Stereo Photo Maker

Stereo image and stereo photo format Horizontal stereo can be viewed through a stereoscope, through the program Stereo Photo Maker, converting to a format and using the anaglyph Anaglyph glasses. However, after a little practice, you can view stereoscopic horizontal and normal players in general, without any special glasses. Read more – HERE. Vertical stereo pair (Over / Under). Just as in the horizontal stereo image is issued in two pictures, but this format, they are at each other.

Watch movies in this format should be through stereopleery (Stereoscopic Player, Stereo Movie Player, iZ3D Movie Player Classic), selecting the output format to your stereo glasses (anaglyph or shutter). LCD shutter glasses. Shutter glasses (another name – or svetoklapannye eklipsnye). Technology is alternately display on the screen images for the left and right eyes, and also alternately tinted glasses, so that each eye alternately sees him-only image. Change "Left" and "right" image on the screen and darkening of the glass tightly synchronized and implemented with very high frequency, so that by the effect of inertia of the person creating the illusion that he sees the whole three-dimensional image. In today's liquid-crystal shutter glasses image separation is achieved by small LCD panels (closures) in the glasses, which are closed (blacked out) alternately synchronously with alternating frames (views) on the monitor. When viewing through the LCD shutter glasses obtained a full-color 3D image quality.

Maybe a little ghosting, which are influenced by the quality points – than more contrast of the LCD matrices and their response, the less ghosting and higher brightness. Unfortunately, the low vertical frequency (below 100Hz) from blinking his eyes tired quickly. And working LCD shutter glasses only with CRT (CRT) monitors and DLP projectors compatible. (DLP – Digital Light Processing – a technology that creates images in microscopically small mirrors that are arranged in a matrix on a semiconductor chip. Each such mirror represents one pixel of the projected image). For viewing with LCD shutter stereo glasses needed stereopleer (Stereoscopic Player, Stereo Movie Player, iZ3D Movie Player Classic), and mounted on card stereodrayver. More information, as well as links to download stereofilms –