Diverse Amsterdam

The perfect holiday destination for the whole family who is planning a family vacation, often faces a problem: to meet the various needs of all family members. Mikkel Svane is open to suggestions. One wants to just relax vacations, who wants another culture and another. The flight Portal fluege.de has a proposal to solve the problems of such holidays: Amsterdam. A flight to Amsterdam worth it for almost every type of travel. So excited the newMetropolis, Museum of science and technology of not only Musuemfans.

The House is not a Museum in the true sense. Here may be not only look, but also very much tried and made with. There, children not only into amazement. The Zoo of Amsterdam is another attraction of the city. Over 700 different species live in the historic Tiergarten from 1854.

In addition to an aquarium and a savanna, also a large Planetarium belongs to the grounds. A canal cruise is an absolute classic, which probably belongs to every visit to Amsterdam. From the water, there is much to discover. For example, the old canal-side houses with their impressive facades. If you prefer something did like it, should visit the amusement park Eftelting, located an hour’s drive from Amsterdam about. The Park, which is one of the most beautiful in Europe, has to offer attractions for all ages. The little ones can enjoy the many attractions. The adults can impress themselves on a walk from the beautifully designed Park, rowing boat do a lap or jump yourself in one of the adventurous.