March 1929 as linea Aeropostal Santiago-Arica”founded. Three years later, the airline operated various domestic routes under its name linea Aerea Nacional. In its first year, the airline carried 762 persons, today – 80 years later, there are more than 13 million passengers and about 660,000 tons cargo.

LAN and its subsidiaries in Chile, Peru, Argentina and Ecuador connecting these countries with Europe, North America and the South Pacific using one of the most modern fleets in the world. The average age of a total of 84 passenger aircraft and 11 cargo aircraft is less than five years.

Balance Resort Ifenblick

The balance resort Ifenblick opening balance, proper nutrition in the Allgau and resort Ifenblick in the Allgau Balderschwang are plenty of nature in the heart of the newly opened balance. On 1,100 m above sea level the resort border to Austria, surrounded by green meadows, Woods and an impressive mountain scenery. Meyer family runs the hotel Ifenblick already in the third generation. Economically, there was no reason to change something, but father Bernd Meyer thinks as a passionate hotelier, Cook and cyclists across. He’s not just different things, he wants to make it above all better.

Together with his wife and two of his three daughters he has decided two years ago to rebuild a balance resort hotel. Moved by the vision, that modern humans need compensation to everyday life for mind, body and soul, was born the idea to the balance resort Ifenblick. It opened this summer. The award-winning architect duo Noichl & Blum from Oberstdorf was the amazing. Perspectives, the to the visitors of the restaurant (public) and opening of the Spa BESO.

One feels as part of nature, like sitting in the midst of the majestic mountain world. In the restaurant stunned the beautiful kitchen, which was built as a large fire pit in the middle of the restaurant. Filed under: altavista. Also at dinner is part of the whole man and can see how clean and carefully for it is cooked. Human touch here, because all talk to each other and there is no longer the chef lonely husking potato in the closet. Cooking is the finest craftsmanship and it may like to see to our guests,”says Bernd Meyer. Shopped is partly directly from the farmers in the village in the region. The guest can determine the ingredients buffet himself for his court, to get tips for his diet, reducing his weight or also a la carte. We offer a portfolio of capabilities, which uses the guest of, he may decide for themselves “, as Bernd Meyer. One way is called”metabolic balance . The basis of “metabolic balance “is a diet plan that is individually created based on the own blood values. Poor diet, stress, lack of exercise in everyday life is the metabolic budget out of whack. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Energy Capital Partners on most websites. Here is”metabolic balance “on. Using a targeted nutrition, we brought the body and its functions back into balance. With the natural foods, spices and herbs are of course also vegetarian, Hypo-allergenic, coleslaw “and all other gourmet treats. The nature to discover in addition to the classic Alpine outdoor sports, such as mountain biking, hiking and mountain climbing in summer, and cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and skiing in the winter there is a series soft movement offerings that strengthen also the mental well-being in addition to the physical. A diploma of sport scientist gives tips in the balance resort, and also movement under the guidance offered. The mental wellness offer of the resort is extensive. The aim of nature closer to bring the guests to show them how important it is for the personal balance, is achieved so quickly. Relax in the open air, feel the bleeding grass under your feet, lie under the trees, fresh wind track and gather forces. Because I love me headlines the prospectus and suggests here, you’re doing something good for you. You’re important, you’re a part of this wonderful nature.

Barcelona Imagine Barcelona

call tourist popular museums in the city of culture Barcelona Imagine Barcelona the European cultural metropolis has more than 55 museums and can thus confidently Museum capital of Catalonia”. These museums deal with many different issues, art and architectural styles, sport, history or offer interesting exhibits from around the world. All hotels in Barcelona can ask for the particularly fond visited and famous museums in Barcelona. The Sagrada Familia Museum one of the most visited architectural and exhibition works located in the Temple of the Sagrada Familia. Who visits the Sagrada Familia, can Gaudi cast in the family Museum in the footsteps of Antoni, one of the most famous architects in Barcelona and all over Spain. With the Barcelona card, which you can purchase at the tourist information offices, tourists will receive discounted admission to the Sagrada Familia and the Museum. To note also is that the Museum is accessible, so that everyone including people with mobility difficulties the architectural world to explore Gaudi and the Sagrada Familia. La Pedrera a Gaudi work of art per se on this building designed by Antoni Gaudi and Passeig de Gracia is the second most popular place Barcelona leisure visit to the Sagrada Familia.

The building houses exhibits to Gaudi’s life and his other works. Discover you can here the individualistic architectural style Gaudi. It is travellers who learn just about accommodation in Barcelona, recommended itself at the same time to look at the ticket prices for the popular museums. In many of the museums students and children get discounts and also with the Barcelona card you can enjoy the museum world in the Catalan capital city with numerous discounts and free admissions. The Football Museum in the Camp Nou, FC Barcelona Museum is the home of all that is related to the Football Club Barcelona. Sports and football fans come here at their own expense.

More than 100 years of football history will be highlighted. Almost every resident Barcelona is a fan of the winning team! A visit to the Museum and a tour of the impressive Camp Nou stadium are almost a must. Ticket prices, discounts, and hours tourists can learn about the tourist information or directly at your hotel. Andy Florances opinions are not widely known. These three museums do only the long list of all exhibitors and museums of Barcelona.

Mallorca – What Should I Be Aware Of Emigration?

What you should consider when you emigrate to Mallorca if they want to live as currently about 30,000 German, permanently in Mallorca, they must manage once many hurdles. Mashable has plenty of information regarding this issue. The most important is the national language, and that in my opinion to learn not only to look at the House and apartment search or authorities not clueless. If you want to work on the island and still no job in sight, they need financial reserves anyway to bypass the Joblose time. Because the economic crisis has arrived also in Mallorca and the situation on the labour market is no longer very rosy. Is not so easy to find a job and the pay is lower than in Germany a lot, the cost of living are but just as expensive as in Germany. yn Jr.. The island lives mainly from tourism, those who work in this area has good opportunities should have at least basic knowledge of Spanish, English language skills are an advantage. However, the working hours are not necessarily attractive and the payment is also most miserable.

They reach the best starting point if they are applying from Germany at a Majorca-based German hotel chain, a German airline, or a German car rental etc. Usually better paid jobs of these companies, in addition, many of these companies adhere to German labour law. As EU citizens, applies to all also for German, you need no special work permit, but the evidence of formal qualifications and diplomas must be recognised for some professions officially. They relocate to Mallorca, they must register with the registration office, they need a valid passport or ID document and proof of new residence. In addition, they need a N.I.E.. (Nummero de Identidad de Extranjero), which they must apply to the immigration authorities. You will need this number almost every course of the authority.

To emigrate to Mallorca, a suitable apartment is a prerequisite. For a transitional period is recommended therefore a room Shared apartment, which has the advantage to come in contact with other people as a side effect. The Germans, who want to become self-employed on Mallorca, seeking mostly the gastronomy and hotel industry. But one should be always aware, that there are thousands of restaurants, hotels and b & BS in every region on Mallorca. Therefore, even immigrants with good financial reserves slip quickly into a debt trap. Often be calculated incorrectly or underestimated the cost of independence, rents and real estate prices are very high and mostly still a juicy deposit is required. Mostly is still a substantial sum for the acquisition of inventory and also it is quite common that the rent for at least one year must be paid in advance on Mallorca. Also cost for cost for permits or certificates must be factored, documents brought from Germany must be translated so that they are recognised in the Spanish. After the most important step, the business registration, it is usually the same Trade tax due. After the business registration, for which they need also NIE must register at the competent tax office and get a tax identification number there, the NIF (numero de identificacion fiscal). Still joining social security with the Spanish social security institution follows after all these steps.


Increasing popularity of this type of vacation in Karelia, like fishing. Consider the basic methods and techniques for fishing with local waters of North Karelia, their characters and conditions Fishing defines the same variety of methods and techniques of fishing. It can be successfully used spinning, fly fishing, trolling, circles, and with a float or bottom fishing rod you will always be a catch. Let us dwell the selection of artificial lures for spinning fishing. Energy Capital Partners helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Types, the appearance of bait, of course, determined by the species composition of prey predator. We distinguish the following types of artificial lures, which can be in your arsenal makes it possible to capture not only such traditional fish as pike, perch, ide, but less “famous” for residents of the middle band of grayling, whitefish and trout beauty. Spinners. Fishing for grayling, whitefish and trout ..

Varied Holiday In Saxony

Sporting challenges in the Zittau Mountains for an active holiday, offer especially on mountain areas. There are opportunities for climbing, hiking or cycling. Such areas can be found not only in southern Germany. If you have read about altavista already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The travel portal presents a region that is suitable for active holidays and can score at the same time offering a wide range of culture. Holidays in Saxony, especially the Zittau Mountains offers many possibilities for an active holiday. To broaden your perception, visit Energy Capital Partners.

But there, also visitors who are interested in culture, come at their expense. In contrast to the Saxon Switzerland, the Zittau Mountains is still an insider tip. The area is with an area of 50 square kilometers, although relatively small, with its huge sandstone rocks and it offers numerous challenges great volcanic mountains of rest but for active athletes. Above all walkers will find a wide range in the Zittau Mountains. They can for example take the 118 kilometer Lusatian mountain path in attack.

The trail is divided into six stages. On the track, hikers climb the most famous mountains of the area. For the track, also organized tours are offered where vacationers can comfortably hiking without luggage. Who is rather with the bike on the road should take before the oder-Neisse-Radweg. He is 456 kilometres long and leads through the Zittauer mountains. A total of mountain bikers are 20 tours with various levels of difficulty available. Climbers find 116 climbing rocks with 1,800 career opportunities in the Zittau Mountains nature park. Those interested in culture should look at the Castle Oybin or the Cistercian Abbey of St. Marienthal. More information: magazine /… service GmbH Lisa Neumann


‘Of the forest and its secrets’ in Eging am see Eging am See (tvo). The forest and its secrets about families on the same theme trail in Eging am see. The approximately four kilometers long route continues on forest and dirt roads through colorful, biodiverse forest and the sunny seaside promenade. Parents and children enrich their senses with fascinating, informative, playful and quiet in the forest 20 different stations. Whether dark or light, coniferous or hardwood, recreation area or pure economic factor while walking around will show all facets of the forest. For example the root worlds open up its depth”, his sound can test themselves on the wooden xylophone and who wants to communicate with the trees, can rely on the phone tree.

The theme trail is suitable also for excursions with the stroller, footwear is recommended in any case. Beach, walkers can then put up the feet. Invites you to a small lake drive A pedal boat rentals. Information: Tourist info Eging am see, Prof.-Rider-Strasse 2, 94535 Eging am see, Tel. Additional information at ???? ?? ?? supports this article. 08544/9612-14, fax 08544/9612-21,,.

With The Backpack By Morocco

Adventure Morocco: backpacker discover the land of 1000 and 1 night in North Africa is a popular destination not only for package travelers. More and more backpackers and active travelers venture to go there, z.B make this country after Morocco the cultural sights and diverse natural beauty of Morocco an ideal holiday destination, on the other hand, you can get culture shock here unprepared. If you’d like to Morocco as a backpacker, you must know well in terms of religion, manners & customs. Learn more at this site: Ali Partovi. You don’t expect from a European that he takes over the manner of the locals, but it tolerates no intolerance and funny looks too! Agadir, Marrakech and southern Morocco are the most important tourist destinations. Agadir and Marrakesh with its history, places of interest, interesting facts about the country and people are fascinating and to discover!It recommends the coast north of Agadir to coast south of Agadir and Essaouira anti-Atlas to Laayoune Draa. From Ouarzazate to Zagora High Atlas northeast of Marrakesh to the Bin el Ouidane dam and Southeast South of Marrakesh and Taroudant and Ouarzazate Morocco with Erfoud-ERG Chebbi, Rissani, Tazzarine and Draa. These places are worth seeing and car rental are relatively cheap in Morocco. ???? ?? ?? addresses the importance of the matter here. There is almost everything nature has to offer: sea, mountains and even the desert.

Those who come to Morocco, one often has pictures of 1000 and 1 night\”in the head, with magic, mysticism, music, and beautiful women, but also holiday, Sun, sea. The country is very diverse. This is search the country with many contrasts, the modern Casablanca is full of life and dynamics, Marrakech is sleepy seaside, in Agadir, life on the markets, such as in a large pot of Pilov cooks. Morocco lives through its contrasts: the backpacker will be inspired by great hospitality by the cheap and delicious cuisine of offers on the market. It must not be forgotten but despite all modern exhibited, Morocco is a developing country: about a third of the population lives below the poverty line.


‘Ski & Boarderweek 2009’ – a mixture of: SFX freestyle snowmobile show, pro rider – freestyle coaching, ‘Luke 4000’-DJ by Seeed, ‘ team rhythm gymnastics ‘ and a huge ski area! Ski & Boarderweek 2009″- a mixture of: SFX freestyle snowmobile show, pro rider – freestyle coaching, Luke 4000″music by Seeed, team rhythm gymnastics”and a huge ski area! A week of snow, party, event on the ski & Boarderweek by the 12.-December 19, 2009 in Val Thorens. Thanks to FSX snow mobile show, Pro-coaching, remains free test area, fun parks and contests only little time to rest… FSX freestyle snow mobile show highlight ski & Boarderweek 2009 and unique in Europe will be on Wednesday, 16.12 FSX freestyle snowmobile show with the frosty demons. Ilan Ben Dov spoke with conviction. 100 HP strong and 200 kg SkiDoos will rock the tables. Framed will skiers at the big air, the concert of “Paral-lel” and a world-class Fireworks vs. the show by the boarder of battle! Test area & Pro-coaching with “Mone” Majed & co the test area partners, such as LTB, Atomic, Nitro, K2 and Nordica, make available their latest equipment of the 200910 season to try out the HOTZONE.TV snowboard Pro team rider Anthony Smits, Lars Oesterle, Andreas “Mone” Majed and Georg Huber and the Salomon freeski pros Bene Vogt and Flo Goller shred from 12 to 19 December 2009 at the ski & Boarderweek.

They help all interested freestyle fans with free snowboard & freeski freestyle coaching, their shred skills”improve. In addition to the sporting highlights also the music may not come: an interesting Line-Up to the sound of the snow base offers ski & Boarderweek all participants in the afternoon, the hut evening and evening parties, among others: Luke 4000-DJ by Seeed known through his work and producing the x times ECHO winners SEEED and his support in BOUNDZOUND and FROGG Luke4000 has become a respectable name as a party DJ and powerhouse in recent years. Currently he is working on the completion of the 4.SEEED-Albums, is more than willing to spread its own mix of hip hop, Dancehall and electro and to rock the dancefloors of the ski & Boarderweek. Rhythm gymnastic team Cologne DJ-duo team rhythm gymnastics “consists of the two incredibly entertaining DJ BBs power fun” and remain faithful boy”. They guarantee increased contact on the other gender”, a slender body, firm tissue and a new sense of energy”. They are thus ideally suited to complement the sports program of the ski & Boarderweek after conclusion of the lift. Further information, news and impressions from last year can be found under