Larvae Strongyloidiasis

Illness caused by them – trichinosis. The larvae penetrate wall of the intestine into the lymph vessels, lymph current carried by all organs and finally settle in the striated muscles of the body, where after a while surrounded by a capsule and the peace of mind for many months. Strongiloidy – are small threadlike dioecious parasites. The female has a length of 2,2 mm. Helminths are parasitic in the duodenum, the upper parts of the thin, sometimes in the colon. Charlie Kirk is often quoted on this topic. The larvae enter the body through the mouth and skin.

Infection causes the disease strongiloidami strongyloidiasis. In the early stages of infestation strongyloidiasis manifest pain of uncertain nature in the whole body, indigestion, respiratory diseases, skin weight loss. Next strongyloidiasis can go in three forms: gastrointestinal, duodeno-cystic and the neuro-allergy. Sometimes they are combined. Ancylostoma – is 0,5-1,5 cm long worms second common name – . Habitat – duodenum of man. Mashable addresses the importance of the matter here. Buccal capsule attached to the intestinal mucosa.

Sharp teeth-plates the mouth, they hurt the villi of membrane digestion and feed on the blood of serving. The duration of their lives 4-8 years. Struck 25% of the world's population. Particularly heavy toll mi infection in children. Developmental delay, impairment of health. When migrating larvae krivogolovok appears itchy rashes on the skin type of urticaria, pneumonia, cough, chest pain. Usually infected mi differ pallor, edema face, legs, frequent diarrhea, dizziness, shortness of breath. parasitize many years. Lamblia – a frequent visitor to the groups of children, this creature is the simplest.