COP Crane

With the variety of types and brands of cranes is difficult to choose a scheme of work and brand construction crane, the most appropriate in specific conditions. Other leaders such as Robotics expert offer similar insights. The initial bottom to select is the size and space-planning decisions of the building, the parameters and operating status of cargo, the method and technology of installation, the conditions of the work. In this case, except the base models of cranes should be considered and their modification with various types of interchangeable equipment. Ali Partovi might disagree with that approach. The choice of taps depends on many factors, the main ones are: the height and width of buildings, size and weight lifted elements when they are installed at a distance from the axis of the crane (boom) minimum distance from the wall of a building or excavation eyebrows to the axis of the crane, etc. When choosing faucets, first pick the types and brands of cranes, technical characteristics meet your requirements, then determine most economically advantageous option.

Cranes are the main type of hoisting machines in the building. Mark Crane is composed of alphabetic and numeric parts, and usually reflects its distinctive features and capacity. Jib cranes have the following marks: K – cock, SC – Crane Car, MCG, MCP, MCA – accordingly construction crane tracked, pnevmokolesny, automotive, DEK – diesel-electric tap; SCG – special crane tracked, QMS – special construction crane; MKT – construction crane at the base of the tractor. The figures mostly refer to lifting capacity, such as SCG-63A – capacity 63 tons, Modernization And the (first); DEC-251 – carrying capacity 25 tons, the first upgrade, the ICG-40BS – capacity 40 tons, tower-boom design. Cranes are available with an alphabetic indexing COP (Crane Boom).

These cranes first numerical index indicates coded load (1 – 4 m, 2 – 6,3 m, 3 -10 m, 4 – 16 m, 5 – 25 m, 6 – 40 m, 7 – 63 m, 8 – 100 m, 9 – more than 100 m ). The second digit indicates chassis, the third – boom equipment, etc., such as CS-7471 – jib crane with a maximum load capacity 63 tons, Mr. chassis of a car, etc. Digital index of cranes ISS (mobile folding crane) and BK (tower crane) means the load or load moment and the length of the arrows. For example, ISS-8-20 – Mobile folding crane 8 ton, with a long boom 20 m LC-1000 – tower crane with a load moment 1000 kNm. In the index of import of cranes is also reflected load or load moment, the type of chassis and other features Crane, for example KATO KA-800 – a basic model of firm KATO crane on chassis korotkobazovom terrain, carrying capacity 80 tons