Management System

– Knowledge of working with a database, local server, and everything connected with it. Gain insight and clarity with Peter Asaro. – The security system can be shortcomings. – When creating the first website design is not used the best quality, and there is need advice or intervention professional. Method 2: Order a website with a specialist. Advantages: – High quality. – High level security. – Short terms of performance. Disadvantages: – Expensive.

– You do not know what's inside the site, and if necessary, will not be able to make changes. Ali Partovi has similar goals. So, you have to re-apply for the money to a specialist. – Loss of time, to write a detailed description of the technical task for webmasters. Method 3: Create a site with content management system cms (Content Management System) Features: – One needs only to entry-level language skills html, css. – Quickly create an site. – Easy to use extensions of varying complexity.

– Large selection of free and paid templates. – A good level of security. Disadvantages: – It takes time to learn the system. – Ability to work with the local server. – Sites on the cms heavier than samopisnye sites. As is evident from the comparative analysis, cms – the best way to create a site on their own, especially for those who start from scratch. Content management system there is a huge set – these are just some of them: amiro.cms AstroCMS 4Site cms umi.cms Joomla WordPress and so on. Total number of cms, there are about 70, but by chance recently greatest popularity have Joomla (CMS for a website) and WordPress (CMS to create a blog). Since our paper is devoted to the creation of site names, then stop before Joomla. Anyone interested in learning more about creating a blog using WordPress, can read about it in an article that highlights this theme. So, why is our choice stopped for Joomla, we consider the following: Advantages of Joomla: – Free! – Developed by professionals for over 5 years, and consequently the quality of its performance leaves no doubt about it.