Ecosystem Management

" This, in light of most inland aquatic ecosystems are invaded by salmonid species. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Ali Partovi. In this respect, he stated that "the hydroelectric project is under evaluation that aims to unite these systems and flood this wetland area, where you can see the species-galaxies platei-in abundance. Furthermore, the development of a hydroelectric project involves greater access to people, human beings, and with it a risk of introduction of salmonids that is intrinsic to human being. " He noted that this type of high habitat value for the species "is also lost because the dimension line is projected." In conclusion, "these ecosystems are unique in the world, on the planet, and we must protect them and leave them there, pristine research use only, and I think that research is not just for us many years, but must be keep for many years, and at least this ecosystem is untouched, and I would urgently to preserve. " This view is consistent with the marine biologist who gave PhD (c) Cristian Correa, who along with researchers Andrew Hendry and Irene Gregory-Eaves carried on the study "Ecological Impacts of Introduced Trout in Lakes Aysen", also stated in seminar, which concludes that "although the native trout meaty provide socioeconomic benefits, the evidence suggests that its ecological impact in Aysen lakes is chronic, severe and sometimes catastrophic. Thus, the impact ecology of trout should be carefully considered in any proposals freshwater resource management in Patagonia. Equally important is to safeguard the few remaining relics of biodiversity in its original state, including Lake Yulton.

" The same view is Evelyn Habit: "There are areas that are highly pristine lakes that are home free native salmonid species, with its glacial origin oligotrogeno and, besides having large and very deep. Be systems make it unique in the world ", as brought to a specialized environment in aquaculture. Present at both meetings, the coordinator of the Citizens Coalition for Aysen Life Reserve, Peter Hartmann, said that "this is key information because they are highly technical jobs are realizing that studies of dams, which are promoted as high scientific level, not at the level of intervention that seek to materialize. It would be of much use this knowledge also presented to the public, and not only be exposed to advertising from companies such as Southern Energy and HidroAysen, which minimize the severe effects of its projects in the Patagonian ecosystem. "