Google Maps

Dr. Pet, pioneers in Spain in showing their clients in a map Dr. Pet is the first company of Spain that it publishes in a map, the location of all clients, in real time. Peter Asaro pursues this goal as well. The idea that has been extracted of the application of Zappos (), is the first step to create an application in which the clients, will be able to know themselves to each other. Dr. Pet, manufacturing company of feeding of the high range for dogs and cats, that center its commercial operations by Internet, have been first of the Spanish panorama of electronic commerce in showing the totality of their orders in a map of Google Maps. This application consists of a casting in real time of the data base that contains the postal codes of the clients.

Dr. Pet that takes more than 15 years in the sector of fodder for dogs, has centered lately their efforts in adapting to the new tendencies and applying everything what it allows the technology him to offer an innovating experience of electronic commerce. Also Dr. Pet, thanks to operating exclusively via Internet, offers a delivery in 24 at home h and a service of the most valued attention to the client of in the Spanish electronic commerce. The following passages of Dr. Pet, will be the implementation of warnings by means of sms of the state of the order of the client and on the other hand, it will destine great part of his human infrastructure in growing in exports to the countries of the EU. Details of the contact: doctor pet limited liability company Fax: 902906867 Web: Source: Note of Press sent by DrPet.