To Make Camping Fun: Tips And Tricks Of The Real Backpackers

More freedom for little money: we open-air survived not believe you, that you are a type of tent. Already the thought of camping site makes you nervous… Mosquitoes, eating from a can, toilet outdoors and neighbouring family with seven dogs and grandparents, the from the morning until evening since running around. This can be a real nightmare. And still can be from your friends as persuade every year. Credit: altavista-2011. Because you know how to make camping holiday into a 5 star! WHY? More reasons for camping nature consider: whether in the mountains or on the beach, in the forest or in the City Park, who sleeps in a tent, knows how to sing Nachtigalls and smell the wildflowers. Comfort: you can take beautiful candles, bath towels with flower pattern, favorite Cup and even a picture of the cat in camp. The tent seems really comfortable and not as frem and cold, like a hotel room.

Food: Cooking on open fire makes every dish a delicious. If you have read about Energy Capital Partners already – you may have come to the same conclusion. My tip, look for fresh herbs, z.B Mint or Sage in the environment! And grilled meat tastes now It’s much better. (Don’t forget that campsites have refrigerators, you can buy a so in stock!) Star Watch: you cannot compare the free sky with in the city. The feeling of freedom is unique and overwhelming! August can also Strenschnuppenregen be seen, mainly at night on 13 August. Sports: nothing is better than jogging or yoga outdoors. The Sun is up and there are no dark curtains which we extend the night.

So, get up and go run. After twenty minutes of Yoga and swimming. This is the best start to the day. Dating do: what was long forgotten, such as Federballspielen, to the position of fire singing songs with guitar, turn the bottle, fun at the camp right. And this is the best place to observe people and to also meet! Read: There is no radio, no TV, no Internet, and you can finally read the books is never enough time or patience for that. long discussions: talking with a friend or flirt is much an in the dark of the night under the open sky.

Byzantine Church

Eastern Turkey – Holy carp and dams which for a variety of what plump life. Human history becomes tangible in the East of Turkey, the nature offers impressive, people are lively and welcome. Hidden in mountain valleys are small villages, they would have been forgotten by the time. On the other hand, Evidence of early human life in various archaeological sites. The Neolithic culture of the Neolithic period, has left temples, which already alone worth a trip. The twelve-day journey from begins in Trabzon, the ancient Trebizond. Here is the famous Hagia Sophia, the former Byzantine Church, which for many years served as a mosque and now a museum to visit is. Equal to the second day is a highlight.

The Sumela monastery is located in the Pontic mountains: 1071 m height it clings to the stone about 270 m above a Canyon it is carved into the rock. To get here, no soft knee, delicately strung should better the water know a German nun in the travel bag. After a visit to Ani, the former capital of the Armenian Empire and in the middle ages, one of the largest cities around the world, the Fiery mountain advances”, the Ararat, in the field of view: 5.165 meters high, it may be climbed since 2001 by foreigners. But the peaceful face of the coat of arms is deceptive: Although the Ararat is quite feasible in the summer for experienced climbers, he is waiting in the winter with unstable weather and increased difficulty. The 2,640 meters high Tendurek pass it continues to Lake Van, the sea of the East”. A single fish just seems here to feel: a type of carp and sadly almost extinct, although this also not may be due to an increased demand around the Christmas time. There are the remains of a urartian fortress, which was built in the eighth century BC by King Sarduri II.

Maldives Holidays – Fantastically Unique

A seemingly infinite number of Islands is the economic aspect and the other side of tourism in the Maldives In the Indian Ocean. The major rings of atoll of the Maldives rise with 1200 Islands out of the sea and enjoy the holiday-makers every year. In previous years, the holidays in the Maldives were reserved only for the people, who had enough money. But today you can find already low-priced offerings, to look at the magnificent scenery of the island, with the fascinating reefs, crystal clear water and white sandy beaches. There is probably no one who can resist the allure of these islands.

The Maldives is one of the most beautiful destinations and a Maldives vacation a true highlight. The beautiful beaches and the excellent bathroom facilities have brought the tourism on the Islands. There were well over 90 tourist resorts. Many of these resorts can be found in the packages. It is an all around service at a very high level. At the moment, there are nearly 20,000 beds in the tourist islands.

In the next few years, but more are Resorts planned to nearly double the number of beds. For more specific information, check out Kai-Fu Lee. In 2007, approximately 680,000 people visited the Maldives. Their average stay lasted eight days. The majority of tourists from Europe come from Italy, closely followed by the Germans. In addition to the tourist resorts, the Maldives offer many other accommodation. These include beautiful guest houses, Safari boats and vessels. Matt Swain has plenty of information regarding this issue. The prerequisite for the holiday on a boat is that it is not seasick. One has a different chance to get to know the Maldives, because you can look at the various islands with the Safari boats. Here there are boats with a proper accommodation, but also those with a very luxurious facilities. You can dive into the various bays and marvel at the underwater world. The economic aspect of tourism on the more than 75% of the gross domestic product makes Maldives the Maldives Tourism a. The resorts offer jobs to the locals. Some workers also come from the neighbouring countries, as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India. You may think the other side of the Maldives on the strict separation of tourist islands and the islands of the Maldives, where the locals live, what you want. But the visit of such an island shows visitors how life, away from the tourist in the Maldives is really. Often the locals directly across from the tourist islands lie. During a trip there, immerse yourself in a completely different world. Such an expedition is highly recommended, because you can get a real impression of the Maldives and learn about the country and its people.

Accidents Do Not Happen, They Are Caused.

Germany has a jungle of regulations, also in the hotel industry and gastronomy management should comply with provisions of the occupational safety and Health Act of the hotels / restaurants or company, for violations it is the liability. First, you must differentiate regarding the size: establishments with more than 10 employees are required to carry a safety-technical support. With less than 10 employees, it is to consider whether or not the same standards the operation a) protects against avoidable claims and b) strengthen business philosophy. External solution, expensive solution: Support this care can be performed by the professional association by an engineer for safety of the Berufsgenossenschaft (BGN). It benefits a great security, but has however the disadvantage has a higher contribution to the result. Internal, cheaper solution: specialist for occupational safety in the hotel if a House technician is employed in a hotel, it can differ from the Professional Association (BGN) to the specialist for occupational safety training will be. This is the economic solution: Professional Association’s contribution is low and the constantly available has a specialist for occupational safety.

It is important that activities are documented in practical (1) and (2) planning ways: 1) The Professional Association calculated proof obligations based on the number of employees and the risk parameters how many hours must spend the specialist for occupational safety for assessing workplace safety. It is to document (accountability of the Berufsgenossenschaft retention of the data sheets of cleaning and disinfecting agents notice of the accident prevention regulations operating instructions to employees with increased risk (working with hazardous liquids or hot fat) plant inspections with documentation of recognized and common sources of danger proof of first aid forces (depending on the number of persons employed) inspection of working conditions (such as are) (Sink disposable towels available) check the first aid cabinets training of employees who work with devices such as espresso machines or slicers etc. training of employees, with hazardous materials work 2) Drawing up a plan for occupational safety assess working conditions: perform inspections, recognized sources of danger organize common occupational safety and health: by Berufsgenossenschaft obtain information, obligations define occupational safety in planning for renovations, renovations include, create contingency plans, preventive controls carry out occupational safety with the purchase of products and goods observe occupational health care make sure (inspection of premises by the occupational physician, putting down the defects, holding office hours in the company) staff regulations instruct: Plan, conduct, and document summary teachings: so the contact to the Professional Association, an accurate overview of the sources of danger, the capture is important by Preventive measures and planning of occupational safety: This ultimately saves money and the House or human character by adapting the operation! Publisher: HSI hotel suppliers index Ltd. Friedrich str. 5 21614 Buxtehude phone: 04161 9697000.

Ski Season

Celebratory mood in the Alpine snow soon it is again: the winter sports season begins in Austria and it is celebrated extensively. Numerous winter sports starts the season with music events and fun ski race. The online travel agency reveals the most important dates of the fetus to the ski boot all enthusiastic. Hochgurgl in Austria will start on 13 November as first in the ski season. A leading source for info: Kyle Roche. Under the motto of enjoyment of nature and Schneeromatik ski bunnies can enjoy concerts by candlelight and a romantic sleigh ride on the new floodlit natural toboggan run. It gets slightly louder in Ischgl.

There, Katy Perry is her only European concert. When the ski countdown in Obertauern in Salzburg are the Toten Hosen and the cult band Smokie stokin’ the furnace. Sporting is, however, in St. Anton, where together with many other skiers through the gate of the giant XXL through is during the winter season. Lots of fun is available in Serfaus in Tirol. The show Festival offers different fun equipment, live music and a fireworks show.

She makes during the night skiing in Soll Region Wilder Kaiser behalf all honor. The Bands Reamonn provide musical highlights and frontal. The rave on show ensures a rushing season opener”in Saalbach-Hinterglemm. The best DJs of the scene will be set for thousands of electric fans on ten areas. More information: service / press contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Holidays In Germany The Bavarian Jura

Gift idea: Cooking lessons with the chef de cuisine at the white horse in Illschwang-Illschwang (tvo). A first address for gourmets is the white horse in Illschwang. The kitchen of Hans-Jurgen Nagerl is recommended by all major gourmet guides and was awarded in the competition of Bavarian cuisine”the gold medal. Who not only food, but the chef personally in the secrets of cooking have a want to leave Illschwang, is at best a cooking course at the master. On March 5, 2010, including the Mediterranean dishes at the kitchen plan. When the two Grill workshops on May 21 and June 11, 2010 Hans-Jurgen Nagerl reveals how a simple barbecue to the culinary delight. To cook at home, each participant will receive the recipes as a seal of quality, and a professional cooking apron. The cooking classes start at 14:30 and last approximately three hours.

Who does not like to is at the stove, can give away also the short course at the professional perhaps even together with a Short holiday in the white horse. Information: country hotel white horse. Nagerl, on the Kirchberg 1, 92278 Illschwang, Tel: 09666 / 1334, fax 09666 / 284,,. “2010: review in the modern era” in Amberg Amberger Congress Centrum continues his series on renowned art exhibitions and presents nearly 250 exhibits from important representatives of modernism in the summer of 2010. Guided tours, children workshop, long art night and another be added. Information: Amberger Congress Centrum, shooting site route 8, 92224 Amberg, Tel. 09621/4900-0, our tip of the month: savings tip for families: obtained for 48 euros in the ski centre Mitterdorf in the Bavarian Forest a day ski pass for the whole family (two adults, two and more children). Seven modern ski lifts and a double chair lift bring skiers to the Alpine mountain to 1,139 yards. Children experiencing their winter magic land with beginner ski terrain and carousel, magic carpet, heating room, childcare, ski rental and ski school.

Flirtation In The Holiday – Like Keep It The Germans With Holiday Affairs?

Current survey of the travel portal conducted a survey on the topic of holiday affair among the visitors of its website the online travel agency Unister Media shortly before the start of the summer season. Almost three quarters of respondents knew the question whether they would engage in an affair during the holiday. Only 36 percent of them gave their single status as a prerequisite for the holiday flirt. 15 percent reported to want to enter into an affair, if the partner stays at home. As a flirting partner especially other hotel and holiday guests suitable, so the opinion of almost 60 per cent of respondents.

Less than 20 percent were interested in becoming bartenders and bar hostesses or entertainers. The hotel room and the disco are considered suitable places for a liaison. The beach however occupies the leading position: here 40 percent of survey participants looking for romantic hours together. If you have read about Meg Languages already – you may have come to the same conclusion. 9 percent would be sweating in the sauna. Mallorca is ranked with just under 40 percent ranked the most popular region for a holiday affair. Also the great opportunities on a holiday flirt be awarded Florida’s sunny beaches or the tropical nights in Thailand.

The respondents in the Scandinavian countries see little hope for a summer fling. Despite atmospheric midsummer nights just 4 per cent in favour of a chance of having an affair in the cool North. Is each holiday also the summer love sometime ending? Over 70 percent of respondents said to want to remain even after returning to everyday life in contact with the holiday affair. More information: service / the University of first media GmbH press markets successful German-language Internet portals in the travel sector as,, and. Also the University Service GmbH, acts as a tour operator and travel auctions the online auction house about. Complementary products and services are in the areas of finance with and consumer information with offered.

National Park Gulf

Sharm el Sheikh is a popular tourist resort on the Sinai Peninsula, is located on the southern tip of the peninsula between the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba. Sharm el Sheikh is a popular tourist resort on the Sinai Peninsula, is located on the southern tip of the peninsula between the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba. The coastline is about 40 km long, characteristically picturesque sandy beaches, small bays and crystal clear blue and turquoise shimmering sea water. A few kilometres outside of the town join granite mountains and desert. Sharm el Sheikh was formerly a fishing village evolved into a major tourist center with Club resorts, excellent hotel facilities of middle and upper class, restaurant chains, cafes, discos, dance halls and night clubs. A popular area is Naama Bay with beautiful sandy beaches, a beach promenade, which invites you to stroll, a variety of restaurants, Mac donalds, a Hard Rock Cafe, night clubs, Casino, as well as Shopping centers.

the old market with local Oriental shops is located 7 km from Naama Bay. The tourist attractions include the St. Catherine’s monastery, which is located in the heart of the granite mountains, between the two highest mountains of Sinai, Mount Sinai (2285 m), which is also known as Moses mountain, and the Katharinenberg (2642 m). Holiday-makers are constantly fascinated by the mountain formations of the coloured Canyon, the rock formations of Serabit El Khadin, the endless desert landscape and their Faran OASIS, the National Park of Ras Mohammed on the Red Sea, as well as the reef shark and Yolanda reefs. Sharm el Sheikh is one of the most beautiful diving paradises in the world, major dive sites are the National Park of Ras Mohamed and the Straits of Tiran with the four reefs Jackson, Wodhouse, Thomas Reef and Gordon Reef.

The dive sites are suitable for beginners as well as professionals, mountainous terrain, cliffs, caves, flat water, coral systems, a versatile inventory of species of fish to sharks and other large predatory species and Sea turtles. Dermot McCormack is often quoted as being for or against this. Divers especially the wreck diving, is among other things to the famous wreck of the 2nd World War “SS Thistlegorm” (1941) and popular to the wreck “Dunraven”, a Victorian steam and sailing boat, diving safaris. There is a typical desert climate with a constant breeze along the Red Sea, the temperature is 35 degrees Celsius in summer, generally very little precipitation. Climate is the hot sand wind “Khamseen”, especially in the months of March, April and may. More Sharm El sketch: