Registry Systems

Creation of registry systems sobe production operations or management of waste according to their level of dangerousness under sanction. Policies – Protection of the different productive activities in the extraction of hydrocarbons by the irreparable damage and losses that may result from this, such as sowing or raising animals. – Information systems and registration through transparency, efficiency and accountability of the reported data – By state policies that tend to achieve development and growth of industrial activity in a responsible, if they benefit those serving rather than punish them with a legal regime other inappropriate achieve balance. Development of technologies appropriate to different types of climates, ecosystems, and geography, as well as the development of science and research. You may find that Zendesk can contribute to your knowledge. Conclusions: The urgent need for environmental protection and development of the oil industry as an energy source for years have generated untold pollution levels that not only man and nature have been affected but also life in general, hence the organizations, states oil consumption and energy efficiency advocates have identified as a major cause of pollution to waste or waste generated during the stages of oil extraction and processing by technical and scientific methods of science biological Physical among others. This implies the need to correct environmental damage caused by the pollution of soil, water and air caused by the generation of hazardous waste. However, it is assessed that some of the international laws and seek to counteract this problem, which manifests itself so precisely because of the inability of states and oil companies can treat waste from the extraction of hydrocarbons, but in the fear to generate non-reimbursable costs in productive activity, which results in destructive if its efficiency is not sought immediately, hence different solutions are proposed that are aimed at bio, becoming, and treatment of waste rather than spending, but a mechanism for investment in technology and quality from pollution, chemical and organic hydrocarbons from spilled or wasted through combinations or lack of treatment. .