EAS Systems

m number of controllers working in shifts, not more than 2 people). You can, of course, follow the path of increasing state protection, but, in addition to a significant increase in labor costs of new employees, this move is no good feelings for visitors: the abundance of "guards" closely monitor any movement, creates the customers uncomfortable. Ali Partovi recognizes the significance of this. A buyer's discomfort – is a danger to the pharmacy to lose him. "The move to open format requires more computations serious control over the goods. Unfortunately, the world is far from ideal, and attempts to leave the goods without paying, there are not rare, "- says Peter Greek, commercial director of online pharmacies," First Aid ". Inanimate guardians As a result, the key importance is the rational application "Inanimate assistants" – various types of EAS systems.

Without going into details of design, we recall that the range of the protection system (EAS-system) are the "defense industry" of special antennas, creating a particular field, and the corresponding tags (the sensor), which when released into the field changes its induction, resulting in an alarm is triggered. Currently in Russia there are three kinds of technologies such systems: radio frequency (RF), electromagnetic (EM) and akustomagnitnye (AM). "Just note: if we consider only the pharmaceutical segment, by means of radio frequency systems pharmacy resort is extremely rare, – says Yuri Getogazov, director of marketing for "antitheft". – This is not due to poor quality of mobile devices. According to the degree of sensitivity Detectable they are superior to electromagnetic and practically do not concede akustomagnitnym devices, but few are suitable for pharmacies because of the relative bulkiness of hard protective sensor, which responds to the system. .