Review Direct Ignition System

c) 6-cylinder engines online are numbered consecutively from 1 to 6, with cylinder 1 at the front. d) 4-cylinder engines are numbered consecutivamentre from front to back. In many cases, distributor caps or manifolds, marked the firing order. Review Direct Ignition System and Distributorless DIS course, Ignition System Distributor completely lacks the dealer that we already know. By eliminating the distributor is improved confidence in the engine to reduce the number of moving mechanical components.

Among motor has fewer moving parts, less problems we will. Other advantages are: a) Greater control in generating the ignition spark. There is more time for accumulating the coil a magnetic field sufficient to produce a spark needed to ignite the fuel / air mixture. This reduces the number of failures of cylinder. b) It completely eliminates electrical interference from the dealer.

The ignition coils are now near or on the spark plugs. This eliminates electrical interference effects. c) The ignition timing can be controlled in a wider range. As a distributor, if applied too advance or delay of manually, was very likely that the secondary voltage will download the wrong cylinder, causing many times a vehicle lights. All this reduces the chances of failure in the cylinders and ignition problems. The Ignition System Distributor regularly defined as a single coil equipped with two spark plug leads to two cylinders. Ignition Systems Distributor using a method called "Concurrent Power" (also called dual spark) where a spark is generated from a direct ignition coil for two cylinders simultaneously.