Japanese Level

For a man accustomed to the size of an ordinary radio engineering, the results obtained by solid-state circuits, barely fit in the mind. Agree that hard to imagine a silicon crystal is smaller than a pin head, which is equivalent to the ecu from 30-40 normal radio components. The literature has described low-frequency amplifier power of up to 5 W, the size of a penny, as well as the computing device that easily fits at their fingertips. The first Japanese lesson – it's proof that we are still only used as a slogan, carefully banishing it from our practice. In fact, we're only talking about the human factor, and the Japanese in fact, showed that investment in people, in his intellectual and physical development – the most profitable and productive of all investments. The Japanese – at the state level, at the firm level, at the family level – not spare resources for education and benefit from this abundant fruits of their policies. Series data allows us to judge that the level of health care, and some other indicators of social conditions of Japan are also moving away from us forward, and there is every reason to believe that improving the quality of "human material" in no small measure contributes to Japan's leap into the future. A second lesson. We are still hard to define industry production and non-productive areas (referring to the latest science, culture, publishing, education, health and information complex!), highlighting "a residual" funds for social purposes, enrolled in non-production staff of librarians and patent departments, etc.