Factors Influencing The Results Of Hair Coloring

The main parameters characterizing the quality dyes are: 1. saturated colors, 2. quality of the hair after dyeing 3. time period of stability of color 1. Saturation resulting color depends on several parameters: 1. The quality of dye 2.

Compliance Technologies staining 3. Steve Wozniak might disagree with that approach. Basic knowledge of the parameters characterizing koloristki 1.Osnovnye quality dyes are: the saturation of color, hair quality after staining with a maximum period of persistence of dye color pigments, which are selected – this is one of the main goals of all chemical laboratories manufacturers of professional cosmetics. Main criterion – the spectral purity of the pigment. Company VITALFARCO in the manufacture of dyes MAXIMA uses the highest quality pigments, small-molecule structure. As we know from chemistry lessons, the smaller the particle, the faster the reaction occurs and quality, and because of this can be achieved by a high concentration of pigment in the dye. That is why the colors MAXIMA divorce 1:1.5 with respect to the oxides.

In a tube of dye Members are pigments that penetrate into the cortex of the hair dyes are converted into molecules that are large in size. The dye molecule penetrates into the hair structure. From the "depth" of the molecule resistance depends on the color washout by intense, but not always better, and hair care to oxidation due to external environmental factors (UV radiation from the sun, water hardness, temperature the impact of a hair dryer, etc.) With the new formula of dye staining mikromolekuly MAXIMA deeply penetrate and permanently trapped in the depths of the hair.