Silver Ages

What we know about libraries? In the early 20th century, rural schools, there was a room where he kept the book, such a room called the hut reading room. The end of the 20th century, the library occupies the first floor of large houses, and in each quarter were as At least one such library. A library in the major cities took up to 5 floors. A wide variety of poems can be found on the shelves of libraries in our country. No sooner had run through a cursory glance at the shelves and immediately conspicuous names such as Dostoevsky, Gogol, Blok, Lermontov, and so on.

Do not read any of the classics of our time, it is impossible to feel the depths of the soul of our country, it is impossible to be a patriot and love the country as our loved her classics of modern literature. Many believe the library rather boring place, among them sometimes there are people who do not appreciate literature, art and science. Oh, it's impossible to forget that smell Book dust that literally knocks down when opening an old book. A lot of people prefer to go to the library to acquire new knowledge for themselves, to read from books and magazines just something interesting, entertaining and informative, or read poetry. Writers and readers of prose, poems, frequent visitors to our libraries. For many, a favorite spot in the library reading room is where you can read valuable unique books, make the necessary extracts from them.

Once in our life there was such a phenomenon as a virtual network – libraries have gradually become empty. Of course, much easier to find through search engines are what you need, what get together and come to the library! There's nothing better than through my computer at home to find everything that you can find in the library. On the internet you can always find the primary sources of famous writers – Shelohova, Chekhov, Tolstoy, Pushkin's poems, Esenina, and much more. In addition, the virtual network, a host of literary portals, poets and writers of the new generation, a new era of publishing there his poetry, prose, journalism. Portals provide ability to communicate with each other, share reviews, and thus are followers of, the development of literary ideas of the masses. Of course no one now can say, but this one in a poet like Pushkin, but he writes as Mayakovsky and even better. It's not even that talent was called after the death of the creator, and that the poets of the Golden and Silver Ages such titanic made contributions that are not lay on the shoulders of our talented poet in our crazy tech time. Poetry is evolving, and rightly so. There are also people who prefer a modern library of innovation and Internet based literary movements. For them it is a favorite usual thing, to sit, quietly turning the pages worn some aged books. Among these fans can be a poet, trying to improve their creativity and poetic style. In other matters the best poetry of poets can be found in private libraries, as well as rare works by famous writers. Books in private libraries, marked bookplate, which stands for the initials and last name of the library owner. Sometimes, come to visit and see the house a lot of books that look nice on the shelf and know that he was in the house to the erudite, intelligent man, who can always ask to read the best poems

Shakespeare Sonnet

But I believe that the best words were composed in honor of a smaller god! A. Finkel posovestlivey, but because it looks a little fuzzy fig: When and really old everything under the sun, And things usually and habitually, how pathetic mind deceived human, born of an effort to give birth again! Oh, if only to return even for a moment For a thousand solstice at once and find your way amidst the ancient books, where the idea for the first time the letter appeared to the eye. Then I found out b as in the olden days they were astonished at the miracle of your events, such eh we, Or better than them, Or the world lives without knowing the changes. But I'm sure – the minds of the old days not so worthy of glory that we are! For those who want to see in This sonnet is something else, meaning it can be passed to the next rhymed translation: Kohl new under the sun, these do not, Confessions of joy we were not destined for his Invention, will find in the dark years, and she really someone born before. Was used such record that used in the instant Ages to five years ago and immediately transferred me your image has identified broad antique books, From the moment I became a mature mind! I would have known what he thought about the miracle of the world then thy neighbor as music composition. We are ahead, or they, Or, as ever, All around is, without a change? But I'm sure the wise men of old were famous for their diligence meager plots. The meaning of "invention" and other words of the sonnet has been solved by the author in another article, so here it is possible limited to pointing out that the contents of the Inventions Shakespeare sonnet pointed directly at 91.

And is this content is nothing but a true understanding of that (under stress) in the overall (general) is the man. It is this understanding had Shakespeare mean when he wrote Sonnet 26: I want to invest in your thoughts Your foundation is currently good conceit. And that it was referring to Shakespeare, when his will to readers, written by him in the play "Henry VIII, put the following lines, which translation shamelessly distorted B. Tomaszewski: Our content Is our best having. Our (internal) content there are our best property. (Author's translation) In other words, for any wealth, including knowledge, officers, words, etc., people poor, if the soul in a true understanding of that (under stress) in general is a man, in fact, not a fig. In Shakespeare, as in the sonnets that understanding human nature is.

And it can see everyone, even mutilated translations, unless he want to see it. It is for these people in the key of W. Shakespeare Sonnet 59, referring to his predecessors, did not write about poets, painters or sculptors, and even on some minds, as written conscientious A. Finkel, namely wits – sages. "