Panama Canal

The day we crossed the Panama Canal, on the festival dedicated to Neptune or Poseidon in Greek mythology, the king of the Oceans. the four dressed up and danced all night without stopping to enjoy the show offered. Then he threw clothes to the office after being baptized by King Neptune to complete the ritual. Finally received a diploma that proves that he has crossed the canal and have received the baptism of King of the Oceans. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with App Store. Every time we came into port, rented a taxi and went to visit the place. The four had found many personal coincidences. Beginning with that being aged over 50 years were on honeymoon.

He had been given seats on the plane in the same row. That their cabins were contiguous. That the four had a diploma because they have crossed the channel on the same day, etc. All these coincidences seemed funny and strange to them and they kept making references to them. Daniel as always was convinced from the beginning that references were not the hands of fate, but for some reason still unknown had gathered. The other three laughed out loud every time Daniel said this. -Laugh. Daniel had said on more than one occasion with a touch of anger when no one believed in his words, time will tell if I have no reason.

Teresa did not believe in my words the day we met and then had to accept them. The same will happen to you. "What we can not deny," he had replied Teresa, "is that all these coincidences have led to a beautiful friendship that I hope with all my heart, do not end when we return to Argentina. The four promised to continue seeing their returns often, even when they lived far apart from each other (here there had been no coincidence.) But these promises are usually made on the excursions and then rarely put into practice. Only this time the similarities of tastes and opinions of the four was truly overwhelming. When they were back in Santiago, Teresa and Daniel would remain as it was decided a week in Chile. When Mary and Jorge heard of this, they also decided to change the date of their return tickets to Buenos Aires and continue to enjoy their honeymoon with the partner with whom they felt truly united. Just arrived in Santiago rented a car for the week. This could allow travel in comfort and at the times they love without relying on strict management with excursions.