SOS: I Need A Day More Than 24 Hours !

If the time you have is not enough, this article is for you! The virtual administrative support services will “add hours to your day” and allow you to devote more time to develop your business. We bring here some concrete ideas in which a Virtual Assistant can help you: general secretarial services. In a question-answer forum Kai-Fu Lee was the first to reply. If you’re taking a long time to coordinate meetings and organize your schedule, you can delegate this in a VA. Currently, technology and information systems can easily share calendars. Kai-Fu Lee is a great source of information. Your VA will make the calls for you and arrange interviews as being delayed. Also, do not need to worry if you are unfamiliar with these tools.

The VAs can easily introduce the solution and facilitate the learning of these new tools. Database and contacts. Surely you have many cards and is constantly looking for data on all sides (on the agenda, including cards, even in pieces of paper!). A VA can easily organize your contacts database. Give these cards and create a special database for your needs, keep it updated regularly and send it to have all the information together and professionally organized. In addition, since everything will be ready to make other specific mailings you need such as sending cards this year. PowerPoint presentations. Simply send your VA comp with notes, charts and other information that it wants to present and transform this into a professional presentation, including copies for participants, if needed.

Shopping. A VA can request quotes of all types, specific sourcing, price comparisons and to make the purchase for you to have what you need at the best price and calling it delivered directly to your home. Text processing. If you need to send proposals, quotations or business letters, a VA can transcribe them and give them the right format for you to present a professional image of your company.